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Noise-induced hearing loss most often results in permanent damage which cannot be treated medically. Wear hearing protection (foam or silicone plugs or muffs) when around loud equipment such as a lawn mower, power saw or leaf blower. Check with your employer regarding federal noise regulations if you are exposed to loud noise at work. Avoid medications that can be dangerous to your hearing a€“ ask a physician about possible ototoxic effects.
With over 360 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss throughout the world, and 16% of that figure being attributed to occupational noise, it is without question that more needs to be done to increase awareness.
Recognizing and understanding the amount of noise that our ears can endure is the first step to preventing noise induced hearing loss. The following infographic was designed to raise awareness on noise induced hearing loss, and to provide information on symptoms to be aware of. There are a variety of industries in which people are subjected to excessive noise, and unfortunately damage from noise exposure often goes unnoticed.
Although construction workers and military personnel are routinely exposed to excessive noise levels that cause hearing loss, recent research suggests that listening to music through an iPod or other device at certain sound levels may also be hazardous to hearing.

The outer ear receives sound waves and funnels them down the ear canal to the eardrum and then to the inner ear. Wear hearing protection: To eliminate unwanted noise, several options are available, such as ear muffs and ear plugs. In general, the standard ear-bud-style headphones that came with your iPod are slightly louder than over-the-ear-style headphones. Long-term hearing loss from loud explosions, such as blasts from roadside bombs, may not be as irreversible as previously thought, according to a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. A pioneering study of worldwide sleep patterns combines math modeling, mobile apps and big data to parse the roles society and biology each play in setting sleep schedules.
A study led by SUNY Downstate Medical Center's School of Public Health presents evidence linking personal care products used during pregnancy to adverse reproductive effects in newborns.
Researchers from the University of Birmingham have found that extended rest intervals between sets of weight-lifting could help with muscle growth. Medical error is the third largest cause of death in the United States, according to an analysis published Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ. Prevention tips as well as a chart outlining decibel levels of everyday sounds are included.

Given that many children and adolescents spend many hours "plugged in" to their devices, some precaution should be used to prevent hearing loss.
Hearing protectors can be custom-made or individually molded and are available through local audiologists. It is estimated that almost 12 percent of all children between the ages of 6-19 have noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), according to the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Inside the cochlea, there are thousands of hair cells which are actually responsible for our hearing because they transmit sounds up to the brain.
Continued excessive exposure often results in decreased sensitivity to other types of sound, eventually impacting speech understanding. Scientists believe that NIHL damages hair cells in the inner ear, causing loss of the ability to transmit sound. However, much like sun damage, the more intense the sound is, the shorter the amount of time you can be exposed to it before damage occurs.

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