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If you have a facial fenderness, headache, pain, or fever, these could be signs and symptoms for sinus infection. That seems weird, but I had a friend of mine who went to one of those clinics and was treated with antibiotics for strep when she actually had mono.
BTW, im working in a rural area, so I'm starting to see how my patients have been treated by other NPs and PAs. My illustration shows the lack of knowledge midlevels have, even for simple things, and that ultimately it's more costly to have midlevels than doctors.

Aside from this, coughing, nasal stiffness and discolored nasal drainage can also be symptoms but they are in minor. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Visit Admissions Prep Week now for special offers and raffles of admissions products and services!
These symptoms may be present in other sickness and additional symptoms can be tooth pain, ear pain, and having bad breath.

They were so desperate for a doc that they called me to work for them and im not even board eligible.
NP also scared the patient by telling her she needed a colonoscopy, but really she needed a small signmoidoscopy (if it were internal, but it isn't!!) why wasn't the bloody urine worked up further by the NP?

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