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Sciatica is a type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve which extends from the lower back down the back of each leg.
Though sciatica pain can resolve within a few days most individuals chronically suffer due to progression of the causative factors. Homeopathy can be of great help in managing this pain as well as relieve pressure and irritation on the sciatica nerve. Do browse through the details we have carefully included on this website and email us for any further clarification regarding the treatment offered. Sciatica nerve pain is caused by a combination of pressure and inflammation on the nerve root, and treatment is centered on relieving both of these factors. Prescribing essential Biochemic remedies (Minerals) which prevent further disc degeneration and bone damage. The basic cause for irritation of the sciatica nerve is compression which usually results from herniated and degenerated discs. Chronic pains usually leads to abuse of pain killers which often fail to guarantee any relief. Chronic backache and stiffness can also be ameliorated and the need for painkillers and anti-spasmodics reduced considerable.
Commonly, the following conditions cause this leading to pressure, pinching or irritation of the nerve. After treatment, most individuals find it easier to live with this problem by experiencing a significant reduction in the intensity of pain and frequency of relapses.

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