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When people think about the danger of food poisoning on food ships, they usually consider the food to be the real risk factor. Thirty five British holiday makers were returning from a nine day tour around Prague, Vienna and Budapest on a trip organised by Leger Holidays of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Karen Morrisroe-Clutton was one of four customers who became seriously ill after eating food from a fish and chip shop in July this year. 70 passengers on the Britannia Airways flight which crash-landed in Spain in a heavy thunderstorm in 1999 were given permission from a judge in 2003 to claim against Thomson Holidays for the traumatic crash.
It took ?8,000 worth of funds raised by his family to fly Dean Willis home last August, following a moped accident on the island of Crete which left him seriously injured. A holiday plane which crash-landed on the island of Koh Samui left six tourists injured, while the captain was tragically killed and his co-pilot injured, when it skidded on the rainy runway into an old airport-control tower earlier this month. Mr and Mrs Marsden had just begun what they hoped would be a relaxing and enjoyable summer break with their two young children at a campsite in Wales.
A British family’s holiday has come to a tragic and untimely end after their youngest son fell through the railings surrounding their hotel room’s balcony.

After a three-year battle for a insurance claim for her amputated leg, a nurse won a victory against travel firm Thomas Cook in 2005. A holiday firm has paid out almost ?300,000 compensation to a man who was struck down with a potentially fatal food poisoning while on honeymoon.
Many people enquire about food hygiene certificates and the health and safety standards within the kitchen.
The coach party was driving through Belgium when the coach accident occurred just before noon. But when Dean returned home for treatment in a Nottingham hospital, his family received the devastating news that he had contracted an infection while abroad which could delay his recovery for weeks.

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