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When the brain is working well (as measured by the EEG), our technology causes the video to go faster, louder or bigger.
BrainTrainUK leads the UK in making this unique combination of technology and skills available in the UK, with the goal to improve the lives of 2,500 people by 2020. Using a feedback control function to self-regulate, the brain is able to adapt and improve its own performance.
We measure brain activity by observing tiny electrical signals (known as brain waves) to assess how well the brain is performing.
It is this positive reinforcement in the form of sensory feedback that trains the brain to correct any irregular behaviour it may have been experiencing. The technical name for this is electroencephalography, or EEG, but can be thought of simply as a kind of ‘stethoscope’ to see or listen to the brainwaves. The good news is the client does not have to think, this all happens subconsciously – so the treatment works for very young children as well as adults.
Obtaining information directly from the brain and providing feedback straight back via the senses, in real time, is what makes Neurofeedback unique and so successful.

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