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He grabbed his favorite stuffed animal named, “Marshall,” a truck, tractor and his most prized possession – his blanket. Bently told his mom he was packed and ready to travel from their home in North Carolina to Boston Children’s Hospital. And he was “ready for a new belly,” he said. No matter a patient’s age or ability or language, I can find an art project we can do together. Art starts out as a great distraction, but once a patient becomes interested, it’s more about the experience. I try to involve the whole family, because art can be therapeutic for everyone in the room. At the beginning of the historically snowy Boston 2015 winter, I took a ski trip to the Green Mountains with some friends.
I was particularly troubled to hear about the high risk of early-onset osteoarthritis in the injured knee with the current standard surgery. Meet some caregivers of the future: an aspiring nurse, a hopeful child life specialist and an ambitious doctor-to-be.
The guide, which is packed with tips and tricks to ease the transition from pediatric to adult care, is based on interviews with doctors, nurses and other caregivers.
Hover over the photos to learn more about each young woman’s transition to adult care.
Warning--most of these pictures are not terribly graphic, but the fourth image down does show the bloody ear drum after surgery, so you may want to scroll down quickly if you are especially queasy about that stuff.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: With further reading, I learned that reptiles do not really get outer ear infections as they do not have an actual outer ear canal. I would like to emphazie this point you made; this thread is a perfect example of why one should never buy an animal unless they can afford an emergency vet fund.
Dona€™t let this infection get you down, we can do something about it, right now!What, Why, How and WhereWe start with some general information which is very useful in finding out what you are dealing with. When your child or you are suffering from that disturbing ear pain most commonly there are two causes:Middle ear infection and inflammation (otitis media) particularly common with babies and younger children. He opened the closet door, reached for his camouflage backpack, then scanned his bedroom for the essentials. He placed them in his backpack with care, zipped the travel bag and placed it next to his bed. When I first go into a room, I try to quickly size up what’s going on and then offer a few different things that might work.
Kids love learning something new, and I love exposing them to something they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. Care Team highlights the dedication of the people throughout Boston Children’s who do their part to comfort and support patient families each and every day. On the morning of our first day, I lost control and, while tumbling to a halt, I heard two pops: One was my right ski-binding opening and the other was my left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupturing. Chan School of Public Health, I found myself exploring treatment options, even before I got the MRI scan to confirm the ACL tear.

Martha Murray and her team at Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine had just started recruiting for a first-in-humans safety trial testing a promising new ACL-repair method. Murray’s research coordinator and sent my MRI results to find out if I was eligible to participate in the trial. They are all long-term patients of Boston Children’s Hospital, members of the Boston Children’s Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) and the proud writers and editors of One Step at a Time, a guide to transitioning from pediatric to adult care.
Meet some of the faces behind the guide, and get some additional advice about the transition from pediatric to adult care. Note how the eardrum is flat and you can vaguely distinguish different bones behind the membrane.
You can clearly see the swollen ear drum, and you can no longer see anything clearly behind the membrane due to the yellowish caseous buildup behind it. If you notice any swelling of the tympanic membrane at all, even if you aren't sure if there is a buildup of pus, please take your reptile to an experienced herp vet as soon as you can. Loki was anaesthetized, and then the vet made a small incision in the ear drum, and removed the material from behind it. It has taken a few cleanings and it is still a little abnormal—there is still some dead tissue flaking away and the membrane itself is not as “neat” looking as a regular one should be. But the main thing I want people to realize is that this all happened despite perfect husbandry practices. I'll update at some point in the near future with some tips on going to the vet well prepared, as well.
Or maybe your baby is suffering from it and, imagine how it must feel without being able to tell what's going onYou can feel quiet lost in trying to find a relief for that sometimes excruciating but always very annoying pain. I wear this apron so patients know that I’m an artist and not here to poke or prod or ask medical questions. I put two markers in her hands, that way one hand could mirror the other and both could become stronger. We just ask that you credit Boston Children's Hospital, link to the original post and refrain from making edits that change the original context. Also, please be aware that an aural abscess is not only inconvenient and likely uncomfortable for the animal, but if left untreated can actually be life-threatening. He took a sample of the infected material to find out exactly what kind of infection we were dealing with. It will probably never return to normal because of scar tissue from where the cut was made. Often this is a bacterial or viral infection that occurs in the space behind the eardrum where the little hearing bones are situated.
Here's some info on the whole process behind that--what it looks like, information you should have to prepare for a vet visit for your beardie, etc. I did not see any pus or abnormality behind the ear drum (It was clear like normal.) and thought that mild irritation from water getting trapped in the stuck shed was the only issue I was dealing with. If the infection is left without treatment, it can easily spread farther along the eustachian tubes and into the jaw area.

However, the swelling is gone and you can see there is no longer the yellowish white pus behind the eardrum.
I would do a quick google on said vets to try and find one with positive feedback from fellow herp owners. I know Ashley and Loki personally and I can only strive to provide as good of care to my animals as she provides to hers.
Hopefully this can help someone out there prepare if you have a similar incident in the future. The more the infection spreads, the more painful it is going to be for your reptile to eat normally. Stores near you that carry exotic animals may also be able to refer you to someone, but avoid asking major chain retail stores for references. Accidents can happen even when husbandry is 100% perfect, so we need to always be prepared with an emergency vet fund.
If you are not sure which one you're suffering from please pay your doctor a visit because you need to know What is essential however, when dealing with it, and you have to keep this in mind is that you can never be sure if your eardrum (or that of your child) is punctured.
So unless you are 101% sure the eardrum is not punctured (because your doctor examined you or your child and told you so) never put anything deep inside the ear canal! Trust me, it is much easier and less expensive in the long run to treat an animal sooner rather than later. Obviously an animal that is in minimal to no pain and is active and eating will recover much more quickly than an animal that is in more pain, is lethargic, and has a loss of appetite.
Have savings set aside for medical emergencies, regardless of how good you think you are at preventing commonly occuring problems.
But even with all of the prevention in the world, there are still some things you can't prevent from happening. This will be sent to a laboratory for testing to find out whether your ear infection is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. These are usually prescribed as ear drops but your GP may prescribe tablets if you have widespread infection or you’re at risk of having a severe infection.
You may need to have your ear cleaned and any discharge or wax removed by your doctor or nurse before using ear drops to treat an infection. You may be asked to lie down or tilt you head to the side with your affected ear facing upwards when you use ear drops. Sometimes, it’s advised to keep still for ten minutes after using ear drops or a spray. Trying to remove ear wax yourself can also cause an ear infection, as you may damage the skin of your ear canal.
Ear syringing itself carries a risk of ear infection and isn’t recommended as a treatment if your ear canal has been previously inflamed or damaged.

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