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Ear Candles are a vacuum candle made from  100% cotton cloth and a  special combination of Paro and Beeswax used for removing excess ear wax.  Always store the candles in a cool place. One or two days before using the Ear Candles, put a few drops of olive oil in each ear to be candled. Roll the dough between your hands shaping it into a rope approximately three inches long.  Wrap the dough around the candle about one-half  inch from either end.
Light the Ear Candle and let it burn down until it is about one and a half inches from the ear.  Extinguish the candle and remove it from the ear. This entry was posted in Knowledge Base and tagged DIET, EAR CANDLES, energy, life, Natural Healthcare by DocJohn.
Although Psychology was not yet an established field before the 1800s, we now know that mental illness is considered to be an important part of psychology. Acupuncture is the procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes.
Exorcism: Societies in the Middle Ages attributed abnormal behavior to the possession of demons. Ear candling or coning is a method of cleaning the ears and the mind, which allegedly alleviates a host of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. There were other forms of Quackery that existed in the time before the 1800s, but these were some of the most popular. Although centuries old, the ancient technique of ear candling or ear coning has seen increasing interest in the past decade in the holistic community. As the particles are drawn from the ear and into the bottom of the candle, the air flow becomes disrupted. Candling is also believed to remove Candida yeast, fungus, and remnants of past infections. Because of all the intricate crevices in the ear, unbelievable amounts of debris can accumulate.
It is important to discuss candling with your health practitioner and always use common sense. After candling, it is recommended to gently rinse the ears and place a couple of drops of oil of garlic into the ear. Using slight pressure, massage from the ear down the side of the throat (following the Eustachian tube) to clear the Eustachian tube. When positioned correctly, it creates the vacuum or suction that pulls the ear war and other materials that may be in the ear into the candle.

According to John Verano, a professor of anthropology at Tulane University, trepanation is the oldest surgical practice and is still performed ceremonially by some African tribes Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 . The date of origin is not known, but researchers have dated some artifacts back to the Neolithic Age which began in 9500 BCE. The writings of the Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrew all expressed psychological deviance this way.
A hollow candle is stuck into the ear and lit, allegedly sucking out earwax and negative energy. Trepanation is still being practiced today, even though it has been proven to be ineffective and dangerous. Thought to have originated with the Egyptians, it was used for spiritual cleansing as well as physical cleaning.
The flame of the candle (when the candle is properly seated in the ear) creates a draw or vacuum which pulls the wax, fungus, Candida yeast, and other particles of debris out of the ear and up into the bottom of the candle.
The purpose of candling is to remove wax buildup, especially the heavy impacted wax that normal cleaning cannot remove.
The Ear, Nose and Throat Journal of U of U Medical lab reported that the types of bacteria we currently fight in our ears include Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Anaerobic bacteria, and Influenza A and B. Candlers often have accounts of children, even babies, being candled with remarkable results. This buildup creates a breeding ground for problems, and can also interfere with correct hearing. Depending upon the amount of wax build up, up to three candies may be needed per ear.  Upon removal you may wish to cut the remaining candle open to see how much war was extracted, Repeat the procedure for the other ear.
Trepanation is the practice of making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain pulsations and hence the overall well being of the person or to get any demons or impurities out of the person. Acupuncture has been the subject of active scientific research both in regard to its basis and therapeutic effectiveness since the late 20th century, but it remains controversial among medical researchers and clinicians. The vacuum is caused by the warmed air from the flame and the colder existing air moving through the hollow chamber of the candle. Candling is a more comfortable and less expensive alternative to the traditional cleaning method of forcing water into the ear canal. Impacted wax can build up against ear ducts and can also block reception of incoming sound waves.
For the first 24 hours after candling, it is best to protect the ears from wind, cold, and excessive amounts of water.

Research on acupuncture points and meridians is preliminary and has not conclusively demonstrated their existence or properties (Novak, Dorland, & Dorland, 1995). Even ear candling is used and people still believe it to be effective, even if there is evidence that proves them wrong.
The movement and compression between the ear canal and the candle chamber generate air flow with increasing velocity, thus producing the “sucking” vacuum. Often candling has been used as a last effort for treating chronic ear infections and to avoid ear tubal placement. Many people believe that this process works, while doctors and clinicians are not convinced.
A shaman or priest preformed these sessions by reciting prayer, pleading with the evil spirit, insulting them, perform magic, make loud noises, or have the possessed drink bitter poison. It can actually be dangerous to remove all of the wax in one’s ear because the main purpose for earwax is to prevent dirt and debris from entering deep into the ear where it can cause infection and harm.
Some cultures consider these techniques to work, even though they lack scientific evidence.
As well as treating the ear, candling can work on the sinus and lymph system, removing impurities there as well.
Clinical assessment of acupuncture treatments, due to its invasive and easily detected nature, makes it difficult to use proper scientific controls for placebo effects (Pittler & Boddy, 2007). If this failed, the shaman would proceed with a more extreme form of exorcism, which included whipping or starving the person (Hubpages, 2010). No one knows how this got method came to be, but there is evidence which suggests that it was practiced in ancient Tibet, China, India and Egypt (Carroll, 2010). This is considered to be quackery because it does not remove ear wax and this is obviously no proof of these candles removing any evil spirits.
The “suction” sounds much like the gentle hum one hears when a seashell is placed against the ear.

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