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What you need to look for in a good ear candle is the burn time.  HOW LONG DOES THE CANDLE BURN? Wax will also make a small difference in burn time.  Take a look here for more info on the different kinds of wax. Waited the weekend  to see if it would just go away–throwing up and needing someone to help me get up from the bed. Went to the chiropractor on Monday.  He told me [THE EAR CANDLE LADY] I should get some ear candles! I just heard that my grand kid’s school will be closing because so many kids have the flu!  The news reported 47 states have epidemic proportions of flu going around and a shortage of shots. WASH YOUR HANDS, Don’t go out unless you have to, get a good, old fashioned ear candling done and homemade chicken soup (with lots of garlic) in your tummy!
So what has garlic got to do with ear oil?  Any ear oil worth it’s weight has garlic in it!  When ear oil is used properly after a great ear candling session, it enhances your ability to heal yourself and absorb beneficial garlic into your system.
HOW DO I USE EAR OIL?  After you ear candle, DO NOT PUT EAR OIL DROPS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When done this way, your body absorbs the oils it needs and the rest stays on the cotton ball.  You won’t have ear oil clogging your ear! If you have an ear ache (and your ear drum has not ruptured) you can do the same thing sans ear candling, and the properties in the oil will soothe the ear spasms causing the pain.  Warmth to the ear after you put the cotton ball in enhances the pain relief. Remember when the medical “professionals” and the FDA said in order for a vacuum to actually pull wax out of the ear it would have to be so intense that it would cause damage to the ear drum?
Ear Candling would have done the same thing for around $5 and the smoke from the candle would have disabled the spider. Live Science & CNN reports that with our heat and drought conditions bugs are in abundant supply this year. Watch for my upcoming post on what the FDA and the American Medical Association APPROVE as ear wax removal treatments.  OMGOODNESS!  You will be totally shocked what I found. I realized that I shouldn’t rant so much about the FDA, but darn it!  It’s sooooo much fun! The Ear Candle Lady has been watching commercials on TV from the FDA approved drugs to stop our allergy symptoms.  Then, as most of you already know, the remaining 10 seconds of the 15 second commercial spot is spent talking about side effects and dangers of the drug they are trying to sell you. Then I have to take the RX, fight traffic, go to Walgreens, wait for them to fill it, charge me my co-pay, drive home, take the darn thing and wait for it to hopefully work! If you don’t spend time LEARNING how to do this, you very well may set your house on fire and die. Skeptics are in abundance and excitedly share, via the internet, their own unique experiment to prove the ear candle is a scam.
Because of years of ear candling, I saw my own children NOT have to go to the doctor’s office for ear infections and sinus problems. I’ve sent countless numbers of ear candles to members of the military because they swear that ear candling is the only relief they get from the sand and noise pollution surrounding them during their deployment. People who advocate the alternative practice of ear candling believe it helps in removing ear wax. Fans of the practice of ear candling say a low-level vacuum is created which draws out the ear wax and any other remnants of debris. Supporters of ear candling say it helps in removing debris in the ear along with wax and facial sinuses. There is the possibility of associated risks with ear candling such as a perforated ear drum, hot wax burning skin, hair and the ears. A study was carried out to check the safety and effectiveness of ear candling and ear candles. Ear candles are classed as medical devices by Health Canada and the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). I use BIOSUN candles, which are still made by hand today using the traditional recipe and the finest regularly tested ingredients.
The sensation of receiving the Hopi Candling is very comforting, and the whispering, slightly crackling sound of the flame will gently massage your ear and your senses. Experts say that what you find inside the cone is definitely not from your ear, but actually residue from the smoke or the ear candle wax.
Fit's Tips: If you have an excess of earwax or are experiencing pain or loss of hearing, then make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist and stay away from ear candles. Oh, yes it can be unsafe if you're not a professional who is trained to do candling, like my aunt.
As a speech and hearing major, I've taken a lot of audiology classes, so I'm pretty informed about the ears. I don't know if it's actually good for you or not, but hydrogen peroxide works wonders at cleaning out your ear canals.
People, if you have a problem with earwax or feel like your hearing is blocked, just go to your family physician and have them get the wax out with a warm stream of water. Whenever I go deep scuba diving, my ears get pretty clogged, so I have the doctor take a look - but I would never, ever try ear candling. I have abnormally small ear canals so I actually have to go at least once every year to clean out my ears or the buildup will completely block my hearing. It is so much more worth it to me to pay $20 co-pay for an ENT specialist to suck it all out in less than a minute with a real vacuum. I've had it done many times myself (I had glue ear as a kid and was deaf in my right ear and ear candling has fixed it!) and have done it many times for other people. I have cured migraines, stopped phlegm build-up in the throat and helped people to hear again. Also - I've never told people anything other than that the wax in the tube is from the candle itself. For all of you that believe this works, please just try one outside of your ear & see what happens.

Many scientific studies have been conducted on ear candling, several examining the claim that they remove ear wax. The Seely study also contains a clinical arm, where 122 ear nose and throat specialists were surveyed. Based on this evidence and studies conducted by their own laboratories, the Canadian authorities have banned ear candles from sale and import into Canada. This week I present to you an alternative modality that encompasses just about every misconception made by CAM, defies the laws of science in every possible way, and above all is dangerous. An ear candle, ear cone or Hopi ear candle is a narrow, hollow cone that has been soaked in beeswax or paraffin and allowed to harden. The health claim most often made for ear candling is that the flame creates suction, which draws ear wax out of the ear canal. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that good science from proper scientists and doctors has been wasted testing these things. In a clinical trial also conducted as part of this study, 4 people (2 with ear wax and 2 without), the authors reported the candles did not remove ear wax as proposed and in fact, in some cases candle wax was actually deposited in patient’s ears (2). The authors also conducted a survey of 122 ear nose and throat specialists and found 21 cases of serious injury caused by ear candling.
In addition, instances of house fires associated with ear candling have been reported in Alaska, one of which led to the user’s death.
Based on this evidence and studies conducted by their own laboratories, the Canadian authorities banned ear candles from sale and import into Canada. Which makes it even more preposterous that in Australia they are listed with the TGA meaning they can be sold in pharmacies alongside science-based medicine.
This is a complete failure on behalf of the TGA with respect to protecting the public from harm. I personally have had experiences with staff in pharmacies regarding these devices, one who old me she wouldn’t recommend then to customers but they sell really well so what can you do, and another who looked at me blankly when I suggested that ear candles have no place in a pharmacy. Here’s an example of one ear candle company who have hijacked the history of an ancient Indian tribe to add legitimacy to their product. The Biosun company claims that their “Hopi Ear Candles are” based on “the formula that is traditional to the Hopi Indians of the USA- cotton, beeswax, honey, sage, chamomile and St John’s Wort. If I have still not convinced you that ear candles are a load of rot, why not become an earconologist?
Kristen, if you can demonstrate under controlled conditions that ear-candles improve hearing by removing ear wax, then a million US dollars are yours for the asking. My husband’s colleague, F, cannot hear out of one of his ears today after being ear candled by his girlfriend.
After that, I turned it upside down and tapped the side – WOW, the stuff that came out and it WASN’T in an EAR! Ear Candling, how rediculous, how the HELL can the ear wax get past the filter in the candle??? I just wish I looked it up on the internet first, before parting with 39euro’s for the two of us. Warm Olive oil on cotton wool will make ear wax soft, best to try this cheaper, safer, option.
Maggie is the pseudonym of a cell biologist working in ageing research in Sydney Australia. Firstly, a sinus drainage massage is performed to help soften and dislodge any sinus congestion. Ear candling is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that targets sinus problems, wax build up, alleviates swimmers ear, helps with snoring problems, migraines, ear infections and more. All ear piercing is done using sterilized and certified equipment, and is performed by trained and qualified therapists. As we age, the outer opening to the ear canal collapses to a variable degree and then the wax may not move towards the surface as readily (like a penny in a bottle, the canal remains open but the opening is narrow).A  These people are at greater risk of getting plugged up with the use of Q-tips or similar because the cotton tip of the Q-tip is just large enough to completely fill the hole, so anything in there gets pushed in deeper. While adults using Q-tips regularly scuff up the skin in the canal, and occasionally stir up bleeding, or even puncture the ear drum, it is especially important NOT to teach children to use Q-tips (even by example), because they are much more likely to have accidents and cause injury.
Once again, Ear Candles were put to shame because we actually thought they weren’t harmful. After this has been carried out there will normally be a waxy, dark substance left in the end of the candle. When the tympanic membrane (ear drum) is intact and normal it divides the external ear from the middle ear.
And also helps to fuel the removal of dead cells and ear wax along with pollen, parasites and mold. But the critics say that as a result of the ear candling the waxy, dark remains are from the candle and not ear wax.
It also lubricates and cleans the ear and has a cleaning system which removes ear wax so people do not have to use other forms of cleaning. They are seen in the ancient wall paintings of the Grand Canyon where they are an important part of the preparations for ceremony, ritual and healing. The Hopi are deeply spiritual people with a great knowledge of herbal medicine and they now share their tradition with us.
Offered as a spa treatment or found at health food stores in do-it-yourself kits, this treatment is touted as a method to deep clean your ears. After vacuuming your ears, if you cut open the candles, you'll see yellowish powder and tiny balls of yellow wax. If the vacuum that the candle creates were powerful enough to suck earwax out of your ear, you wouldn't want it to because earwax is essential to normal ear functioning.
I remember that I was scared of the flame, but my mom told me to stop worrying because my aunt knew what she was doing.
The candle does burn outward so there's no danger of it dripping on your hair, and what we do is cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate and stick the candle through it to catch any wax that does fall.

I DO NOT BELIEVE PEOPLE WHO SAY THE RESIDUE IN THE CANDLE IS FROM THE CANDLE ITSELF OR FROM THE SMOKE. Most of us would remember our mothers telling us not to put anything in our ears smaller than our elbows rght? The process of ear candling involves the patient lying on his or her side while someone else inserts the point of the cone inside the ear. Proponents say the evidence for this is in the candle itself – when you have finished candling, you cut open the candle to expose the brown waxy mush at the bottom which they claim is ear wax and “toxins”.
The seminal study on the safety and efficacy of ear candles was published in the journal Laryngoscope in 1996.
On January 27, 2005 a 59-year-old woman ignited her bedding when she dropped an ear candle that she was attempting to use the ear without assistance.
The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Devices lists 13 different types of ear candles including this nonsense, Alternet Detox Spa Series Ear Candles and these from Why Karma Natural Health Products described as “to apply a simple treatment of ear cleansing directly to the ear”.
Of course, I don’t expect a kid with an after school job to know that these things are a scam and worse still, can perforate your eardrums, but I do expect the pharmacist to know. The Hopi who are renowned for their great medicinal knowledge collaborated with Biosun to pass their formula on to the rest of the world”. Well not according to Vanessa Charles, the public relations officer for the Hopi Tribal Council, who has stated there is no such treatment within traditional Hopi healing practices. Become a Certified Earconologist with a Correspondence Course from The Awareness Institute and perform a wonderful service to yourself and others. It is the wax from the ears, i don’t like the comments that were put here, i just hope you guys had worked with those and have the experience too to judge if these are good or not.
Amazingly we both had more wax in the left ear, than the right one, (beeswax) from the candle, that is. Then using an ear candle we gently draw out wax build up and sinus congestion out through the ear canal. Last time I checked, the outside ear and ear canal were covered with skin.  Anyone want to argue that? For many people this procedure is very satisfying as they are told the substance which they are shown is from their ear.
The practise of Ear Candling has also been found in Egypt, where hollow reeds were used, in Siberia and Asia, and it appears to have a long and broad history. My aunt who is a nurse in Canada did this for me and my parents several years ago when she came to visit(at least 10 years ago). If your ear feel "full" of wax and you can't hear as well in one ear, you probably have impacted wax (a candle will not remove this). Tinnitus is a problem with hair cells in the cochlea (inner ear), which cannot be effected by a candle.
A study by Seely et al., (2) using 2 different brands of ear candles, demonstrated this not to be the case. I don’t remember her ever mentioning burning sticks, but then why would she, she knew I was not that gullible.
The authors were particularly interested in the claim that the candles create a vacuum so they used a pressure device to measure changes in pressure for the duration of the burn. Other problems reported among the group included, 13 cases of burns, 7 cases where the wax from the candle had blocked the ear canal and 1 case of a punctured ear drum (2). At the emergency room, attempts to remove wax that had dripped from the candle onto her eardrum failed. The candle ignited the bedding then quickly spread to curtains and other combustibles in the room. I will keep using them for my ears and my family as it does work and won’t burn the inside of the ear!
I used the candle exactly as directed, instead of putting it in my ear, I placed it (within the plate and at the proper angle) into a glass.
Once this has hardened the hollow candle is placed through a hole in a plate which has been specifically designed for collecting wax.
It can cause hearing loss which is reversible, ringing sensation in the ears and dizziness.
One of the many physical symptoms resulting from a poorly functioning digestive system is a production of excessive ear wax.
In 20 trials with 2 different candle types, they detected no negative pressure at any point during the trial.
Surgery was required, and a hole in her eardrum was discovered, which presumably was caused by the procedure.
And even though The Hopi tribe has repeatedly asked Biosun, to stop using the Hopi name Biosun has not complied with this request and continues to claim that ear candles originated within the Hopi tribe. As the hollow candle burns, the smoke and heat create a gentle vacuum that supposedly sucks out debris and excess ear wax to relieve sinus pressure, cure infections and improve hearing. Ear candling doesn't work and can be very dangerous because wax from the candle can drip into your ear, or the burning candle could catch your hair on fire. My parents remarked on how much better their hearing was after it was done, but I was too young to really remember much. Now there is an easy way to flush your system of ear wax, whilst detoxing and relaxing all at the same time. It's so much better to at least try natural remedies before you do more potentially dangerous things.
I did like the part when my aunt unrolled the candles to see all the gunk that was in my ears though!

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