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And just like with its popular learning thermostat, the now Google-owned company wants to turn a boring appliance into a major part of the connected home. Past the color choice – black or white - you’ll need to figure out whether to purchase a battery-powered or wired version of the Protect. Once an account is setup, the quick process includes connecting to the Protect itself and then entering your Wi-Fi’s network password. Along with the usual alarm sounds, the Protect provides spoken warnings and the light ring will change colors depending on the status.
And when the batteries need to be replaced, instead of the infamous chirping sound, the ring will pulse yellow and the Protect will announce the situation.
Even though I could manually test the Protect, I also tested its sensitivity with a smoke detector tester. While you can’t test the Protect directly from the app, it will inform you of any Heads Up or Alarm notices. The Protect also offers two interesting other features that can be enabled or disabled via the app. If you happen to use more than one Protect, both devices will be wirelessly interconnected. Nest Thermostat users will also be happy to know that if carbon monoxide is detected, the thermostat will automatically shut off the gas heater, which could be a possible source of the CO.

The best way to do that is to check what kind of alarms you have installed now and purchase the same kind to switch out. After pushing the large round Nest button in the middle, you’ll have 10 seconds to back away. For example, if there is a carbon monoxide warning, after the alarm sounds, you’ll hear “Emergency.
The device will also offer spoken warnings if any sensors have failed and when the Protect needs to be replaced in seven years. When the smoke level begins to rise, but not to an emergency level, the device will inform you with an audible warning and a yellow light ring.
With the path light, when any motion is detected during the night, it will help light the way with a white light.
That means if one Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide, the other devices will announce that there is an issue in a certain location.
But if you’re on the fence about purchasing one device or the other, I would definitely save up and purchase the thermostat first. While its thermostat helps homeowners control their energy usage and save money, the Protect does something even more important. But if the Protect is your first product from the company, just download the free companion app from the App Store.

That’s definitely been handy when walking to my children’s room in the middle of the night. While I think the extra features are worth the high price point, more than a few buyers won’t even think about purchasing the Protect until its price is lowered.
I’ll easily admit it, even though I have two young children at home, fire safety was usually the last thing on my mind. But Nest wants to change that with its new Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector unveiled in late 2013.
That’s a big help for when you've just burned the toast and don’t need the smoke detector waking up the entire neighborhood. When turning in for the night, the Protect will also quickly show a green light on its LED ring if the device is running fine.
But with a substantial spray, the unit detected an emergency, and I was unable to quiet the alarm unless I physically pushed the Nest button. We recently had our first family fire drill, and thanks to the Protect, I know my family is even safer if the unimaginable ever happens.

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