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Posted By Piercings Shops on Dec 15, 2013Nose rings are seen as a fashion statement that have been popularized by silver screen icons and rock stars. Posted By Piercings Shops on Dec 8, 2013Nose piercings are fairly common, especially on women and young adults. Posted By Piercings Shops on Dec 2, 2013Getting your ears pierced is now considered a fashion statement for both men and women.
Posted By Piercings Shops on Nov 30, 2013When it comes to body art and jewelry, there are various styles and designs to pick from. Posted By Piercings Shops on Nov 24, 2013Earrings used to be exclusively geared toward women. These rings are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and have become an acceptable form of body jewelry.
If you want to amp up the style and stand out from the crowd, you may consider getting a double nose piercing. Because of its increase in popularity, people have started to look for other means to express their individuality. Body piercings have become a more common form of body art and are way simpler than tattoos. This is the reason why we have come up with this article, which talks about earrings for men and 20 hot male celebrities who wear them. With its increasing popularity, nose piercings have indeed expanded beyond the realm of orthodox nostril piercings.
Most people have the impression that men who wear earrings are effeminate, but that is not always the case. Some of the more common piercings include earlobe piercing, gauging, cartilage, industrial, Tragus piercing, antitragus, conch, rook, snag, Monroe piercing, belly piercings, nipple piercings, double nose piercing and other body part piercings. A lot of very manly guys, especially famous personalities, have earrings which make them look more attractive to women. Wearing nose rings has spread into every corner of society and it is becoming more socially acceptable with the passage of time.
You can either have them done at the same time, or you can have one done first then have the other one done a month or two later when the first piercing heals.
The Most Fashionable Earrings for Men and the Top 20 Celebs with Earrings Earrings may look good on celebrities, but they can look great on you, too. Nose rings are now socially acceptable and becoming more mainstream with each passing day. Nose rings can definitely add to your beauty, as opposed to the grungy expression defined during the punk era. If correctly done by a specialist, the piercings should not be painful, and all you should experience is a dull soreness and a bit of tenderness for a few days after the procedure.
It is done to resemble birth marks as seen on various artists such as Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna.
Large numbers of people in public are sporting them, and the target audience has increased three times in recent years.
Get a piercer, preferably from a respectable piercing shop,  who does doubles so that you have them both lined up properly. This piercing is a lip piercing that is done off center just above the upper left side of the face.

Hoop Earrings These earrings are usually circular in form, and are attached to your ears with the use of fasteners. Finding the perfect cartilage earring for you is best if you visit different stores, since they come in various designs and shapes. The piercings are meant to simulate a mole or a beauty mark and will vary in location by the particular individual. Many times you will find that you have more space on one nostril than the other (your nose might be a little uneven, like other body parts tend to be) and you will need to have them adjusted to ensure you are comfortable. Caring For Your New Nose Ring You should take proper care of your new nose ring once the piercing is done. Having your nose piercings done at the same time reduces the amount of pain you are likely to experience, but they may be a real pain to clean. Another variant of this piercing is the Angel bite (also known as the crayfish) which is a double version of the piercing (Madonna and Monroe) worn on both sides of the upper lip. Elton John Elton John’s signature look wouldn’t be complete without his unique hoop earrings.
If you have them done at the same time, when you try to clean one nostril you will have to significantly irritate the other nostril in the process. You can wear long barbells in these piercing to look like a crayfish, hence the popular name. You should know that improperly cared for nose piercings can bring a high risk of infection and can have serious complications.
Sometimes, two cartilage earrings are enough for ladies, especially when you want to keep yourself simple.
The earring has a dangling piece below the hoop which makes it more pronounced to other people.
4.  With this piece of jewelry, you can look as if you have a cartilage earring on without even going to the piercing shop for a piercing. One of the biggest advantages of having a Monroe Piercing is that it heals much faster than other kinds of piercings. Nose piercings have been practiced in various native communities and has been associated with sexual, emotional and romantic propositions. Once the piercing is done, avoid touching the affected area and allow the hole to heal as quickly as possible.
They were not only used for beautifying purposes, but also for adding value, especially in the marital life. The estimated healing time recommended by most professional piercers for this kind of piercing is anywhere between 7 and 12 weeks, but you will find that it heals in between 3 and 6 weeks. Michael Jordan America’s finest basketball player also has a silver hoop earring on his left ear. Excess touching will make it sore, postpone the healing process, and cause an undue amount of skin and tissue irritation.
The occultists also believed that the sixth sense of an individual is located above the upper end of a person’s nose. It is a very easy process with a quick healing period, but the pain levels will usually vary from individual to individual.

It is  believed to be the focal point from where brain waves are emitted, and was considered as a breathing regulator by aiding in the expulsion of carbon dioxide. For people with larger, thicker lips or facial muscles that are well exercised, you may experience more discomfort due to the fact that there will be more muscle and nerves to pierce through (ouch).
The practice and reasoning behind having a nose piercing is different for every culture, but the running theme from all of them is that it is an excellent way of adding to the beauty of a woman. Men may also find that the piercing is slightly more painful for them than it is for women.
Justin Timberlake Back when Justin Timberlake was still one of the voices behind the band N*SYNC, he used to wear a golden hoop earring in his left ear.
Shaving generally makes the skin around the lip tougher and hence it may be slightly more painful for men to get this piercing.
Stud Earrings It is pretty obvious that these earrings are the most popular type of mens earrings in the world.
You should get into the habit of sleeping on your back to avoid the ring getting caught in the pillow. However, regardless of the pain level, it is still a very easy and quick process and most piercers can perform it without too much hassle.
They are worn by a lot of celebrities, and they are quite versatile since they can come in all forms and sizes. Here’s a simple gold unisex cartilage earring that can easily be bought at your local piercing shop. Keep the ring clean and wash the pierced area with a special soap designed for this purpose. Don’t rub it with alcohol because it will cause skin irritation. Different Types of Nose Rings If you are thinking about getting your nose pierced, there are a lot of options available. He is often seen wearing black studs or those with authentic diamonds on them when he comes to music award shows. Ford may already be old, but that black stud on his left ear definitely makes him look a few years younger. So, if you are middle aged and want to attract a woman’s attention, then this is definitely the stud for you. If you wanna stand out more without doing multiple piercings, then why not go with a classy diamond stud earring. If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones, then this wrap dragon cartilage earring wwill definitely catch your attention.
Show your love for Mother Nature with this turtle earring that fits nicely on your upper ear.

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