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This pierced ear wrap earring features a small gecko design decorated with black and white rhinestones and a cats eye stone.Designed as a single ear wrap for left ear only,the Gecko Cartilage Wrap Earring is crafted of gold plated metal with a stud earwire. Gauge: The thickness of the wire or portion of the item that passes directly through the piercing.
Diameter: The measurement across a circular opening, usually measured across the widest portion of an item from inside edge to inside edge.
For curved barbells, the length measurement is actually made straight across from tip to tip, rather than along the curve.  This goes for banana bells, eyebrow rings, and other jewelry used for piercings of the navel, eyebrow, neck, and surface piercings that utilize curved barbells instead of surface bars. Jewelry worn in these piercings, as well some worn in other piercings of the ear cartilage and dimples, is measured from the flat disc-like end to the bottom of the ball or decoration.  For special stylized labret and monroe jewelry like spikes and lippy loops, just remember the rules and measure the wearable part of the piercing from tip to tip. We hope this cleared a few things up, and look forward to answering more of your important body jewelry queries in the future! BodyCandy: Alright, well do you have any advice for someone who may wanna get any of these piercings?
Complements just about anything, but you may want to go to a princess size if you have a wide neck. Stay tuned for the Necklace Guide Part 2, where we’ll show you how to choose the perfect necklace to compliment your outfit and neckline. So hopefully we gave you some tips that can help you get the best out of your jewelry at home. What do Barack Obama, George Micheal, Sarah Jessica Parker, Phil Collins, Dan Akroyd, Bart Simpson, and Angelina Jolie all have in common?
It is a common complaint of most left-handed individuals that many household tools such as can openers, knives, and scissors are designed for primarily right handed use.

Looking back into history it is found that there are many famous left-handed artists including Albrecht Durer, M.C. So rock out with your ring out, get a bit tribal with a straight bar, or stretch and sniff to your hearts content.  No matter what the piercing, there’s a way to make it just your style and fit it to your personality just right. Then everyone who has piercings got matching cubic zirconia solitaires to wear.  We stuck mostly with clear, aurora, and pastel pinks and blues, so that everything would be low key but still stylish. My hubby wore a clear three millimeter stud earring and brightened up his tattoos with some moisturizing tattoo aftercare solution a couple hours before the ceremony. It was a beautiful day for an off-beat wedding, and with a mix of classic and alternative, everything we wore was completely cool and completely us.
When I had had the tongue ring for about two weeks, I was out prom dress shopping with my mom.  I had been successful at hiding it from her to this point which was amazing considering how hard it is not to play with it.  I was trying on a very expensive dress and I accidentally flipped it out of my mouth and she saw it!! I did end up keeping my tongue ring.  It healed up after about a month and I played with it….a lot!
I ended up taking it out when I was 19 for a job that I had because they didn’t allow tongue piercings. If it is cut rather high, look for more delicate designs so you don’t crowd the neckline. You may love to push convention, or a classic look may be more to your liking; consider your comfort level and style. All of these famous people are left-handed and likely to be celebrating International Lefthanders Day on August 13th! Then they (with the clamp still on) turn your tongue to the side and screw on the ball.  It only takes about a minute from start to finish.

So eating ice cream gives you a brain-freeze a lot quicker and more often.  Also, if you thought burning the roof of your mouth was bad, try drinking really hot coffee with a tongue piercing! Even the pop-culture icon that is “The Simpsons” features a Leftie store that is called the Leftorium owned by Ned Flanders. I was amazed at how quickly it was over.  It hurt a little getting it done but it wasn’t bad. It can burn the inside of your piercing and that is not fun.   But for the most part, having a tongue ring was fun and I really liked it. This organization promotes awareness of the strife faced by someone who is a leftie living in a predominantly right-handed world.
I have always noticed that it was interesting that there is such a high amount of left-handed characters in the cartoon series. The whole first day wasn’t bad but it was hard to talk and eat.  I kind of had to relearn how to do a lot of things.
Here are some tips about necklace length.  Although, bare in mind these are guidelines, and sometimes an unconventional choice is perfect.
It also celebrates the unique characteristic that sets apart approximately 10% of the world’s population.
This is because Matt Groening, the show’s creator, is himself a leftie and a very proud promoter of International Lefthanders Day!

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