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The Mechanics of the Ear: How Hearing WorksHaving a basic understanding of how hearing works can make treating hearing loss a less stressful process. Though hearing loss affects nearly 48 million Americans, there are often options for treatment. Anyone who has suffered from, or who is currently suffering with, the constant buzzing, whistling, clicking or ringing in the ears that is most commonly referred to as tinnitus will tell you how debilitating it can be, so much so in fact, it is not uncommon for those with tinnitus to also suffer with depression, stress or anxiety. This article covers the three most common causes of tinnitus and the steps that can be taken to limit the chances of them causing tinnitus.
The solution is really quite simple, if you fall into the bracket of being a part animal and music lover then turn down the volume on your mp3 player and don’t stand next to the speakers in the nightclub or the rock concert. Most people find it surprising that the medication they are taking for another condition could possibly be at the heart of the problem of tinnitus, but they shouldn’t be surprised. Your ears are attached to your head (or at least they should be!) so therefore if you hit your head there is a chance that you could damage nerve endings that are directly related to your hearing. Believe it or not, these three things are the most common causes of tinnitus and the simple preventative measures are logical but it’s still amazing how many people completely ignore them. Answer a few questions and one of our experts will be in touch, we help lots of people just like you every month. The relationship between noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus has always been a source of debate and subject to continued research. However, it is recognised that in specific circumstances, exposure to loud noise can be a common and direct cause of tinnitus, most notably in the workplace or at music events. Recent German research now seems to suggest that the chief cause of tinnitus is according to the severity of hearing impairment.

A study of over 500 adult chronic tinnitus sufferers revealed that 83 per cent showed a high frequency hearing loss corresponding to a noise-induced hearing loss.
Furthermore, the study demonstrated indirect evidence supporting the hypothesis that the degree of noise-induced hearing loss also influenced the severity of tinnitus.
What is more convenient than having your hearing specialist right at your eye doctors office?
Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions about hearing and appointments at Houston Eye Associates. The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Look for a hearing care provider or audiologist who offers workshops, educational resources, or uses tools that provide the patient clarity and control over the quality of their care.
However, most cases of tinnitus are easily preventable because of the very nature of their specific cause. What has changed over the past thirty years or so, is the age of the average tinnitus sufferer.
If, however, you have turned the corner and these things no longer hold the appeal they once did for you then ensure you wear ear protectors when using or working near loud machinery.
A large number of medications are renowned for having side effects so if you have tinnitus and you are also taking medication then check out the possible side effects. The simple preventative measure to take in order to avoid, or at least minimize, this is to wear protective headgear whenever you are taking part in an activity where there is a possibility of hitting your head. Generally, a noise that seems to originate in the ear or head, typically experienced as a ringing or whistling sound, is mostly temporary and will soon disappear as unaccountably as it appeared. While most everyday causes of temporary hearing loss are the result of the build up of wax or ear infection, there are rare instances where tinnitus may be an early symptom of more serious hearing damage.

A further relationship was positively established between the degree of hearing loss and the two subscales of “intrusiveness” and “auditory perceptional difficulties” within the tinnitus survey.
Overexposure to noise not only induces the hearing loss but also tinnitus and associated debilitating effects, often leading to a decreased quality of life.
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Jennifer Dessel graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and her Master of Science in Audiology. Although there is no way to pinpoint precisely what caused the hearing loss, there are a few main causes. In the past the vast majority of people who suffered with tinnitus tended to be above 50, this was because, like so many other things in life, wear and tear took it’s toll. If tinnitus crops up on the list then you should continue taking your medication until you pay your doctor a visit and get him or her to prescribe you with an alternative medication. However, over the past thirty years the age of the average tinnitus sufferer has dropped dramatically and this is down to the fact that young people like their music loud and on their personal headphones, they also go to loud rock concerts more frequently and spend their weekends in noisy night clubs, little wonder their ears are waving a white flag! Click here to find an office close to you!Update your information now in 'My Online Clinic'!

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