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In about 50% of children and adolescents suffering from hearing loss, that loss has been present since birth.
If the child or adolescent becomes hearing impaired after birth, the cause could be trauma or sickness.
Crouzon syndrome is a genetic condition that causes the plates of the skull to become fused, preventing growth of the brain and causing deformities of the face. Deafness caused by connexin 26 is characterized by profound loss of hearing from birth, and not accompanied by other symptoms such as blindness. Some illnesses contracted during pregnancy are associated with hearing problems in infants.
It is not always clear which drugs are ototoxic – the same drug can have varying ototoxic properties in different people. A premature baby may also need to the receive nourishment intravenously or through a tube that passes through the nose and into the stomach. Conductive hearing loss refers to a blockage in the ear canal, preventing sound from passing from the outer ear to the inner ear. Temporary hearing loss is very common throughout childhood, and the most common cause is upper respiratory infection. Congenital conductive hearing loss in children can be caused by anatomic abnormalities of the outer and middle ear including congenitally fixed stapes, aural atresia (lack of an ear canal), stenosis (constricted ear canal), and microtia (missing or deformed outer ear). Diseases like chicken pox and measles, if severe enough and not properly attended to, have been connected with permanent hearing loss. One possible cause for progressive hearing loss in children is enlarged vestibular aqueducts.
In some children, however, the tube remains wide, and this condition is known as Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts Syndrome (EVAS).
If your child is experiencing progressive hearing loss, he can be tested for EVAS by a CT scan. Medical Website Design - Websites for Doctors of Otology, Audiology, Ears & Hearing by Vital Element, Inc. Wearing hearing aids has been such a positive experience for Marie Redfern, she wants to encourage others with hearing loss to try them, too. Your experience can provide helpful information to someone looking for a great hearing care provider, reward a clinic for taking good care of their patients and create a sense of community where you live. Parental jokes about selective hearing aside, discovering that your child can’t hear is no laughing matter.
Ear health professionals classify hearing loss into two categories: conductive and sensorineural.
Conductive hearing loss, caused when sound travel is obstructed in the inner and middle ear, is considered the most frequent reason for hearing loss in children. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when hair cells in the cochlea or the hearing nerve in the inner ear are damaged. Possible causes of acquired sensorineural hearing loss include childhood diseases or illnesses, such as chicken pox, measles, and encephalitis. One of the newest, and most preventable, forms of sensorineural hearing loss in children is related to loud noise in their environment. Audiology Resource Notebook This presentation is intended as a resource for professionals in Deaf Education, Audiology, and Speech Pathology. Presentation on theme: "Audiology Resource Notebook This presentation is intended as a resource for professionals in Deaf Education, Audiology, and Speech Pathology. Speech Audiometry Continued Word Recognition Score (WRS) The stimuli are a list of 25-50 phonetically balanced one syllable word.
Barotrauma Discomfort in the ear caused by pressure differences between the outer and middle ear.

Otosclerosis Otosclerosis is the growth of spongy bone-like tissue around the footplate of the stapes and blocks the oval window. Otosclerosis Continued Maximum conductive loss is between 50-60dB, with a mixed loss it will increase to 60-70dB.
Audiogram: Otosclerosis One of the characteristic features of an audiogram that indicates otosclerosis is a smaller air bone gap at 2000Hz. Audiogram: Presbycusis Audiograms that indicate presbycusis show a sharp drop off in the frequencies above 2000Hz. Malignant Otitis Externa Occurs in elderly diabetic patients, can occur in AIDS patients Characterized by persistent and severe earache, foul-smelling purulent otorrhea, and granulation tissue in the ear canal.
Otitis Media Continued Suppurative otitis media is characterized by fluid that contains puss. Otitis Media Continued Adhesive otitis media, or glue ear, is characterized by a thick, sticky effusion that causes the eardrum to become severely retracted. Bone Conduction Hearing Devices, also known as Bone Anchored Hearing Implants, are for people with a permanent Conductive Hearing Loss or Mixed Hearing Loss that causes a problem either in the ear canal, ear drum or part of the Middle Ear, which results in sounds being heard more softly or not at all.
The external part of the implant is attached to the skull via a implanted abutment or magnetic connection. An appealing feature of Bone Conduction Hearing Devices is that they offer hearing amplification without the need to have an ear mould or hearing aid inserted into the ear canal.
Recent advances in Bone Conduction Hearing Device technology have in some cases removed the need for a surgically-implanted fixture such as Cochlear’s BAHA® Attract System. Like conventional Hearing Aids, Bone Conduction Hearing Devices are compatible with Assistive Listening Technologies such as telecoils, FM systems and neckloops. Having Bone Conduction Hearing Devices are only a small part of the hearing loss management journey to have better hearing.
KAM Healthcare Group is first and foremost a professional hearing health care group specializing in providing high performance audiological equipment, hearing instruments and professional hearing services to the hearing impaired. A hearing loss, if go untreated, may result in speech defects, communication, learning and behavioral problems.
According to a survey conducted recently, nearly 10% of Hong Kong residents have certain degree of hearing loss, which include seniors, adults, children and even new born infants. Hearing loss in adults has many causes such as middle ear infection, head injury, tumors, viral infection in the inner ear and over-exposure to noise. Conductive loss: Anything that prevents sound waves being transmitted to the inner ear may result in a conductive hearing loss. Sensorineural loss: Damage to the cochlea or the auditory pathways to the brain can cause permanent hearing loss. Some of the reasons children experience hearing loss can be corrected with medication or surgery while others result in permanent hearing damage. Conductive hearing loss is often treatable with medicine or surgery while sensorineural hearing loss is typically permanent. Acquired conductive hearing loss occurs after birth as a result of an abnormality or disease. Depending upon the nature of the abnormality, your pediatrician may recommend waiting until your child is at least three years of age before attempting to surgically correct the problem.
Common causes for this type of impairment include viral infections such as Rubella, genetic problems, premature birth and other complications. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 5.2 million children and adolescents aged 6-19 years have suffered permanent hearing loss as the result of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Even prolonged exposure to everyday items such as gas powered lawn mowers or loud motorcycles can permanently affect a child’s hearing. If you suspect your child is having trouble hearing, experts encourage you to get help immediately.

It includes information about the basic audiometric test battery, common causes of hearing loss, and example audiograms. Can be caused by over- productive cerumen glands, but is most often caused when attempts to clean the ear pushes wax deeper into the canal Causes conductive hearing loss. Causes conductive hearing loss, the larger the perforation the greater the loss Pain is usually not present. It affects 30-35% of adults between 65 and 75 and increases to 40-50% of those over 75 Loss is sensorineural and in the high frequencies Tinnitus may occur There is a central auditory component that will result in lower WRS than expected Client reports that the speech of others sounds slurred or mumbled Conversations are harder to hear when there is background noise.
Sounds detected by the device’s external sound processor are turned into vibrations that are transmitted through the fixture into the skull bone.
Instead, a magnetic strip can now be surgically inserted behind the ear that allows for the quick and secure placement or removal of the device as required. When you make a decision to have Bone Conduction Hearing Devices, it should be part of an overall therapy program with a qualified hearing health professional, such as an audiologist, that will help your brain make sense of the new information being sent by the device. With a determination to upgrade hearing to a perfection comparable to that of a healthy ear, KAM Healthcare group has made innovative and signifant changes to its products, hearing services and technical procedures for customers from China, Macau, Hong Kong and other countries from he Asia Pacific regions. Our professional audiologist provides hearing assessment services to all age groups including infants, toddlers and young children with autism, behavioral problems, speech delay and handicaps. The common cold or ear infection, which often produces fluid in the ear, is a good example of this condition.
Although this type of hearing loss is permanent, hearing aids and other devices can help children hear well enough to develop language skills in most cases. You can protect your child from NIHL by teaching him to wear ear protection in noisy environments, how to cover his ears and move away from loud noises, and to listen to his music at safe levels.
According to the California Ear Institute, children with untreated hearing loss take twice as many trips to the emergency room, are ten times more likely to be held back in grade school, and stand a greater risk of being misdiagnosed with ADHD. Each topic has its own table of contents, and, where possible, each section of information has an accompanying graphic. In most cases there is a bony plate the separates the external ear from the contents of the middle ear. Symptoms include pain, slight conductive hearing loss, and ear fullness If severe or prolonged, can cause moderate to severe hearing loss, feeling of pressure in the ears, nosebleed and middle ear pain. Can also cause sensorineural loss in the high frequencies, this type is known as cochlear otosclerosis. These vibrations naturally move across the skull to the Inner Ear where they are sensed by the Cochlea as sound. The location of the implant behind the ear also makes Bone Conduction Hearing Devices less visible than Hearing Aids – if that is a concern for the recipient. The information contained within the presentation is meant to be a quick look-up guide to the most essential information with regards to these topics.
The newer generations of Bone Conduction Hearing Devices have increased smartphone compatibility, which can be used to monitor and control some of their functions. If you suspect your child’s hearing is affected as a result of one of these scenarios, consult your pediatrician immediately.
Both are typically temporary and can be corrected with medication when identified and treated early. In this case, a repeated syllable is used and the client is asked to indicate when they can perceive the sound.

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