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This occurs when sound is not conducted efficiently through the outer and middle ears, including the ear canal, eardrum, and the tiny bones, or ossicles, of the middle ear.  Conductive hearing loss usually involves a reduction in sound level, or the ability to hear faint sounds. This type of loss not only reduces the intensity of sound, but often the clarity of speech as well. Current statistics indicate that hearing loss is now the third most prevalent chronic health concern among adults in the US.
Protecting one’s hearing when exposed to loud sounds, or avoiding loud sounds if possible, is key when it comes to hearing protection. Common areas that may have potentially damaging levels of noise exposure (above 85 decibels) may be the use of power equipment, like lawnmowers.

As sounds travel through our ears, they eventually wind up in our senroy organ of hearing: the cochlea.
Stock up on all hearing aid batteries for all major hearing aid manufacturers as well as ear plugs and accessories. Depending on the degree and pattern of the loss, many report that they can hear but cannot understand conversation.   Most individuals with sensorineural loss can be helped by hearing aids and other assistive devices.
Regardless of the source of noise, if it is too loud to hear someone’s voice above the din, than it is probably too loud and hearing protection should be used.
The average 8th grade student today is 4 times as likely to suffer from noise induced hearing loss than 10 years ago.

The one thing we can control is noise exposure; weather it be work related or recreational. The hair cells have an important job of passing on the information from the sound waves to the part of our brain that interprets sound. If these cells are damaged, or missing, they cannot pass along the sounds and the listener misses out on all or part of the signal.

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