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A 50¬†year-old male with a reported two-year history of infrequent spells, presenting with two spells in the past two days. The patient’s episodes are all associated with loss of consciousness and are followed by 5-10 minutes of disorientation after which he recovers fully. 50 year-old male with a history of HTN and a reported two-year history of infrequent spells presenting with two spells in the past two days. CT scanning of the brain is the imaging test for evaluating acute headache or other acute mental status changes suggestive of acute cerebral hemorrhage. Overall, arteriovenous malformations are best imaged by using MRI, which can uniquely show these lesions as a tangle of vascular channels that appear as flow voids.
MRI can help identify and characterize AVMs of the CNS, including the brain and spinal cord, without the use of radiation or invasive techniques. Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) or CT angiography (CTA) - for initial or follow-up evaluation of an arteriovenous malformation. Catheter angiography remains the criterion standard for characterization and delineation of brain and spinal AVMs.
Angiography can be used to measure the size of the AVM and judge the compactness of the nidus. To request an appointment at NYOG by email, please give us your contact information in the form below and we will get back to you shortly with available dates.

The next spell occurred one year later, though the patient is unable to recall much about this episode. History is very important for distinguishing syncope from other causes (seizure, dizziness, vertigo, presyncope). Furthermore, CT scanning can uniquely demonstrate vascular calcifications associated with AVMs.
MRI is the examination of choice in patients with chronic headaches, seizure disorders of unknown etiology, and pulsatile tinnitus (among other conditions). MRA and venography can further supplement conventional MRI in demonstrating in a near angiographic fashion the anatomy and microarchitecture of an AVM. Angiography is a dynamic real-time study that not only demonstrates the presence or absence of an AVM, but also shows vascular transit time.
Furthermore, angiography can be used to evaluate the venous drainage pattern (superficial, deep, or mixed).
Krevitt comments on an article in The Wall Street Journal on alternatives to using antibiotics in treating sinusitis.
The patient remained spell-free until yesterday when he was on a bus, lost consciousness and awoke in a hospital.
Aspects supporting this notion include loss of consciousness and period of confusion following each episode.

Diagnostic angiography is uniquely able to delineate the size and number of feeding arteries. In addition, angiography frequently depicts associated risk factors for hemorrhage, including aneurysms and venous stenosis. One of the recent episodes was also associated with tongue-biting and loss of bladder control. Additionally, some episodes are associated with a sensation of euphoria rising from the abdomen to the head which could be indicative of an aura.
Characteristics that suggest other causes include the absence of noted convulsions and non-stereotyped nature of each episode which could be due to the patient’s poor recollection of these events and absence of reliable witnesses. His roommate heard him fall, found him on the ground, and noted that his mouth was moving but did not see any other movements. In the case of true seizures, the possible etiologies in this patient include a mass, metabolic abnormalities, substance use, or concomitant infection exacerbating an existing propensity for seizure activity.
Other, non-seizure causes warranting evaluation include cardiogenic syncope particularly given the evidence of ectopic beats on examination and electrocardiogram.

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