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HTSF for Tinnitus:Healtone sound formulas (HTSF) for Tinnitus restore the balance in the frequencies that cause the condition and enable the body to return to a healthy equilibrium. Important information:All of Healtone's sound formulas (HTSF) are based on over 50 years of extensive research in body frequency healing in general, and frequency healing for the specific diseases that are on our list in particular. Many approaches to treating Tinnitus symptoms include invasive methods that have side effects. Complementary HTSFs:Please check below complementary HTSFs for Tinnitus symptoms that might also match your condition. Sudden acoustic trauma or ear trauma like blasts or extreme loud noises might also evoke Tinnitus.The most common cause for Tinnitus is hearing loss and hearing deterioration coming naturally as a result of aging.
Using the Tinnitus HTSF for five minutes (using regular headphones), twice daily, will, in most cases, start bringing about the desirable balancing effect within a few days. The Healtone sound formula for Tinnitus is designed to cover the entire spectrum of Tinnitus and its different stages, and the wide variety of symptoms.
One of the most unique aspects of healing with sound in general, and of Healtone's sound formulas in particular, is that they are noninvasive and have no side effects at all.
Other specific causes for Tinnitus are: Blow to ear, blow to head, ear injury, head injury, head trauma, hearing problems, non-vibratory, Otosclerosis, Presbycusis, ringing ears. In addition, when you purchase your HTSF, you will be asked to specify your gender, age and weight, for optimal efficiency. Moreover, all of Healtone's sound formulas are holistic, and therefore, apart from their direct impact on a particular illness, condition, or organ, they are designed to perform general balancing for the entire body.
Healtone provides an alternative, high-tech, top quality solution for thousands of people all over the world.

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