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My SO and I are choosing the ring together, I have my heart set on white gold with diamonds in the side of the band.
I think it would be ok to mix diamond colors and get your ring in white gold because it will make the diamond pop even more! If you are going on a cruise any time soon, that’s a great time to check out colored stones.
Hand fabricated from platinum and rose gold this ring is a splendid home for a round champagne diamond that is over 4 carats.
I’m trying to decide whether we should get a champagne diamond (very lightly coloured, maybe with some pink in it) or moissanite.
They are relitively cheap compared to diamonds I’m finding just doing a little bit of research online. It might look gorgeous, but I’d definitely want to see an example before committing to it.

I have a gold ring with white diamonds and I like that the gold and stones are different colours, even though my stone is small it makes it stand out far more than my friend who has the same size diamond in a very similar setting in white gold, but bacause her diamonds and ring are the same colour they look much smaller, and the ones on the side are barely visible. Alot of people choose moissanite because they want  Moissanite not because they are trying to pass it off as a diamond. I think I’m starting to udnerstand what your concern is and I had the same concern when we were buying my stone. I’m wondering if a light champagne diamond would look strange with diamonds on the band with a white gold band. If you talk to someone, sometimes they can request a particular stone be brought to the store during the show so you can view it.
The sides are set with brilliant colorless diamonds that bring out the earthy tones in the center diamond. It makes Armand De Brignac’s Ace Of Spades and other luxury champagne brands look very cheap.

Which is super complicated because there is a spot on the color scale between white and canary that has a potential to look like a dish water diamond and not like a specific color.
When you are wanting a very specific pale color it’s a really good idea to see them in person. Which is even more tough because a lot of stores don’t carry anything other than white diamonds.

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