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I thought about transforming oneself with our masks into good or evil, into the lightness or darkness, or escaping who we are in our day to day lives with jewelry being the stage we write our script to. You can easily see how we define ourselves, where jewelry can take our imagination, something LoveGold showcases better than anyone. This entry was posted in Beauty and tagged 1932, beauty, chanel, Christophe Pastel, Claire Camille, Claire Camille Galtier, claire Galtier, dancer, Galtier, gold, high jewelry, jewellry, jewelry, love gold, lovegold, lovegoldlive, Thora Danielsdottir. Visual storytellers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg unfold tales of fashion, travel, truth and beauty. Pearls, lions, camellias, feathers and a monochrome palette – these are the distinctive markers of Chanel. The Chanel pearl collection was presented for the first time as part of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.
So as not to get lost in a myriad of different creations, this wide-scale collection, comprising 87 pieces, can be divided into four thematic sub-collections: the elegant, feminine Mademoiselle, the glamorous evening-oriented “1932”, the blooming Camelia and the colourful Baroque. The Camelia sub-collection is a logical extension of the already existent jewellery line of the same name, the protagonist of which is the enchanting camellia flower.

Perles Baroques necklace in 18K white gold set with 950 brilliant-cut diamonds, 50 brilliant-cut blue and purple sapphires, 3 oval-cut amethysts, 3 oval-cut blue-green and green tourmalines, 4 aquamarines, 2 pear-cut blue tanzanites, 5 Australian baroque cultured pearls, 35 South Sea cultured pearls, 4 Tahitian cultured pearls and 28 Japanese cultured pearls.
Dancers have to be one of the most accomplished groups of people in the art of transforming and taking on roles. Through photographs, videos, and their own invention, Cinemagraphs, they create new worlds — from their New York City workspace, Ann Street Studio.
They are also the DNA of the brand’s new collection of jewellery and watches that has been called ‘Perles de Chanel’ (Chanel Pearls), decorated with what was Coco’s favourite precious stone: the pearl. Despite the collection’s variety, it was clear from the name that all the pieces would have one common denominator: the noble pearl. It is not, as you might conclude from its name, a precious collection of baroque diamonds but a variation on the Baroque style.
Returning to the world of high fashion, the pearl has become one of the most significant trends in jewellery with its popularity strengthening from year to year and designers looking for new ways to work with it.
When I wear this piece I escape on a million adventures around the world, discovering beauty beyond imagination and expanding on what limited time my eyes have left to see.

Its pink, grey, gold and classic snow white hues were diluted by translucent diamonds, yellow sapphires, blue-green aquamarines, tourmalines and violet amethysts.
Its natural sumptuousness and dynamism is brought out with the help of magnificent pearl clusters, gold insets shaped like flowers with birds fluttering around them, lion heads and geometric shapes encrusted with precious stones. Let’s all thank Coco Chanel for her enormous contribution not only to fashion but also to the art of jewellery. On this early autumn day in Paris, here is where we drifted off to like a feather endlessly floating in golden light….

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