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Woman Leaning on a Washing Machine Paintingtrippyzippy +4 commentsfull view Nice work, maybe you could of put a teddybear in the washing machine so he is crying about something.
Coastguard Helicopter Coming to the Rescue of a Shipyorksnproud A-Hoy, the Coastguard have sent a flying machine.+1 commentsfull view Perfect color and contrast on the chopper, nice work! St George Riding a Motorcycle Slaying a Dragonsankrah +3 commentsfull view Good attention to the colors & contrast.
Woman Listening to an iPod by Godwardgali +3 commentsfull view Shadows are in conflict between the robot dog and the laptop. The Girl with the Chanel EarringProzy +1 commentsfull view You matched the soft textures of the original artist's hand quite nicely. Street Vendor Who Takes Credit Cards PaintingEdsonlopes +4 commentsfull view Good idea.
Women Using a Laptop PaintingEdsonlopes +1 commentsfull view I like the addition, but the top of the laptop is just the tiniest bot to sharp when compared to the softness of the rest of the painting. Sunlight is coming from the left so the laptop shadow should of been the same as the dog's, were as the dog's shadow angle should be more towards the viewer.

An example would be Mona Lisa wearing a watch, American Gothic wearing an Izod shirt or Dali's Woman At The Window looking at a submarine passing by.
Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly.
Only critique I have is that the robot dog is too sharp & also, there is too much noise on him. Made from the highest quality raw texture cubic zirconia, the Spring raindrop earrings are inspired by the power of water.
They must be sad because they have no clothes to wash, or else the little boy's wings shrunk. Back for the new season the Rose Bas Relief Earrings are intricately decorated with a peach enamel flower at the centre of the Orb shaped stud whilst a glistening gold quartz crystal sits above.
Seen on the Spring '16 runway, this ornate gold-plated brass and resin pair is adorned with multicolored Swarovski crystals and a bright-yellow wool pompom. They're an effortless way to incorporate the Italian brand's glamorous aesthetic into your look.

These flower earrings are made from polished 18-karat rose gold and have 0.56-carat pave diamond-encrusted petals. The ornate drop is centered by a cluster of round white diamonds arranged in a floral pattern.
The gold frame features rope stamp pattern that circles around a large red gripoix glass at the center. Embellished with light-catching sapphires, blue topaz and iridescent moonstones, this gold-plated silver pair is hand-painted using a signature enameling technique called Cloisonne.

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