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Featuring a round shape with a chunky gold-tone iconic interlocking CC logo to the centre, and a metallic rope-textured surround, set with a secure clip fastening to the reverse. ABOUT SUSAN CAPLAN VINTAGE A self-confessed vintage jewellery fanatic and collector, Susan Caplan sources each unique piece and looks for originality, fine workmanship and outstanding condition when putting together her collections. Celebrating the best of vintage jewellery from the 1930s up until the ‘90s, the Susan Caplan Vintage collection features an exclusive mix of sought-after designers and more individual pieces.
Featuring a branded coin with an embossed wheat sheaf design and the iconic interlinked CC logos, and a chunky chain surround, set with a secure clip fastening to the reverse.

The earrings, which measure 3.5 cm across, are dome shaped and have a gold plated metal clip on the back. The pink resin is translucent and has gold glitter embedded into the dome, which sparkles as it catches the light.
Lucite, a clear version of Bakelite was invented in 1937, which became more popular into the 1950’s. Chanel proffered to create understated jewellery to compliment her clothing and used affordable materials such as faux pearls, gold chains and poured glass with more expensive precious stones.

Add as a finishing touch to a classic black dress and team with a chunky gold bangle or wear the earrings to add interest to your office outfit.

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