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This was a Chanel Handbag cake I made for Angela’s birthday, it was a surprise from her sister and family in Australia! Award-winning personal style blogger, who wears so much jewellery, some compare it to heavy weight lifting.
I don’t often do beauty-based posts because while some people are Grammar Nazis, I am a Beauty Brand Bully and CAN hurt feelings of those who deem themselves to be precious. Alas, there is only one lipstick brand that I have come across that does not trigger a ridiculous allergy on my lips. I know only ONE person in this world who is as adamant as I about what she would never slap on her face and that is my mother.

Should we blame SJP and her red meets coral Halston Heritage piece, when she was artfully contemplating life whilst walking on a sandy shore in SATC2? I would knowingly distribute goods of brands that I somehow got but would never use to others or just chuck ’em away. While that scene may have added a boost to the red dress dream (and Halston Heritage sales, duh), the crimson-fabric-in-the-wind look has always been a bit of a fantasy to any fashion follower. I often get asked about the lipstick shades I wear in my outfit posts – so I assumed this post will sum them up quite nicely. Thanks to everyone who participated – can’t wait to host more giveaways with amazing gifts to be won!

The contrast the colour red brings to the otherwise serene view consisting of calming shades of blue, beige and yellow is just to seductive to ignore. I came to realise that lipstick is one of the best and cheapest outfit accessories out there, as every shade can alter an outfit completely; from oh you look cute to OMG THIS IS AWESOME.
So without any further ado, I wish you all a very merry Christmas – hopefully Santa’s going to be nice and generous this year!

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