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If you’re looking for the guide on how to spot a fake Chanel bag, you’ve come to the right place! The lock on the authentic bag is much flatter in shape and wider in font type whereas the lock on the fake bag is thinner in font type and bulky, rounder in shape. This will differ with year and style, but on the classic flap, the snap button and the back of the turnlock closure should be engraved with CHANEL PARIS. Chanel Zippers: Chanel has utilized several different zipper manufactures throughout the years, and each specific zipper brand will generally map to a specific time frame, model or style. Lampo zippers are synonymous with vintage Chanel bags and are often found on the late 70s to early 80s bags.
Lampo 2: Sometimes you can tell a Lampo zip by its zipper pull it has a ‘bulbous’ shape, sometimes it may say ‘L’’ for Lampo on the reverse side sometimes its left blank with no ‘L’ stamping. The quilted stitch design was designed by Coco Chanel to resemble the quilted jackets of horse jockeys back then. This fake manufacturer managed to line up the button with the CC but the CC is terribly made with crooked lines.
Serial stickers were first introduced in 1984 and continue to be used today.  As mentioned, numbers on serial stickers should match numbers on the authenticity card. Seven digit serial number printed on white sticker with Chanel logos and left-sided cutout. We hope this guide will be able to help you in making an informed purchase the next time you are shopping for a Chanel.
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We believe the internet is for sharing, however attributing original work and inspiration is important, courteous and legal. Hi Lollipuff, not to worry, you have been well credited =) Just like Vintage Heirloom, we seemed to have found many of your pictures from other sources. Correct me if I’m wrong but i counted the stitches on the different sizes of classic flap bag on the Chanel website. Hi , I have jus read through this as I have just bought the vintage (black and gold bag) for my partner … I’m so happy and please after reading this that is completely REAL !! Hey so I found a Chanel bag at a thrift store I often visit due to the large amount of designer brands I always find there. Hi, I wanted to purchase a Red Caviar preloved jumbo Chanel at good offer bcs the owner claimed to have lost the authentication cards and not come with dust bag as well, I doubted this part, when I insist to asked why without those two very important ?
I was told by my girl friends that some Chinese factory made very authentic-looking Chanel bags these days.
Are you saying that the fake Chanel has the zipper pull that has one side CC and one side Chanel?
You can see the difference on the 1st one (real) having the CC logo stitched on the leather whereas the second one ( fake) has the logo stitched OVER the bag. I’ve learned to tell the difference now since I bought a genuine Chanel from the boutique itself. On the other side of the turnstyle lock, the backplate (left picture) should have flat head screws. The zipper manufacturers utilized have always been high quailty producers, and as such, the zipper mechansims found on authentic Chanel should always be high quality.
Interestingly you can find Lampo zips not only on vintage Chanel bags but also on vintage Louis Vuitton and sometimes Gucci and YSL bags.
Example of a ‘modern’ day EP zipper as seen here on a authentic 2.55 caviar classic bag from the 2005 collection.
On an authentic Chanel, the quilt stitching should line up neatly on the front flap and back pocket.
A low stitch count causes the quilted effect to be puffy whereas the authentic Chanel which has a high stitch count doesn’t end up puffy. In authentic Chanel bags with chain leather straps, that part where the chain breaks should be well hidden.
We would like to clarify, we’ve obtained the pictures from different sources which might have sourced from you.

We would like to clarify, we’ve obtained the pictures from different sources which might have sourced from you.
The leather stamping on the inside should be Made in France but the turnlock (hardware) should say Chanel Paris. The bag literally matches everything an authentic bag should have according to you and many other bloggers I have visited except for one detail. I found this dealer and I asked for CHANEL LE BOY BAG, and they had medium one, so I checked their pictures and there was a zipper inside the bag, but as far as I know there is no zip inside a chanel boy.
I am worried sick over purchasing a vintage Chanel Jumbo Maxi Flap bag that is on its way to me from a seller on a few sites, including her own. We popped in to the party at London's exclusive Tantra club, only to find the diva was two hours late. Not all authentic Chanel handbags have the zipper stamped on one side with Chanel and on the other side with the logo. Apparently, the C on the right should overlap the left C which is facing the other way and when she saw that the other C was on top, she knew it was fake!
Sometimes, when I go up the escalator, I see the person in front of me carrying a bag that appears to be a Chanel 2.55.
Our advice is to always purchase your designer goods directly from the Chanel boutique or from a reputable department store like Saks. The lock designed by Chanel herself is very different from Karl Lagerfeld’s lock as it is rectangular in shape and has no Chanel logo stamping.
Below are Lampo zippers which Chanel uses however they also use other zipper brands like YKK. This style of EP zipper is usually found on authentic 2.55 classic such as black, biege, white caviar and lambskin flap bags. On the back pocket, it is not one continuous stitch that runs from the purse onto the pocket. In a lot of bags made before 2008 there is no stitching in the leather interwoven in the chain at all.
You might have noticed that the video had been well credited to you from the start and we hope you are enjoying the many clicks we are sending your way. You might have noticed that the video had been well credited to you from the start and we hope you have been enjoying the many clicks we are sending your way. Although some sellers do genuinely lose their documentation, you might want to be aware of dodgy excuses.
If the bag you are looking at has a CC on the inside, it should feel soft and not as if there is a card board inside. The zipper pull usually have a thin leather pull tab please note that the leather pull tab should match the main bag base, i.e if the bag is caviar skin the leather pull tab should be caviar skin too! The pocket and purse are two distinct pieces that were stitched separately, and joined via a stitch along the outside perimeter of the pocket.
If there is stitching on the interwoven leather in the chains of the bags you see now, it will only be on one side like above. As you see above, the serial number on the bag, and the number on the authenticity card, always match.
They also sell authentic Chanel bags and have been in the business of selling genuine goods for a long time. We are not in the business of plagiarising so here, we are happy to add more links to your blog. I’ve seen Chanel bags stamped with these different locations on the inside, so confusing.
It does look like there was something that was meant to be there though ( the hole where the turnlock goes in is smaller than the hole cutout to put it there which doesnt look pretty so obvs there was something to be placed over it )so I am wondering if those things ever loosen up and fall off? This might be something that can be seen in lower class counterfeits whereas a higher quality Chanel fake might still be able to have this detail correct. If you see a bag with quilting that does not line up between flap and body as well as pocket and back, beware, think twice.
The turn lock on the fake bag is also as big as the leather bit that secures the bag and the leather around the turn lock also puffs up.

By the way, Coco Chanel came from an orphanage, and her caretakers wore chains around their waists which held their keys. At her request, the gates of the club had been painted gold and white rose petals were scattered everywhere. On the authentic bag on the right, the turn lock has good spacing around it and leather around it does not puff up. A white couchhad been placed in the middle of the dancefloor to ensure the birthday girl was centre of attention.
The story is that she has a sister who is a flight attendant who helps her buy all her designer goods.
F suddenly said that she needed to go to the toilet and that she wanted me to accompany her. Our advice is to buy directly from the Chanel boutique or go with reputable department stores or reputable consignment stores. In the 80s when Karl Lagerfeld took over, he added a leather strap interwoven in between the chains. Thesexy singer wassurroundedbyher entouragewho were constantly keeping the diva cool with Chinese fans. We couldn't help but notice that every time Mariah stood up to dance, the whole club danced. And every time she needed to visit the ladies, coincidentally so did everyone else.The main lobby features a striking chandelier of colorful glass flowers, and a front desk backed by a garden with live trees, plants and flowers in an Italian villa setting. Off the lobby is a conservatory five stories tall, with settings that change with the seasons. The smell of fresh flowers wafted through the area as Wynn pointed out a 20-foot-tall cornucopia that will be the focus of the fall designs. A staff of 115 people operates a horticulture department from a 90, 000-square-foot greenhouse behind the hotel. Wynn watched intently as art consultants adjusted the rare multimillion-dollar works, fussing over placement and lighting. Wynn has spent some $300 million on the artwork, half coming from his personal fortune of $500 million, the balance from the company. He described in detail the works of masters such as Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Matisse, saying they ``share the most remarkable power to move us.
A dozen restaurants overlook the lake or one of five swimming pools, and are run by some of the top restaurateurs in the country. They include Le Cirque and Circo from New York City, Olives from Boston and Aqua from San Francisco.The Uffizi museum is houses of centuries of art and artefacts, moving from Byzantinian paintings to Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo's works to high renaissance style painted ceilings commissioned by the Medici family in the 14th and 15th centuries. Spanning two buildings connected by a corridor, the sheer beauty of it all sent us into a dizzy spell. In between the ooh- ing and hing, make sure you don't forget a shopping spree for some stunning Italian clothing and souvenirs.
We headed to the Santa Maria Novella district where one can find the big fashion daddies like Chanel, Prada and Ferragamo.
For local flavour, the flea market at the Parco delle Cascine is the best bet as it has a plenty of smart overcoats, T- shirts and inexpensive souvenirs to take home.
We jumped on to the hop- on hop- off bus to get around the bustling city and cross the River Arno to where residents have lived in sprawling homes for centuries.The venue's Grecian columns perfectly complemented the tubular detail that Rolland worked into finely crafted gowns, dresses and suits that oozed feminine power and authority.
An intricately knitted wedding dress with sparkling crystals was a celebration of the craftsmanship that defines haute couture, even if its broad sculpted lines veered dangerously close to those of a hotel bathrobe. Meanwhile, the Brazilian architect-turned-designer Gustavo Lins pleased his small but growing fan base by taking over a perfume boutique next to the Palais Royal to show 11 outfits that highlighted his skill at structured draping.
Passers-by peering through the shop window joined invited guests in the tiny venue in watching three models with golden lips emerge in apron dresses and overcoats in black washi, a tough Japanese paper used for origami.
Red copper necklaces found a purpose in clasping felt velvet collars over a silk mousseline scarf dress and a silk cape jacket over clinging trousers, while a mere leather string held up a long training black silk crepe dress.

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