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In some of the pieces you’ll find them embedded with woven tweed or wool, in others, you see swathes of tartan set into bracelets and brooches.
Check them out in all their splendour at Chanel boutiques at Ngee Ann City or Marina Bay Sands, where you’ll be able to indulge yourself in some Metiers d’Art glamour. Princess Caroline of Monaco attends Chanel Jewellery Collection Launch on July 16, 2012 in Monaco, Monaco.
With the festive season just around the corner, what better way to make a glamorous entrance then with a statement piece of exquisite jewels?
From diamonds to emeralds and sapphires, glisten with irresistible sparkle this Christmas season.
Decked out in some extraordinary gems for Vogue Russia, this editorial featuring the beautiful Jacquelyn Jablonski, captures the innate luxury and grandeur of precious jewels. But you needn’t break the bank to achieve the decedent splendour of a statement jewellery piece.
The illustrious Coco Chanel herself was very fond of costume pieces and greatly popularised the use of faux stones, pearls and metals in her iconic pieces {even though she had quite the collection of precious gems}. Favouring multi-coloured semi-precious stones – such as aquamarine, topaz and amethyst – Chanel would make the stones emphatically larger and bolder in colour for that added drama and mystique. Effortlessly straightforward; seductively streamlined– a sharp yet simple silhouette is the epitome of chic.

Favoured by designers who emphasise modern, timeless designs – just think of Phoebe Philo at Celine and her extraordinary restraint when creating classical pieces women will cherish for decades to come. Distinctly feminine and wearable, Stella McCartney is another designer who understands a sharp cut can exude an unmistakable ‘grown-up’ allure. Note: When adopting a ‘less is more’ philosophy, be sure to place a strong emphasis on the fit, quality and silhouette. Classic and elegant, stripes evoke an effortless minimalism synonymous with chic Parisian style. Introduced into the Fashion world by Coco Chanel in 1917, stripes became the effortless go-to for laid-back cool. Stripes have since been worn by many of the most influential names in history {from Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, and more}.
Recently I was honoured to be approached by Beverly Hills Resident Magazine to create their annual Holiday Issue Cover.
In keeping with the whole theme of the collection, you know, Scotland, the Highlands, all things tartan and tweed, the fancy jewellery, which encompasses necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings is all that, and more.
On the long necklaces you’ll find little balls of wool and tweed, along with pearls in pink, black and white. With her ever growing portfolio of exquisite designs, Victoria Beckham demonstrated that with a bold burst of colour, a sharply tailored cocktail dress can be heightened from the potentially mundane to tres magnifique with that delicate, restrained touch.

Filled with charming and refined details, the collection had a playful, youthfulness and retro elegance. Inspired by French sailors after a trip to the seaside, the humble blue and white thinly striped nautical sweater, was given a fashion makeover by Chanel. Honing her skills with Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton, McCartney became renowned for her precision cuts and distinctly feminine take on simplicity. Legend has it, Chanel borrowed one from her lover and tailored it to her body – creating an iconic look that is still just as popular today. Her highly coveted trouser suits and cocktail dresses have been worn by many of the world’s most stylish and are the perfect style inspiration for any modern day woman aspiring to achieve that chic, elegance. The duchess satin and silk strapless gown, featured numerous cheerful nautical stripes front and back… Je t’aime!

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