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Monaluna is a textile & surface design company producing fresh, modern prints & organic cotton fabric.
I started by measuring out the layout, considering the length of the necklaces I had, how many earring hooks I wanted, and where I wanted the mesh screen placed.
Then I screwed in the hooks, staggering the earring hooks and necklace hooks so that they wouldn’t interfere. I made a little box for post earrings and rings out of the scrap molding, and glued it together with gorilla glue and clamps. I glued the plywood backing to the frame using the gorilla glue, and then painted the whole thing white.
I may be dense, but I can’t figure out from the instructions or the pictures where or how you use the wire mesh. I used a strip of mesh raised on little wooden strips as a surface to easily hook earrings.

Earrings may not be the exact earrings shown, each are individually handmade in pairs, and as such small variations will occur. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on all our latest product releases, sales, and some free goodies! I really like the way it turned out, and now I finally have a convenient, accessible place for my jewelry that doesn’t take up surface area! I've seen them with just mesh but I think this looks nicer and offers storage for more than just earrings. It looks so cute ?? I need a new jewelry storage of some kind, and will definitely give this a go ?? thanks for posting. The screen was stapled to two small strips of the molding and then glued to the backing (I painted underneath the screen area first).
I bought a much-needed jewelry box the other day, and when I got it home I realized there was no place to put it.

You can also hook them through the actual hooks, but with the mesh you can store a lot more of them, and you don’t need to be as precise when hanging them.
The only real surface is our dresser, which is now in the baby’s room serving as a changing table. So I started thinking about alternatives, and came up with an idea for the jewelry frame, above.

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