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Made from recycled cardboard and designed to ship flat and be folded at the installation site, the lightweight two by two foot modules are a cost effective and dramatic solution for spaces that require suspended ceilings. Install fiber optic star ceiling kits, tiles and domes into your living areas and children’s bedrooms. Instead of drywall or drop ceiling, paint it all with an Airless Sprayer in white to make it uniform but blend in and bright.

Basement ceiling idea could be really cool if there was tube lights or led’s shining through from behind it. Tented Ceiling Playroom in basement created by stapling fabric panels to exposed floor joists.
Ceiling art fits easily into your dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling grid and provides not only easy access to pipes and wires overhead but creates a larger than life appearance for the overall space.

Using a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, a basement ceiling can be transformed from an ignored area to a functional and attractive focal point.

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