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She has EHS (Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity), an environmentally induced functional impairment which experts estimate affects three to 15% of the population, expected to rise with chronic exposure.

Green Mountain Power (GMP) offered hand held smart meters some years ago to monitor your power usage. Once she realized the cause of her physical ailments they had the digital meter on their NJ home removed. Before they could blink an eye the power company replaced their neighbors analog meters with digital, just 20 or so feet away on each side of Maria's house, and the symptoms kicked in again. Smart meter technology has evolved and power companies all over the world are converting the main analog power box meters on the outside of houses to digital. She has purchased EMF protective clothing for defense which might strike some as over the top.
Vermont residents are keyed into health with strong penchants for organic foods and safety. Matching consumption with generation, they avoid excessive energy stockpiling, eliminate monthly employee visits to read the analog meters, and dramatically improve their bottom line.
2011 saw the Vermont Public Service Board make a decision to move forward with the smart meter roll out, which led to street demonstrations and protests.

They cited a mailing to homeowners which somehow I'd missed (though I confess I tend to throw out bulk mailings and anything but bills from the utility companies. The GMP representative was very understanding and supportive, emailing me the opt-out within minutes, promising removal and analog meter replacement within a couple of days of receipt of the opt-out form. People looking to opt-out in some states have placed dozens of calls without action being taken.
One power company came out with giant clippers following their customer's continued requests and protests over the phone and cut the home owner's power line to the house, severing them from the grid.
While evidence on both sides of the debate is contradictory and leaves one attempting to separate fact from fiction, fear and loathing, we're erring on the safe side and looking forward to those comforting spinning anaolog discs back home.
Have you experienced health affects,  are you EHS, or do you find the movement against smart meters unreasonable?

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