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I went to a workshop at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, and I had a few early morning hours dancing seemingly alone in the moonlight, which will stay with me. It was 4:00 am on that other morning, and I had slept soundly and felt rested and excited about the learning that was occurring in me, but I also felt completely alone.
This is the day I have set aside to explore my close surroundings before I head out on my Maui adventure activities for the next seven days. As I allow the disappointment to get as big and painful as it needs too, something happens that has happened many times in my life during difficult experiences. During a recent trip to Maui, I rediscovered that beautiful child in the eyes of the aging woman Ia€™ve become.
For many years, I searched to be a better person, to become wiser, and to learn how to live a full and productive life, and to be admired.
Patience has been my work this year and Ia€™ve learned much about the difference between tolerance and patience.
The voting was heavy and because most of us know each other in some way, our politics are often known. As Zacha€™s son-in-law returned to the inside of the voting precinct to witness the casting of Zacha€™s vote, he said two simple words: Thank you.
Later heading home, fatigue turned to laughter and memory recorded these shared emotional experiences of inspiration. The written word has often been the way spiritual messages have been received during my Life.
The human survival instinct supports us in seeing what is there that needs to change or is threatening to us. Sometimes an old message said in a simple direct way can change the Life of the one who truly hears it.
Since that time, I have written of the learning that came from my choice and consequently his choices. As I was leaving the workshop, a young woman came up to me and asked me to share what meditation had meant in my life. My deepest longing is to love and be loved and yet fear can hold me back by expecting perfection. Michael Singer wrote a book called The Untethered Soul, and it speaks of the way to let the personality desires play out while the Seer of what is transpiring watches without judging or clinging to an outcome. It has been some seventy-two hours since I began this essay and then stopped writing because I realized I was living in a huge story and could not write authentically from that place.
It has been seven years since this small community called to me and embraced me within its furry mountains and quiet streams.
During the last few weeks, I have begun to feel that my time here in this small community is limited.
The rock in the creek feels cold against my warm skin in contrast to bike riding on this hot day.
When he turns, his familiar face and eyes are beaming toward me as he explains that he is looking for the rock we used in meditation the last time we visited the creek. His love for me is visible in the steady gaze of his eyes, and it both comforts and frightens me. It is late evening and Mark Nepoa€™s words speak to me; his writings have been an inspiration in many ways during the past few months. At first, the feeling is a bit overwhelming and tears flow as I remember Nepoa€™s request to include looking at the lighted candle as part of my meditation. It is spring again; forty-eight years have past and yet my memories of a small toddler are as vivid as every. It is good to remember the joy of him running across the yard, small frog in hand and joy in his face, panting as he recalls how challenging it was for him to catch it.
He made the team, got a new girlfriend, went off to college, had much success, and oh so many friends. May the light in the eyes of our children remind us of the light that is possible in our own. Mark Nepo is my author of choice the last few days, and his writing speaks to me in the silence of my being and I am changed by what I hear. Those who have poor vision, those who have less than average senses of taste and smell, those who have physical difficulties, those who have hearing challenges, what do they have in common? My friend has learned to angle his head in a certain way that tells me he is listening carefully sometimes cupping his ear with his hand.
Recently Ia€™ve been seeing growing older as a limitation; an ache here, a gray hair there, a bit of fatigue at the end of the day, a need for a short rest more often, a wrinkle on the back of my hand, a need for glasses more often. As the mother, the blind childa€™s face filled with wonder inspires me to see more clearly through her blindness.
As the cherry blossom, I stand in the glow of the sun knowing that I add beauty and wonder to the earth and to its inhabitants. Mark Nepo in his book, The Awakening, asked the questions: How am I different from others and how am I the same. In this silence, the wisdom of Lamotta€™s quote is known somewhere deep in the part of me that I share with all others. Each of us experiences death of our physical body, each of us grows physically from birth to death, each of us is capable of thought, each of us experiences the pain of physical life and the joys. I believe deep in our core of being, we are each a small piece of the Universe, and we have manifested into this unique physical form equipped with the tools and a gift we need to create our healing part of the collective.
As I began to ride the bike, it seemed a bit big for my frame and often my back hurt after riding a long distance, so I chose to buy a new girla€™s bike. Two days ago, a new friend suggested he would like to go biking with my group, but his bike needed repairing.
On the ride back to the trailhead, my friend and I rode together; I shared that the bike had belonged to my son and he was the first to ride it besides me. A limiting beliefa€”just as it soundsa€”is having a thought about the past, present, or future that keeps you from seeing what is true in the moment you are living right now.
This natural symbol of equality of day (light) and night (dark) is a reminder that light and dark are different not better or worse. Equality is a slippery word in our culture and the term is often used to compare one thing, one thought, one person, and one event to another. This search for meaning has brought me to this autumnal point, and to a knowing that equality is expressed within through an attitude of a€?non-judgmenta€? about what we can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch through our five senses. Recently in a difficult discussion with a male friend about equality between genders, I suggested that our older generation seems to have more difficulty with this deeper feeling of equality since our culture has encouraged stories about superiority vs. This experience has supported me in looking closely within me to see where I discover feelings of inequality as a part of my physical existence. Observation of the equality of light and dark during this Fall Equinox reminds me that deep equality means no judgment or comparisons are needed. During the past few weeks, Ia€™ve spent time at the Wintergreen Nature Foundation as a volunteer.
One particular Saturday, a call came that a baby rabbit had been very still in the garden for a long time and appeared injured. A few days later, I was the human contemplating the impermanence in nature and wondering what to do. Recently I met my daughter and her family to fulfill her wish to visit the two homes where she had been a baby.
As I approached the door, I remembered my husband carrying me across the threshold; I remembered bringing my son and daughter home to the loving arms of an extended family that had arrived to celebrate their coming into Life. Unbelievably, the man and woman that had bought the house from us still lived there, and it felt wonderful that they had continued to add their love of the house to ours.
Neighbors dropped in yesterday and provided me with fun, friendship, and an unexpected sacred moment.
It was a balmy late spring day and the hydrangeas were in full bloom and served as a backdrop as we drank smoothies, ate rice chips and salsa, and enjoyed a glass of wine on my screened porch.
We shared how important it is to avoid fearful story-telling about what is happening and to simply deal with what is happening right now in the present moment.
My friend is out of town and some part of me is pleased by the freedom that gives to me and I have an authentic knowing that he is doing what enriches his life.
As I sit typing this, I realize that my day is my own creation and whether or not I act from a place of fear is all up to me. From some people the question triggers a feeling of annoyance within me, and I sometimes give them an answer like, a€?nothing special just the usual things or therea€™s always plenty to do.a€? It is more avoidance of responding from annoyance than an answer. As I examined my feelings during these different experiences, I discovered the part of me that wants to be what the other person perceives me to be, a busy, active, interesting person. It is a reminder that I am not here to fulfill anyone elsea€™s expectations; I am here to find meaning and purpose for my own life. This morning I awaken to the gentle sound of rain, and I snuggle down into the nighta€™s accumulated warmth under my blankets.
Again no thoughts come, just an incredible presence and knowing that in each moment there is beauty and nurturing for the soul for the taking.
If unused muscles and bones create a message to the brain that their dysfunction is normal until the imbalance creates pain, is that also true of emotional dysfunction? The physical discomfort is in my second energy center, which I understand to be the energy center of creativity and belonging, and it is sending me a message. A few days ago, Eckhart Tollea€™s book, called The New Earth, was mentioned in a conversation with a friend, and I had a knowing that I wanted to reread it. In that moment, I began to look at my choices during the past few months and the intentions behind them. Tolle goes on to say that if you can neither enjoy or bring acceptance to what you doa€”stop. In that moment, I chose to look into his clear blue eyes and said, a€?Hi.a€? He didna€™t look at me, but his eyes were alive with the joy and pure light of the incredible sun that rose through the window of the elevator. In gratitude, I left the elevator carrying the gift of pure light that had come to me from the sun through a young man that reflected it. The following diagram and silhouettes were taken from a book called Good Posture in the Little Child, Bureau Publications No. The four pictures below show a disturbing trend wherein the natural overhang of the head is erased gradually by the age of 12-15 years. The four diagrams below show the permanent changes in neck structure with increasing forward head lean. The intervertebral disks become wedge-shaped to the point that disk fusion takes place where the disks touch.
An occupation or activity that requires a forward head position or a neck bent downward position, over years will change the architecture of the neck.
Historical accounts in ancient Egypt dating back as far as 2500 BC indicate attempts to classify and treat ringing in the ears. Injury to the neck causes symptoms that are evidence of the neck's influence on vertigo, balance, visual perception, hearing, and tinnitus. Neck pain and injury to the neck disturb emotional and psychological wellness, and cause depression. For the last 65 years, the fluoride debacle had been erupting like a volcano or simmering on the back burner. The most serious effects of fluorides is a gradual destruction of the thyroid gland and the immune system. Numbers of research scientists and high profile medical persons have come out strongly against the use of fluorides in the body. Over 600 professionals urged Congress to stop fluoridation until Congressional hearings had been conducted. Two books which should be must reading for every Canadian and every American are Fluoride, the Aging Factor by Dr. In a final arrow to the heart of this deception, do check out United States Patent 5,807,541. Fluoridation and dental fluorides have shaken the physical and psychological foundations of millions. There are heavy threads of anxiety and depression running throughout the various emotional and physical disorders covered in the previous chapters. In many cases, subjective tinnitus should be considered to be a significant workplace-provoked stress injury.
The World Health Organization has indicated that mental disorders are connected with 5 of the 10 major causes of workplace disability today.
With the outsourcing of computer related jobs overseas to India and China, corporations have found a new and effective leverage over their workforces.
In the workplace, the term "mental illness" is a misnomer and a smoke screen used by administrators of corporations to re-direct scrutiny away from its true source.
Mental health claims for depression are the fastest growing category for disability costs and workplace absenteeism which now exceed claims for cardiovascular disease. Abruptly, for many in the public sector, the workplace has become a "daily horror." Within a couple of short years, because of budget cuts, provincial and municipal employees across Canada have transitioned from being among the most contented to being the most stressed, depressed, and angry. Make no mistake, the psychological devastation created by workplace bullying has a profoundly negative effect upon the neck.
In 2004, I approached the Department of Family Services and Housing for funding to assist a young female who was being psychologically abused in the workplace. I filed complaints with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, with the Manitoba Ombudsman and with the Minister of the Department of Family Services and Housing. Refusal to interview key witnesses and the denial of the right to cross-examine destroy the very foundation of democratic process.
Because the Health and Social Services Center, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, the Manitoba Ombudsman and the Minister of the Department of Family Services and Housing are all arms of the same provincial government, the process degenerated into stone-walling and an incestuous defense known as “circling the wagons.” It would have been politically incorrect and media-explosive for one branch of the government to find another branch guilty of misconduct. In a March 28, 2009 article in the Winnipeg Free Press, Catherine Mitchell wrote that, "Police have lost public's trust and confidence." In spite of a vigorous outcry by Manitobans during the Taman inquiry, the promise of change was watered down. Across this country, the human rights commissions have used secret proceedings and faceless accusers. Andrew Coyne, respected journalist and national news commentator, stated, “Human rights commissions have been set up as a kind of parallel police and legal system, yet without any of the procedural safeguards, rules of evidence, or simple professional expertise of the real thing. For numbers of individuals, ringing in the ears is associated with stress in the work environment. Almost 40% of Neck Crisis: Pain Relief in the Computer Era is devoted to addressing the issues of tinnitus and other stress-triggered injuries and diseases. Summary:A The petitioners are concerned about a number of environmental and human health issues associated with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Responses to an electronic survey on self-proclaimed electrohypersensitivity and to various types of lighting (n=168). With growing concern about climate change, governments around the world are looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gases and to reduce consumption of fossil fuels.
Mercury is a known neurotoxin and can be dangerous once it is released into the environment.
Mercury is the most volatile of all of the metals and its propensity to volatilize from landfill sites is high. Mercury can be released into the environment if the bulb is accidentally broken in the home, incinerated, or disposed at a landfill site.
Accidental Breakage: The US EPA has information on their website on how to clean up a broken CFL (6).
The Canadian Council of Ministries of the Environment (CCME) established Canada-wide Standards (CWS) for mercury-containing lamps in 2001. For the period 1999 to 2002 less than 5% of the fluorescent lamps are being recycled in Alberta. Nova Scotia has been unable to establish a program for recycling due to "relatively small volumes of mercury-containing lamps and a disperse population base." Clearly, the "relatively small volume" no longer applies as incandescent lamps are being phased out.
In Nunavut one method of disposal is "crushing of fluorescent tubes, collecting and shipping the material to disposal facilities." As soon as the tubes are crushed the mercury is released into the environment. Ontario started lamp recycling in several government buildings and, as of 2005, has recycled 30,000 lamps and has captured 1 kg of mercury. Saskatchewan does not have lamp recycling companies and all such materials must be shipped out of province for processing with their related transportation energy costs. The CCME clearly recognizes the importance of keeping mercury out of the environment, but their progress in recycling mercury-containing light bulbs has been minimal. Arguments that emission of mercury via light bulbs is much less than the burning of coal is a red herring since in Canada we have other sources of energy including hydroelectric, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind, and solar.
Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which emits UV radiation when it is electrically excited.
Interestingly, the British Dermatological Association has spoken out against CFL bulbs because their patients have adverse reactions to them (3). CFLs emit radio frequency radiation at levels that may interfere with various types of wireless technology. Interference with wireless telecommunication technology comes under the jurisdiction of Industry Canada.
Electromagnetic Compatibility - The ability of an equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment. Radio Frequency Interference - Any modification to the reception of sound or picture signals that make them unacceptable (includes Broadcast Interference - BCI, and Television Interference - TVI). Electromagnetic Disturbance - Any electromagnetic phenomenon (or transmission) which may degrade the performance of a device, equipment or system, or adversely affect living or inert matter. Despite the potential interference of CFL with wireless technology, there is no mention of or reference to compact fluorescent lighting on the Industry Canada web site. Poor power quality is commonly referred to as "dirty electricity" and is defined as deviations in the magnitude and frequency of the sinusoidal waveform.
Figure 1 provides an example of the dirty electricity generated by a compact fluorescent light bulb in comparison to an incandescent light bulb. In addition to the effects of poor power quality on sensitive electronic devices, dirty electricity has been shown to adversely affect human health. In a Wisconsin school experiencing sick building syndrome, once the power quality was improved with power line filters plugged into electrical outlets student and teacher health improved. Studies with diabetics and people who have multiple sclerosis report an improvement in symptoms that coincide with improved power quality in homes (18).
If some CFLs produce dirty electricity and if dirty electricity is associated with ill health, clearly these bulbs need to be redesigned.
One illness that Natural Resources Canada seems to accept that is exacerbated by CFL is Irien Syndrome.
The objective of the Government's regulatory proposal is not to cause hardship for Canadians but to ensure that there are practical and effective replacements for inefficient lamps. As many as 3% of the population in Sweden has severe symptoms of EHS (21) and another 35% has moderate symptoms of EHS (18) which includes the symptoms in Table. A survey was conducted on line to determine how self-proclaimed electrically sensitive people respond to different types of lighting.A A  Participants were asked to identify their degree of electrohypersensitivity and to identify their symptoms when they were exposed to various types of lighting. Individuals who suffer from extreme sensitivity when exposed to electromagnetic frequencies also complain they develop headaches, eye problems, become irritated, confused, anxious, depressed and experience poor memory, dizziness, nausea, skin problems, heart problems, and poor sleep when they are exposed to either tube fluorescent lighting or CF bulbs (16). The British Dermatological Association, Migraine Action and Epilepsy Action, have all reported adverse health effects associated with their members who have used CFLs (1,2,3). Has Health Canada evaluated the safety of CFL bulbs, including conducting their own research and obtaining directly relevant information form the industries involved in the manufacture of these light bulbs? How does Health Canada respond to several reputable organizations (British Dermatological Association, Epilepsy Action, and Migraine Action) that have asked these products to be banned?
In light of all these major health concerns, has Health Canada adequately warned the public?
What steps are being taken to inform the public about the potential health and environmental hazards associated with these light bulbs and their safe disposal?
Has Health Canada or Natural Resources Canada worked with industry to set up a scheme of recycling and safe disposal and possibly environmental reuse?
Will Health Canada now compel manufactures to design bulbs that do not contribute to poor power quality? Health Canada should ascertain whether the present mercury levels in the light bulbs can be reduced. Are any incentives being offered for industry to come up with safe and efficient methods of recycling of mercury from spent bulbs? What is the government doing to regulate the safe disposal or recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs?
Could they provide updates on their progress with either the manufacturers or such bulbs or the distributors of such bulbs? Is industry Canada aware of radio frequency interference and, if they are, how do they propose to minimize it?
Why do we have bulbs on the market that emit UV when technology preventing this is readily available?
What is Health Canada doing to ensure that light bulbs do not contribute to poor power quality?
What is Health Canada doing to ensure that compact fluorescent light bulbs do not emit UV radiation? What is the Canadian government doing to promote the use of alternative technologies, such as CLEDs (clean light emitting diodoes). What is needed is that the substantial benefits of energy savings be coupled with reduction and elimination the numerous environmental and health problems. But serious consideration should also be given to alternative technologies such as light emitting dioxides (LEDs) which are considerably more energy efficient than the CFLs and do not have any of the adverse health and environmental effects of the present generation of CFL bulbs. I am pleased to provide Environment Canadaa€™s response to your Environmental Petition No.A 254, to the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, regarding environmental and health concerns associated with compact fluorescent lamps. Enclosed is Environment Canadaa€™s detailed response to those questions that fall within the Departmenta€™s mandate.
I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your petition, and trust that you will find this information helpful. Question 4: What steps are being taken to inform the public about the potential health and environmental hazards associated with these light bulbs and their safe disposal? Response: Environment Canada recognizes that public information is a crucial element of waste-collection programs. In addition, with amendments to the Government of Canadaa€™s Energy Efficiency Regulations that will phase out inefficient incandescent lamps byA 2012, the use of their replacementsa€”fluorescent lampsa€”will increase, as will the quantity of end-of-life lamps generated that must be managed. In FebruaryA 2008, Environment Canada consulted on a document, Proposed Risk Management Instruments for Mercury-containing Products, under its Risk Management Strategy for Mercury-containing Products. The aim of the Working Group will be to provide recommendations on a recycling framework for end-of-life fluorescent lamps.
Public education mechanisms will also be evaluated by the Working Group during the development of these recommendations, to ensure that disposal information is readily available, such as through the labelling of lamps and through the a€?Mercury and the Environmenta€? website.
The Working Group, which was created during summerA 2008, will complete its work within approximately sixA months. Question 5: Has Health Canada or Natural Resources Canada worked with industry to set up a scheme of recycling and safe disposal and possibly environmental reuse?
Question 8: Health Canada should ascertain whether the present mercury levels in the light bulbs can be reduced.
Response: The Canada-wide Standards for Mercury-Containing Lamps set a target of an 80A percent reduction, from a 1990 baseline level, in the average content of mercury in mercury-containing lamps sold in Canada by 2010. Question 9: Are any incentives being offered for industry to come up with safe and efficient methods of recycling of mercury from spent bulbs? The recycling of fluorescent lamps is already occurring in Canada, and recycling facilities must comply with provincial and territorial licensing and permitting requirements, which include occupational health and safety requirements. Question 10: What is the government doing to regulate the safe disposal or recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs? Response: As mentioned in the answer to Question 4, waste management is a shared responsibility. Question 11: Could they provide updates on their progress with either the manufacturers of such bulbs or the distributors of such bulbs? Response: As mentioned in the answer to Question 4, as a member of the National Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Technical Working Group, Environment Canada is working closely with all stakeholders involved in the recycling of fluorescent lamps, including manufacturers and retailers.
This is in response to your environmental petition No.A 254 of JulyA 7,A 2008, addressed to the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD).
In your petition, you expressed concerns with the health and environmental impacts of compact fluorescent light bulbs.
I appreciate your interest in this important matter, and I hope that you will find this information useful. With respect to human exposure to electric and magnetic fields from Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL), Health Canada has undertaken a review of electric and magnetic field emissions from CFLs, including in-house emission measurements as well as surveillance of the applicable literature.
With respect to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, Health Canada has been and will continue to review the scientific literature on this aspect of fluorescent light sources.
At the request of and in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada, Health Canada will be testing CFLs to study electromagnetic field (EMF) and UV emissions. Health Canada takes its responsibility to protect the health and safety of Canadians seriously.
In assessing potential health risks, Health Canada considers all credible, peer-reviewed scientific studies and scientific evidence using a weight-of-evidence approach.
Health Canada does not consider exposure to electric and magnetic fields from CFLs to be a health risk. The small amount of UV radiation from fluorescent lamps, including CFLs, falls below the level of general concern.
The term "power quality" describes the quality of the voltage on the wires of a power system. On the basis of the understanding and analysis of electric and magnetic field emissions performed so far, Health Canada sees no reason to intervene in the design or manufacturing of CFLs.
Question 12: Is Industry Canada aware of radio frequency interference and, if they are, how do they propose to minimize it? Industry Canada is aware that fluorescent bulbs can create radio frequency interference to radiocommunication services and devices. I appreciate this opportunity to respond to your petition, and trust that this information is of assistance.
I am pleased to provide Natural Resources Canadaa€™s response to your Environmental Petition no.A 254, to the Interim Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, regarding your concerns in the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and their potential effects on health and the environment in Canada.
Our response focuses on our involvement in promoting energy efficient alternative lighting technologies in Canada. On April 25, 2007, I announced our intention to implement a minimum energy performance standard for general service lighting in Canada. What is the Canadian Government doing to promote the use of alternative technologies, such as CLEDS (clean light emitting diodes)? Natural Resources Canada is very much engaged in researching, testing, and developing standards of more efficient lighting technologies, such as LED (Light Emitting Diodes). LED is widely used and very effective in many specific applications and NRCan has been very active in promoting its use.
NRCan has also led the development of ENERGY STAR® criteria for Decorative Light Strings that use LED technology.
However, as mentioned there are some outstanding issues to address before this technology can be used for general illumination. When using an LED module within a fixture intended for a specific application, issues such as heat dissipation have to be addressed.
In brief, our strategy has been to work on an application by application basis to promote the technology where it is effective but under-utilized, regulate it where it is well established and cost effective and support the quality assurance infrastructure for its introduction to applications for which it holds promise. Potato Juice Potato juice is a great remedy for stretch marks, it fosters growth and restores skin cells. News: We open another RJAgency Branch at Tagbilaran Bohol ( beside Bureau of Immigration ) last March 2010 come to visit us! It was so incredible that I tried to write about it, because it was the perfect topic for an essay. My room was a dorm room about seven-feet square, and I shared a bath with several men and women in similar rooms. I welcomed their company and the aloneness that I felt seemed to lift with the sound and movements of our Moon Dance. Life was hidden in the shadows and difficult to see, but it had completely surrounded me as I danced. It is a dark starless night, the rain slashes against the window, the winds howl with 50 miles an hour gusts. It is morning, a light rain continues, the winds are not as strong and yet the bamboo grove sways and sweeps the ground.
The week continued to have some misadventures and some spectacular adventures and the courageous and joyous parts of me lived them fully. So as this year ends, the compassionate patience I feel for myself fills my heart and it is soft with love; a love that has always been close at hand and seemingly just out of my reach. The voters are old friends, new friends, community workers, casual acquaintances, and families coming together to express their preferences through voting. As the voting lines formed for this election, we stood together only as neighborsa€”rich and not so rich, young and not so young, extraverted and not so extraverted, highly educated and not so highly educated, multi-raced, blue voters and red votersa€”without malice or ill intent.
She was adorable in her winter hat pulled down over her ears; it brought attention to her laughing eyes. He looked concerned and said to me, My father-in-law is out in my truck; he is 85 and hea€™s had a medical procedure today and wea€™ve been with the doctors. It was an unforgettable moment; we hugged and thanked each other for making it possible for Zach to vote.
Since saying a€?yesa€? is the first rule of improv, the message didna€™t seem new at first.
The need for control is strong so supporting someone elsea€™s ideas or interests each moment seems difficult at times.
This one has certainly changed the content of my last two days, and the intention to expand the experiment is exciting and feels like a spiritual loving act. As I sat on my deck looking out over the city, the leaves of fall were turning the world into bright hues of red, orange, and brown.
I felt reluctant, but I had had some physical limitations during the last year that had been difficult to accept and meditation had really supported my healing. Mostly it happens when a small activity of the day seems more difficult than I judge it should be. Without being sure of outcomes or things unseen, this is my opportunity to act without attachment and with the joy of what I will learn from the experiences my actions create.
It was a time of change from working long hours to going inward to discover what was left to uncover within me. The withdrawal I needed and the healing it has brought to me has completed this phase of my life. The need for expansion comes from an internal voice that says explore, experiment, and do not become complacent.
When the time and move is right, something within my spirit will say, a€?Get crackin.a€? The patience to wait for that insight has come as a part of the growth Ia€™ve found in this small blue house on top of a hill surrounded by mountains. He agreed to run away for a day to escape the heat and discomfort brought on by a loss of electrical power in our homes even though his electricity had returned. This evening he invites me to light a candle, to close my eyes, to reopen my eyes, and to see each thing before me. I stood in wonder at this amazing child so full of life and uninhibited yearning to have a good time and accomplish what he set out to do. He wanted to have the biggest paper route and he wanted to make the most sales at his part-time job. Academics didna€™t seem to be his focus, but he seemed to relish his relationships and became the life of the party and the favorite student to his teachers. Now his spirit of aliveness lives in me and the memory of his voice reminds me that Life in this physical realm is short and that what we create here lives forever within those we have truly touched.
Today in the quietness that is The Wintergreen Nature Foundation on some Wednesday mornings, my clarity about what I was to learn came. His voice stills my mind, brings me to the present, and opens my heart to listen not to the words but to the message his words point too. What Ia€™ve noticed is that they look more closely, eat more slowly, move more deliberately, and listen intently to others.
A young blind childa€™s face radiates the sun in his eyes as he turns his face up to feel the warmth. So today, Ia€™m altering my thoughts about limitations and seeing opportunities everywhere. I am sometimes impatient, but Ia€™m learning to accommodate his need for being on my right side to hear more clearly. Then he issued an invitation to sit in silence with eyes closed and contemplate these questions. We are here together at this time, in this place, and in this specific body to understand that the essence of all Life exists in each of us humans and in all living matter. If we examined each Life, it would not be what happens to us that would be different for pain and joy comes to everyone; it would be how we respond to what happens to us that has created our unique experience of our individual Life.
Another woman loses a child and creates a charity in its name and supports the lives of many children. To live well is to choose to grow into what we are most capable of being and be grateful for the uniqueness of the Life. I am a personality in a physical body with the power of logic and thought as is everyone else.
Two years ago it was refurbished with new tires, new horns on the handlebars, and had been given a good checkup so it could be used for riding with my new bike group. Without hesitation, I offered the unused bike in the garage, and I felt my heart open to the possibility that the bike would finally be used. Perhaps you awaken from a long nighta€™s sleep and have the thought that you are tired; but are you really tired or just not quite alert as yet? They were planted by the property owner in the early 1900s and seem to be a symbol of welcome outside the front door of an ancient majestic medieval stone castle. To quote Wikipedia: a€¦the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator and ecliptic intersect.
Who could argue that day and night have distinct powers to aid in the Life upon planet Earth?

In my youth the expression, a€?all men are created equal,a€? stirred many thoughts of disbelief in my mind: Does that include women, does that mean skill level, does that mean talent, does that mean appearance, does that meana€¦on and on? It is a deeper understanding that the Universal energy dynamic of which we are a part is without judgment.
If there is a value judgment placed by me on what I see, it is sure to mean that I do not see myself as equala€”it could be a feeling of doing better or of a feeling of doing less, of being stronger or of being weaker, in control or not in control.
To honor what each contributes with no value judgment added supports my intention to appreciate all that a€?isa€? because it a€?is.a€? If Ia€™m walking on eggshells, stomping heavily through a room, or withdrawing my love in a reaction to another to gain acceptance or power, it will be my challenge to ask why I do not feel equal in this moment without demanding an immediate answer.
It is summer and the calls to rescue injured or troubled animals and people come in quite often. The caller stated that hawks were circling and it wouldna€™t be long before the rabbit could not be saved. What happens are visions of past experiences, people, and places that are pictures in the minda€™s album.
They had added gardens, doors, patios, waterfalls, fireplace, and fisha€”just to mention a few of their creations.
It is challenging to accurately describe a sacred moment and the power it contains, so Ia€™ll start slowly from the beginning. I can feel within me the need to know who is the night raider and how can I change what is happening in order to have my world be as I choose it to be.
For some reason, I have doubt about whether that person is capable of caring about me just as I am in this moment. The birds are chirping in the trees, the squirrels are trying to get into the bird feeders, the breeze is moving the leaves, the raindrops are collecting on the deck, and the mountains stand observing it all. There is no thinking only comfort and presence; it is as if I am one with my feelings and it feels like what I believe peace to be. Ia€™ve felt that my body is trying to tell me something so each morning Ia€™ve asked the question: a€?What do I need to know that I do not want to know?a€? Without requiring an answer, Ia€™ve continued to just be open to learning. As I began, I felt I was reading it for the friend to support him in his relationship with someone he loves; but as I began to read, I knew the booka€™s message would bring me the understanding of what I needed to know that I was resisting unconsciously.
My intention is to have compassion for the part of me that feels I need all the answers to lifea€™s questions now. I dona€™t know what it is I am not aware of in this moment, but I am fully aware that I am enjoying the quietness of it. The elevator door opened and a middle-aged woman entered pushing a teenage boy in a wheelchair.
He wasna€™t concerned that it was crowded or that too many obstacles were in the way of what he wanted.
Tinnitus sounds have been described as ringing, whistling, hissing, roaring, buzzing, chirping, or squeaking.
Records show that tinnitus was a continuous and significant concern in Assyrian and Roman times, right up through the Byzantine, Medieval, and the Renaissance periods. They cited new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is not effective and has serious health risks.
John Yiamouyannis and The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson, an investigative reporter and journalist. Hardy Limeback, Associate Professor and Head of Preventative Dentistry of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, has been a high-profile critic of fluoride's addition to drinking water. For a significant percentage of individuals with these psychological conditions, the causes have deep roots within the toxic workplace. Increased productivity expectations and the threat of downsizing are causing the workers to be running scared. However, the correlation between emotional stress and tinnitus onset, and the correlation between the stressed neck muscles and tinnitus are yet to be established in the medical communities.
In words, in graphics, and in photographs, I have laid out the techniques that brought me freedom from head noise. The petitioners state that these issues include emissions of ultraviolet (UV) and radio frequency radiation, the generation of electrical pollution, the mercury content in the bulbs, and safe recycling and disposal. One simple solution that has gained government support is phasing out energy inefficient light bulbs and replacing them with energy efficient ones.A A  The most popular bulbs that are commercially available and affordable are compact fluorescent lights (CFL).
Light bulbs contain approximately 5 milligrams of mercury (although some manufacturers are trying to reduce that amount). Much of this mercury ends up in the Canadian arctic, where levels are known to be increasing and are of considerable concern (8).
It includes opening windows, wearing rubber gloves, and double-bagging the broken pieces (refer to Appendix A). Homeowners are encouraged to take advantage of local disposal programs for CFLs, where available. Some have implemented collection programs specifically for mercury-containing switches such as those found in your car, while others collect mercury-containing products as part of their household hazardous waste programs. The CWS is aiming for a 70% reduction by 2005 and an 80% reduction by 2010 in the average content of mercury in all mercury-containing lamps sold in Canada, from a 1990 baseline (10).
Even if the amount of mercury is reduced in light bulbs, the fact that Canadians are required to use these light bulbs means that we are losing the battle of mercury in the environment since a much larger amount of mercury-containing light bulbs are being used now than back in 1990.
This UV radiation then interacts with the chemicals on the inside of the bulb to generate light. They are asking the UK government to allow people with skin problems to continue using incandescent light bulbs once the ban for energy inefficient bulbs becomes law. According to General Electric (GE) their typical electronically-ballasted CFL operate in the 24-100 kHz frequency range. Readings were taken through the air (0.5 m from bulb) and on the electrical wire (after passing through a ubiquitous filter that removes the 60-Hz frequency).
In a recent study (16) the values for dirty electricity ranged from 47 to 1450 GS units compared with a background value (with lights off) between 54-58 GS units. A recent study of cancer clusters in a school in California associated the increased risk of cancer among teachers to dirty electricity (15).
Of the 37 students who suffered from asthma and used inhalers on a daily basis only 3 required them and only for exercise-induced asthma once the dirty electricity was eliminated (17). Incandescent lamps, on the other hand, have proven to be the most favourable source of artificial light for people with Irien Syndrome.
Prior to setting minimum efficiency levels, NRCan will consider many issues, including the economic, safety, environmental and health needs of Canadians. Responses to an electronic survey on self-proclaimed electrohypersensitivity and to various types of lighting n=168. They are lobbying the UK government to allow their members to continue using incandescent light bulbs after the ban takes effect in 2012.
Instead of promoting compact fluorescent light bulbs governments around the world should be insisting that manufactures produces light bulbs that are electromagnetically clean and contain no toxic chemicals.A A  Some of these are available (CLED) but are not yet affordable.
Will they work with manufacturers to ensure that the bulbs sold to the public are ones that have minimum emissions and will they set standards for these environmental emissions so that manufacturers know what they need to produce? Will they work with manufacturers to ensure that the bulbs sold to the public are ones that have minimum emissions of these high frequency transients and will they set standards for these environmental emissions so that manufacturers know what they need to produce?
These bulbs do not contain mercury, do not generate UV, RF, or dirty power and are approximately 5 times more energy efficient than CFL and 20 times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Low-energy bulbs "worsen rashes." Interview with the British Association of Dermatologists.
Canadian Water Quality Guidelines, Inorganic Mercury and Methylmercury, National Guidelines and Standards Office, Environment Canada, Ottawa, ON, February 2005. I understand that the ministers of Industry, Health and Natural Resources will be responding separately to the questions that fall under the mandate of their departments.
One of the proposed instruments is a regulation that will prohibit the manufacture, import and sale of all mercury-containing products except for dental amalgam and lamps.
The recommendations will then be considered for implementation by the Working Group membersa€™ organizations.
As mentioned in the answer to QuestionA 4, in early 2008 Environment Canada consulted on a document entitled Proposed Risk Management Instruments for Mercury-containing Products. More details regarding the proposed regulations and the outcomes of the consultation process are available on Environment Canadaa€™s a€?Mercury and the Environmenta€? website. Industry has agreed to work with Environment Canada as part of the Working Group mentioned in the response to QuestionA 4. As recycling rates in Canada increase, recycling infrastructure will need to be developed to meet the demand. Provinces and territories are responsible for the licensing and permitting of authorized facilities undertaking recycling operations. Also, in the context of the development of the proposed prohibition regulation on mercury-containing products, Environment Canada is consulting with the principal manufacturers and distributors of lamps, as well as with Electro-Federation Canada. I understand that the Ministers of Industry, Natural Resources and the Environment will be responding separately to questions which come under the purview of their respective departments. No information is required from the manufacturer to carry out these measurements, nor has any manufacturer been involved in any manner of the testing. Health Canada scientists are aware that regular fluorescent light bulbs, including CFLs, produce UV radiation, but not at hazardous levels. How does Health Canada respond to several reputable organizations (British Dermatological Association, Epilepsy Action, Migraine Action) that have asked these products to be banned? Health Canada values the input of stakeholders and is aware of the concerns expressed by some non-governmental organizations such as the ones mentioned above.
This takes into account both the quantity of studies on a particular endpoint (whether adverse or not), but also the quality of those studies. This is based on a continuous, on-going review of the scientific literature and the results of the in-house measurement of emissions. If any in-house testing identifies hazardous levels of UV or EMF, then appropriate actions will be taken as mandated under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act.
Health Canada has no involvement in the operation of power systems and therefore cannot respond further to this question.
If any in-house testing identifies hazardous levels of UV, then appropriate actions will be taken as mandated under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act. This petition was forwarded to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Industry by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. For this reason, the department has technical regulations in place for theseA types of devices. I understand that the ministers of Environment Canada, Health Canada and Industry Canada, will be responding separately to questions that fall under their mandates. I can report that the development of that standard is going well and was pre-published in the Canada Gazette on MarchA 29,A 2008. These bulbs do not contain mercury, do not generate UV, RF, of dirty power and are approximately 5 times more energy efficient than CFL and 20A times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Our efforts are predicated on the view that although the technology is very promising and potential efficiencies are very high, there are quality assurance and performance issues that need to be resolved before its widespread suitability for general illumination service. LED Exit Signs and Traffic Signals started as qualifying levels for the ENERGY STAR mark in Canada and the U.S.
NRCan is also currently supporting a pilot study called LightSavers in the Greater Toronto Area that will be testing LED outdoor lights in the area that will contribute to the development of standards for that application.
Also one must consider not only the LED module efficiency, but the entire fixture design which is critical to the true efficiency of this specific technology.
These specifications will initially focus on qualifying products that require mostly task specific applications such as under cabinetry lighting, desk lighting, and outdoor pathway or wall fixtures. As a result of this, together with the research efforts of the industry and other governments in North America, we anticipate that LED will become and effective and efficient replacement technology for general illumination application in the near future, thus contributing greatly to energy savings and the reduction of GHG emissions in Canada.
Under each tree and beneath each bush, there seemed to be an aurora of light that painted a distorted picture of each bush upon the ground below. I turned to head back to the dorm, a little wet, a little cold, and covered with the glow of Moon Dancing with my Shadows. 50 mile an hour gusts of wind in Virginia would encourage me to hunker down for protection.
The disappointment is strong and yet I can take a small step toward the bathroom and get dressed. As I compared the pictures of me as a child and me as a grown woman, I finally could see my own beauty and it made me laugh with joy. As the New Year begins, my heart is open and I look forward to the experiences I will create. As a poll worker, the day was long, warm inside, cold outside, enjoyable, inspiring, and at times emotional. He is immobile at the moment and concerned because he has never missed an election since he began to vote. Sometimes it is before an experience and during the experience the words start ringing in my ears. As we began to practice creating scenes, it was immediately clear that it was easier for me to say a€?yes, buta€? and it was equally clear that doing so blocked the scene from expanding. Acceptance of a€?what isa€? can be challenging and this simple idea of energetically saying, a€?yes, anda€? has given me clarity about my own negative or judgmental views as Ia€™ve gone through my day. The experiment itself has supported me in living more fully in the present, which is, of course, the only place we can live fully.
My heart seemed to stop breathing, my throat was tightly constricted, and the top of my head felt as if it would fly into the trees so great was the pressure. His choices were courageous; his experiences were dramatic examples of how to live and not to live for those who watched his progress. It could be loading bikes on a rack, spilling milk in my new car, lateness of a friend, hot when I want it to be cool, or appreciation not shown. The deep longing for companionship thwarted by my fear of losing independence is simple but complex within my thoughts about what to allow and what not to allow into my world. Ia€™ve been living at least for the past few day in a story of my own making about what others want me to do, how they want me to live, or what they need from me. Recently a friend was talking about his experiences and how excited he was about his hopes and dreams for the future; I recognized them as both different and similar to my own. It has been amazing and comfortable and productive in a different way than accomplishing projects. Last night as I looked around during a concert on the mountain, I saw the same people I see almost daily. It isna€™t dissatisfaction with what is; its more a wonderment of what other experiences and growth are possible for me. There is a joyful feeling of contentment as the warm air circles close in and sweat runs down my back. Joy has not always come to me with ease, as my human need to protect myself and those I love is well practiced and vigilant at times.
He talks about a concept in a book we are sharing and wonders if hea€™s got it right; if he has understood it. He encourages me to ask myself how the things Ia€™m seeing are different and how they are the same and listen to my heart speak.
It is orange and ita€™s light is a lacy hue; two triangles extending from ita€™s center one reaches toward me and the other away from me. What an awesome experience to see the love of a husband and a father reflected in the toothless grin of a new life. Memories of his birth and death have supported me in finding this place where I intend to live with compassion for others and myself and with a love of Life every day and every minute.
I cannot change it, but I can surrender to a€?what isa€? in each moment in order to respond from the healthiest part of me rather than to fearfully react. This habit has triggered in me a new perspective about what I see as limitation and opportunity. Today that message is to consider every limitation as an opportunity and to be opened to what is most important to learn in each moment.
The woman in a wheel chair demonstrates patience as she waits to enter through a revolving door. I now move slowly enough in the morning to watch a cardinal land on the bird-feeder, my glasses magnify the beauty of the gifts that fill my home, my aches encourage me to stretch and care for my body and to find the wisdom to rest when rest is needed. My nose will tell me of ita€™s fragrance, my touch will tell me of its softness, but only through my mothera€™s tone and voice will I know what that fragrance and softness belongs too.
As I carefully describe what Ia€™m seeing, my gift to this unseeing child supports me being present enough to fully see it myself; and this level of awareness is the childa€™s gift to me. As the child, as the mother, or as the cherry blossom, my purpose is simply to live my best life and to grow. The manifestation of that essential Life we have brought into being takes many physical forms; all different, all unique.
All of these things have resulted in my becoming the a€?soul in a bodya€? that I see in my mirror this morning. If in this Life, we do not become conscious of the power of the collective Life of the Universe, we will be given another chance. To make that possible, I pulled it out, pumped up the tires, admired ita€™s beauty, and my heart felt lighter.
As we remounted and rode on, the bike was a€?just another bikea€? racing to the song of the fall breeze. Perhaps you look in the mirror and think that you are getting older and no longer beautiful; yes you are getting older, but aging has ita€™s own beauty.
The ability to bring awareness to the harsh, dramatic, judgmental, and repetitive sounds within our minds contains the freedom we think is not open to us. These points of intersection are called equinoctial points: classically, the vernal point and the autumnal point. So to carry the a€?Pointa€? into an individual Life, who could argue that pleasant (light) experiences are better or worse than difficult (dark) experiences since every experience has the potential for learning by the being that experiences it.
Like the similar times of day and night in this season, we are connected by individual and collective purposes with an equal opportunity to live our best lives. As I was hearing the story, it occurred to me that we saved the rabbit or deprived the hawk of its meal.
It is a beautiful spot and it was early evening as the light played its songs upon the angles of the rocks and crevices as we watched. Today if someone walks along the same path we took, there will be no hint of what occurred between the snake and the frog. Going back there did not necessarily appeal to me either since my relationship to my former husband and her Dad had become faded memories of love and pain. As often happens with this friend, the discussion turned to nature and bird songs in particular. It was quickly replaced with a look of acceptance of what was now occurring as she described her coming treatment. Ia€™m grateful for the awareness of this part of me that continues to need challenging if I am to be at peace with what is in this moment. How do I challenge the part of me that judges his actions and wants him to be different so that I can be happy? That feels nurturing and I can feel my heart open as I consider the possibility that life is an illusion created by my thoughts, and I can choose which thoughts I will give my energy too. For others, I just say something like, a€?planning a quiet day.a€? That answer feels authentic and supportive of the way I want to live my life. For sure, I am an active person with a wide variety of interests, but sometimes I enjoy a€?Beinga€? in my home.
Today I have set an intention to answer the question, what are you doing today, with authenticity no matter who is asking. As the morning unfolds, the feeling of hunger comes and without questioning it, I stretch, arise, and move to my robe. Without thinking, there is a deep knowing that I am not a separate entity seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling this moment, but an integral part of it and without my energy and presence it would be different.
She said that I was flexible in my hips and so compensated there for the lack of flexibility in the last vertebra of my back. I begin to remember the times in my life when I have felt emotional pain and have chosen to override it with thinking. Also this week, Ia€™ve felt the need to remain quiet while reflecting with more stillness than is my normal pattern.
This morning I read Tollea€™s words I needed to hear: If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.
I will ask for guidance to accept what is happening in the moment without adding drama and fearful thoughts or intelligent explanations. I felt impatient with the loss of time and the people that swirled around in the garage seemingly in my way. He seemed challenged both mentally and physically, and my reaction was to look away so that his mom would not feel I was staring at the young boy. He wasna€™t complaining internally, he wasna€™t judging others; he was without fear and was gazing in awe at the light. It also has been described as gurgling or bubbling, as a water fall or a shower or a jet engine noises. From 1% to 3% of tinnitus sufferers are overwhelmed by intrusive sounds to the point that they are not able to function. It is in the neck that muscle and sympathetic nerve control can influence blood flow to the head. Neck pain is common to cervicogenic headache, migraine without aura, and tension headaches.
Potentially the workplace can facilitate every psychiatric condition, compromise the Immune System, and trigger many physical diseases. It is more appropriate to call workplace-provoked depressions and physical illnesses as stress injuries and as psychiatric job induced injuries. It is the stressed-out individual who goes under the microscope and becomes the point of focus. In my own case, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have confirmed the connection between psychological stress, the neck, and ringing in the ears. The petitioners allege that compact fluorescent light bulbs make some people ill and ask the government to take measures to reduce or eliminate the problems associated with them and to consider alternative technologies. The Canadian Water Quality Guideline (CWQG) to protect freshwater life is 26 nanograms of inorganic mercury per litre of water (5).
Mercury is so ubiquitous that we have advisories in Canada for eating mercury-contaminated fish in lakes (9).
Some information on proper disposal is available at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) website on consumer questions (7).
Governments are working with CFL manufacturers and major Canadian retailers to expand recycling options. If the government is going to ban energy inefficient lights then they need also regulate the safe disposal of the toxic alternatives! They must be taken to one of six Waste Watch Drop-off Centers in the province where they are collected for disposal. Unless we have appropriate recycling and proper disposal of all fluorescent lights and other lights that contain mercury (mercury discharge bulbs) we will lose the battle and will introduce more mercury into the environment with serious consequences to the health of wildlife and humans. According to Philippe Laroche, Media Relations Officer for Health Canada, compact fluorescent light bulbs, unlike tube fluorescent bulbs, do not have prismatic diffusers to filter UV radiation. So the technology to produce safer bulbs is available and should be required for all bulbs. This range is within the radio frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum and is classified as Intermediate Frequency (IF) by the World Health Organization.
The waveform through the air is radio frequency radiation that can contribute to electromagnetic interference (EMI), as mentioned above, and the waveform on the wire is dirty electricity.
The Government of Canada's proposed phase-out of inefficient lamps will not ban any particular technology but will regulate minimum efficiency levels for lamps. The highest percentage of headaches was reported for exposure to both tube and compact fluorescent light bulbs among those who classify themselves as either moderate sensitive to extremely sensitive. Cardiac: palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath. With a growing number of people developing electrohypersensitivity we have a serious emerging and newly identified health risk that is likely to get worse until regulations restricting our exposure to electromagnetic pollutants are enforced. Has Health Canada considered having manufacturers place health warnings on packaging (similar to warnings on cigarette packages)? Canada-wide standards for mercury: mercury emissions, mercury-containing lamps, and mercury for dental amalgam waste. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Biological effects of dirty electricity with emphasis on diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Workshop on Electricity Hypersensitivity, World Health Organization, Prague, Czech Republic, 25-26 October, 2004. The proposed regulation described in the document will prohibit the import, manufacture and sale of all mercury-containing products with the exception of dental amalgam and lamps, because no comparable alternatives for these products exist at this time. This is the forum where issues such as safe and efficient methods of recycling mercury from end-of-life lamps will be addressed. Appropriate recycling technologies will be considered in the development of the Working Groupa€™s recommendations on a national framework for the management of end-of-life fluorescent lamps. If the Working Group cannot agree on acceptable and viable options for all members, Environment Canada could decide to develop an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach. Most light sources, in addition to fluorescent bulbs, emit a very small amount of UV, an amount far less than that produced by the sun. Will they work with manufacturers to ensure that the bulbs sold to the public are ones that have minimum emissions and will set standards for these environmental emissions so that manufacturers know what they need to produce? Health Canada scientific staff are aware of the studies and references provided with the petition relevant to EMF exposure. The fidelity of the voltage waveform is normally a concern of the system operator and its customers since it primarily affects system reliability and the performance of equipment attached to the network. At the power frequency (60A Hz) and its harmonics, electric and magnetic field emissions are below major international guidelines for short-term, acute (excitable tissue) effects. I am pleased to respond to your question that falls within Industry Canadaa€™s area of responsibility. At present, we are finalizing the regulation in advance of submitting it to Cabinet for approval for publication.
We have sought to address these through our participation and financial support of committees responsible for developing LED standards at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and committees developing specifications for LEDs for use by the ENERGY STAR program.
Specific standards have just recently been developed for these applications and designs, to adapt their products to them.
Newly developed standards introduced to measure LED lampsa€™ life can now be used to build consumer confidence in the product. My feet picked up speed, my fear lessened, and I began to explore the light that broke the shadows. The lake lay in stillness and hovering above it was a wall of mist, kind of stringy, but not transparent; and above all that, hung the moon spreading its final visible glow before dawn arrived with the sunrise.
Outside the window, the lily pond beyond the deck is beautiful, the deck is wet and shiny, and the door slightly open lets in a pure and sweet freshness. I can take a small step toward my car and drive the dirt road to the main road; and if the wind is too strong, I can return to this rugged North shore bamboo farm and make the best of it.
As I gazed at the photo of the beautiful child holding the doll, I remembered that feeling of love; my heart was soft and full. The beauty had nothing to do with the physical features displayed in the photos; it was the radiance that traveled from my heart through my eyes and took in the world around them. Let me tell you why inspiring and emotional experiences were my companions on this day in small-town America. We kissed each other, hugged each other, waved to each other, talked with each other, supported each other, and laughed and yes cried with each other. I focused on these positives as we supported him in whatever healing was possible, and eventually, supported him as his alcohol-damaged body died. As she led us in meditation, I felt the deep pain of powerlessness again, and again I invited it to get as big as it could. When Ia€™m in that centered place what happens outside me is like a movie and I can watch my personality, the actor, think and plan and wish without attachment.
It is all a a€?Storya€? from the part of me that loves stories and the justification they give for me to be less than open and less than loving.
As we parted, I heard myself say to him, looks like youa€™re on it and Ia€™m just standing beside it. It has been exciting, it has been challenging, it has been peaceful, it has been stimulating; and mostly, it has been healing. Ia€™ve come to look forward to their presence and the feeling of security and safety they trigger within me. Change for many is difficult, but for me the newness of change is invigorating and stimulating.
Expansion now calls and the excitement of just what that will entail lifts my energy and makes me want to sing. In my view as I watch the water run over the rocks, he stands with his back to me looking into the creek. His open heart is almost always constant even when he is confused or slightly annoyed with his surrounding world. As we danced I asked him, a€?What was the best thing about today?a€? And, without waiting for his answer, I laughed and said, a€?Everything.a€? He laughed out loud with complete delight and agreed.
I listen to his expressed doubt and somewhat confused words, and have a knowing that he understands it perfectly. We are many flames from the same candle, and yet, just one light; apart we are a flicker but together we make a luminous Life.
The memory fills my heart and I see a vision of him in a jaunty Easter hat and sports jacket toddling up the small hill in front of my house; two steps forward and one step back and finally falling and rolling to the bottom only to rise again and begin again with laughter and determination. In those magical days, he marveled at the beauties of the life of which he found himself a part be they giant mountains, rock music, or the smallest of butterflies. In time he began to drink alcohol to lessen the pain of the world not always being as he wanted. It is my full responsibility to live with presence and courage and to grow into the person I am called to be. This act of responsible choice and the intent behind it becomes the vehicle of my creation and the consequence it brings. It has been a life-long habit to observe closely human behavior and sometimes to judge or to give value to what I see; that is changing.
They are aware that the opportunity to connect must be given their full attention and they have learned how to do that. The man whose taste and smell is not so acute takes two bites before he makes his choice of what to eat. The veins and wrinkles on the back of my hand remind me that Ia€™m dehydrated and need to drink more water today. I hear from her there are five petals close together in almost a circle; and where the petals attach in the middle of the cherry blossom, it is a deeper shade of pink that grows almost to white at the petalsa€™ edges. This delicate flower filled with color and shadow created by the warm and nurturing sun comes alive in my being and is energetically past to this curious and loving child.
My heart called me to the computer to put down my feelings, and I became distracted by email for a moment. Each of us makes choices that create our life day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment, and those choices add up to a Life unlike any other.
The experiences were the same; the creation process of what remained in each of them became very different.
If I stood in a long line of people, those who know me would recognize me even though we all have two eyes, two arms, two legs, one nose, and one mouth.
For this Life, in this place, I have a knowing that the Life I have created has supported the Lives of others and me. The answer for me is in what I choose to give my attention and time too; with a conscious intention to live my life fully not someone elsea€™s, just mine. He had bought the bike as transportation when he lost his drivera€™s license because of a drunk driving charge. Later we loaded the bike into his SUV, and I felt as feathery light as the evening air rushing across my skin. No memories flooded me for I was in the moment, and this moment was another level of healing I had not expected. You see a friend walking and think she really wants to walk alone; but in reality when you join her on the walk she is welcoming and the walk enriches you both. In each moment, we can step back from a belief and ask one simple question: Does this thought or belief serve to expand my Life or limit my life? Since being human with the power of our minds to create stories around our experiences, it is often easier to live in an imaginary story of what happened and how we should react than to see that how we respond to an experience in this moment creates the suffering or not.
Growing and aging brought new a€?judgmentsa€? about equality and how to discover what equality really meansa€”not to others, but to me.
It is not always easy to carry that deep sense of equality into our relationships for we are indeed spiritual beings in physical human forms with old patterns of reactions and judgments. The rejoicing of anothera€™s strength or my own cannot diminish or inflate my feelings about either if I am without judgment of that persona€™s or my own value as a result. It was peaceful and awe inspiring to see the effects the water has played and still plays upon the landscape as it all shifts and changes imperceptibly. But there we were in front of a house that I had come to as a bride, altered it with the support of my dad and husband to accommodate our familya€”a house in which I had brought my children, and where I laughed and cried and planned the perfect future. I thought of a day when the world was perfect because we were exhausted together and happy.
The small trees that we had planted cast some shade now, and the flowers his wife had planted added color all around them.
My friend had started them from her plants, and her husband had traveled along with her to deliver them to me and to share a few moments of time. So she and I pulled out my IPad to compare what we were hearing in my yard with the Audubon recorded bird-songs.
I looked at her husband and there I saw a deep pain quickly replaced with an expression of deep love for this woman with which he has shared many years. Only then can I make a responsible choice to support the life I want with the consequences that come from making choices within the presence of acceptance.

This is not a new conflict; the difference is that I am aware of the thoughts and feelings within this dynamic that create circumstances I do not wish to occur. I alone am responsible for the experiences I create and it is those experiences that enrich my life if I choose.
Of course, routine chores like making a bed, fixing food, doing dishes, caring for my home are always needed, but this question seems to be about something more. Ia€™m reading, Ia€™m writing, Ia€™m thinking, Ia€™m dreaming, Ia€™m questioning, Ia€™m answering, but more than anything else Ia€™m simply being here now doing this and it nurtures my life. Sometimes I will be playing golf or tennis, rushing around running a project, working to beautify my yard; but sometimes Ia€™ll simply be choosing to a€?Bea€? and for me that will be enough. The rain is, the fruit is, the wood is, the carpet is, the chair is, the joy garden is, Jon Kabat-Zinn is, the peace is, and I am. She said that when some part of the body is not used, the brain notices and will see the lack of movement as a€?normal.a€? She said the unused area becomes more and more unbalanced and eventually creates pain in the body. Ia€™ve told myself that life is difficult sometimes and have moved on without giving the pain its due course and attention. As I sit with that question and just relax into the moment, I feel certain that if I remain open the question will be answered; not by the intellect, but by something deeper inside me that guides my life if I choose to listen. The light from the sun had entered his eyes and body completely and radiated outward toward anyone who chose to look. There was not the industrial noise, the traffic noise, nor the entertainment noise pollution that is prevalent in our societies. Injury to the Sympathetic Nervous System centers in the neck has been linked to neck and head pain, facial flushing, facial sweating, changes in pupil size, and ringing in the ears.
Besides major depression, depressive symptoms are foremost in post traumatic stress disorder, migraine, Meniere's disease, craniomandibular disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, the various headache categories, and tinnitus. It is in the workplace that one finds many of the triggers of anxiety, depression, and emotional dysfunction. Graduates from colleges and universities have difficulty finding placement in their chosen fields of training.
In January of 2006, The Canada Safety Council projected that by 2020 worldwide depression is expected to be the second major cause of disability after heart disease. Huge cutbacks in staff because of down-sizing have increased work-loads, employee-manager conflicts, and stress levels. At first glance this seems like a good way to conserve energy and to protect our environment. What this means is that one light bulb could contaminate 190,000 liters of water to levels that exceed our water quality guidelines! What is disturbing about information provided by NRCan is that they do not REQUIRE proper disposal of these bulbs.
If toxic waste disposal facilities are not available in a particular community then the retail story selling the product should accept the return of that produce for disposal or recycling.A A  We do not put lead in paint any more and we should not put mercury in light bulbs. There is concern about electromagnetic interference (EMI) associated with IF and recently studies have shown that IFs are biologically active and can have adverse health effects (14, 15).
What is Health Canada doing to require all bulb manufacturers to adhere to the best practices and manufacture light bulbs that do not compromise power quality on electrical wires? This means that incandescent lamps that meet the minimum requirements -such as a super-efficient incandescent lamp currently under development - will still be available to consumers. With regard to end-of-life management, it is not addressed by the proposed regulation; and as waste management is a shared responsibility, Environment Canada wishes to develop a national approach to the recycling of end-of-life fluorescent lamps that will mitigate the environmental and health risks arising from the disposal of these lamps.
Nevertheless, the proposed regulation will restrict the mercury content in exempt lamps to the lowest possible level. If future in-house testing to confirm the UV emission component of CFL identifies hazardous levels of UV, then appropriate actions will be taken as mandated under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act.
Health Canada considers all credible, peer-reviewed scientific studies and scientific evidence using a weight-of-evidence approach for assessing the possible health risks of radiofrequency fields. While we expect that, in many instances, a CFL will be the replacement bulb of choice, it is important to note that we have designed the standard to ensure that there will be alternatives to satisfy consumer preferences.
A premature introduction of poor quality LED could have an adverse effect on the use of high energy efficient LEDs in the future. The specification will also apply to qualify lamps used for general illumination as they become available for use by consumers. But from what I had written, the reader would most certainly understand the essence of my experience.
This time when movement caught my senses, I saw on the side of the Main Hall at Omega two shadows. As I glanced up, I noticed that the stars were vanishing from the sky and the moon had moved toward the lake so I let my feet dance after it. If I could remember to challenge my fearful thoughts, Moon Dancing would always be possible. Doubts about whether I should be here alone nag me and breathing deeply doesna€™t seem to help.
Many times Ia€™ve experienced that feeling over the years: when I married my new husband, when each of my children were borne, when a bond of female friendship was revealed to me, when I gave unconditional love to an amazing yet flawed man, when I held my grandsons the first time, when I witnessed my son-in-lawa€™s tears at a grave site, and so many moments in nature. Many times the circumstances of life and my thoughts about them hid my beauty from me, and I could not believe others even when they shared their love and compassion for me.
May I remember to look deeply into my own eyes to find love and then freely give it away to others.
She literally danced to the voting booth and then out; waving and glowing as she left the precinct.
The voice in my head was still, the polling precinct was quiet, and the room filled with the light of choice I had been witnessing all day.
Of course, there are times when I have to say no to someone, and what Ia€™ve found is that even that is easier when I say yes to what is transpiring in the moment and then expand the conversation or activity to make my point or acknowledge someone elsea€™s need. But inside me deeper than even I imagined was a sense of sadness and powerlessness to change the drinking habits of my 37-year-old son. When I could bare it no longer, it vanished and was replaced with a deep stillness of peace. My overall intention for my life is to love well, and of late, that seems more difficult than it has for the recent past years.
It protects me and not in a way that is creative; it prevents me from living each moment as it is with an intention to hear the quiet voice that wisely guides my Life.
Then from deep inside me came that still small voice, that is not the Phyllis I know; I recognized the voice as me and not me. It is a song of healing and caring for this person I am and the growing Being that awaits me with my next choice and adventure.
It does not; so I reach my hand toward it and it appears as if the light is resting upon my hand. All these objects, all those Ia€™ve loved, and all those who have loved me are part of this one light.
I may need to remain silent.A I may need to speak aloud about something that is bothering me about whata€™s happening. It is with gratitude that I accept all the parts of mea€”the difficult and the pleasanta€”and quietly surrender to the learning that my experience offers in this moment, and the next, and the next.
Now more often I observe not to give value but to learn and to appreciate the insight that observing brings to me about me. As my hair grows and the gray is more visible, Ia€™m reminded of what a long and remarkably healthy life I have and the freedom that brings. From the middle of the deep pink rise varying lengths of stamens with small orangey-pink, round fluffy dots at each of their tips. My heart aches with gratitude for this small being whose blindness first filled me with sadness; but now has added a measure of being alive that could not have been possible without what I once considered to be her handicap.
There in the emails I read: We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be. They may remark that I look like someone else, but if they truly know me, they know that I am like no one else.
When it came off the moving van five years ago, it went into the corner of the garage, because I was still not ready to let go of the memory of the healing I thought it would bring to my son. It sat and sat, and I would see it with a flood of emotions triggered by the healing and loss it represented. We stopped again to sit by the river; all I felt was deep gratitude for all the extraordinary experiences of this Life lived fully. Perhaps the thought is that living alone is not as enriching as living as a couple, but the amount of freedom that comes with living alone is amazing.
It takes a deep intention to look inside us and see those patterns, take a second look, and remind ourselves they are imaginary stories we have created to feel okay in this particular incarnation and perhaps others. Since the evolutionary process of physical a€?survival of the fittest,a€? has taught me to judge whether or not I am safe when with another, this approach to Life is challenging and yet interesting and exciting to me. Only the man, the boy, my friend and I will really know the changes created within us from these experiences. We took smiling pictures with a camera to add to our real photo albums of course, and we spoke of the skill and time that each family had given to this beautiful modest home.
As I watched them drive away, I knew this strong, courageous couple was focusing their attention on accepting and living Life fully in each moment, and I was grateful that they were part of mine! Simultaneously, I feel a€?less thana€? because Ia€™m choosing not to do something a€?importanta€? and a€?more thana€? because I feel at some level the other person isna€™t capable of understanding that need. Sliding my feet along the carpet, the harder surface of my wood floor is recognized at the doorway.
She continues my therapy and she comments that my pelvic area begins to move a little, but I cana€™t seem to feel it. Have I, therefore, sent a message to my intellect to override this pain and continue to function. I will not seek the answer in my mind, but I will relax into the present and observe what comes to me.
It has felt really good and freeing, but Ia€™ve also had this voice in my head that says, a€?Whata€™s wrong with you?a€? I watched the thought come and go and remained quiet, peaceful, and still.
I will look at my activities one by one to see if there is a second agenda lurking in the shadow of my fearful ego. As the elevator door opened, I said to his Mom that I believed he was enjoying the sunshine. Instead, there was disease, pestilence, childhood death, premature death, hunger, lawlessness, invasions, and perpetual and widespread warfare. Tinnitus, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, immune diseases and suicidal deaths have their origins in the workspace. Because depression leads to heart disease, workplace stress is the root of these two leading causes of disability worldwide. Because I have long-term silence, this is one of life's battles that I continue to win convincingly. However, there are a number of serious problems associated with CFL bulbs that need to be considered and corrected. With thousands of bulbs sold around the country and inadequate disposal facilities we are setting ourselves up for a mercury time bomb. However, it is not clear how the Waste Watch Drop-off Centers dispose of these bulbs and how successful the drop-off program is? Since everyone uses light bulbs and since the energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in many countries by 2010-2014, this is an area that requires immediate attention.
A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School. The content limits will be established after consultation with manufacturers and distributors and also after examining what is being done in other countries.
During the remainder of the week there, I edited the essay several times and eventually it morphed into a short surreal poem. As I gazed out into the darkness, I had the urge to take a walk, but felt frightened that I would be walking in an unfamiliar place in that darkness, and it might not be wise. As I entered the garden, it was a cascade of silence punctuated with the crunching sounds of my footsteps upon the path. I remembered one of my favorite childhood poems, a€?I Have A Little Shadow That Goes In and Out With Me.a€? I remembered how much I loved giving it to my grandchildren! I hummed a€?Que Sa Ra Sa Ra, what ever will be will be,a€? all the way back to the dorm and into the shower. The curious part of me whispers, a€?go out and take a few photos.a€? So dressed in my robe and slippers with camera in tow, my hands slide back the door, and I venture out. As I said a€?yes, anda€? to what she had to say, the profound lesson came that what she was saying would be an amazing way to not only do improv, it would change a life from a negative focus to a positive one. Over the years, my daughter and I, had pleaded, threatened, and prayed for him to give up drinking. He was free and it was spring one year and four months after his first healthy choice in a very long time. The last few years have been filled with the joy of living and remembering his life and what it brought to mine. Do this, dona€™t do that, go here, stay there, love this, mistrust that; the mind chatter is overwhelming in these moments.
So when discontent of the kind Ia€™ve been experiencing of late is present within me, it puzzles me as to what Ia€™m to learn this time. One of me is the movie my personality creates with thinking, assessing, resisting, and this me was the Seer who watches in loving amazement at times. There was a time in the past when this need would cause me to question a€?who I am,a€? and a€?why am I like this;a€? now it feels warm with acceptance like the return of an absent and beloved friend. This slow to respond, slow to move, slow to show emotion man has a great capacity for deep joy that I admire. He wanted to hear his music uninterrupted and spit on his sister when she came into his room to chat. These moments of choice step-by-step and consequence-by-consequence truly become the Life I experience.
This year as I focus on creating more humility through patience, the experiences that I a€?m creating through what Ia€™ve viewed up to now as limitations are supporting me in doing just that. Her words say that the stamens are the pollen-bearing male part of this delicate precious flower. She never considered herself handicapped, and her acceptance has brought me bravery and added awareness that life is created by the choice to live with a€?what isa€? with courage. This quote by Anne Lamott brought me back to my intention to explore Nepoa€™s original questions. Another man loses his job and decides to create a different way of living and becomes a role model for others. We are a soul having a physical experience that has the opportunity to contribute to the healing of all living beings.
In the peaceful stillness, I closed my eyes and let the gurgle of the racing river wash through me as the sun shared its warmth. Perhaps your belief is that your children should behave differently, but then you see them blossom into their own lives that are very different from what you imagined. If the answer is limits, look at it and let it go for it does not serve your Life or anyonea€™s. With closer observation of the direction of the winds and of the angles of the sun, it becomes clear that the one that seems to be leaning-in has twisted, has transformed, and has become deeply rooted thereby protecting the other from the elements. Our patterned reaction may not be the healthiest response in this moment, and if it is not, it may be wise to make a different choice. It was clear to me that as a male, he had automatically assumed that the woman in his relationship had to have been weaker or less assertive for inequality to exist. Later a call came that a skunk, which appeared to have a broken leg, was outside the restaurant by the golf course. Life is by definition impermanent and the cultivation of acceptance has been my yearlong intention since Winter Solstice of last year.
I remembered a summer of disruption as Dad added the addition and my son walked in the foundation ditches and later put nails into the exposed electrical outlets. In that moment of presence, their togetherness seemed all that truly mattered, and I was touched by their love for each other.
No one knows in Life what will come next, living in this present moment is where we find our power. Ia€™ve watched the French Open and seen the victory there as a moment in time that is relevant only to the lives involved.
She says thata€™s okay because the movement is subtle, but necessary to maintain the health of the back and ultimately the nerve in that area. I will trust the Universal force to support me in my learning and relax into the pain, feel it deeply in the moment; I will no longer resist the discomfort, but welcome it in with whatever message it brings. Ia€™ve read, baked cookies, watched the birds out my window, slept late, meditated, done yoga, watched old movies, and just stayed in my home with just me. If I find one, I will look to see what I can learn from that situation in the present moment. What a waste of my day!a€? These thoughts were still in my head as I entered the glass elevator with a few others on the top deck of the parking garage. Prolonged psychological stress, and computer and mouse use can lead to neck and shoulder problems that can trigger ringing in the ears. Muscle tension in the neck is associated with Meniere's disease symptoms, one of which is ringing in the ears. Hypertension and cardiovascular disease are triggered by anxiety and anger in the work environment. The problems of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and depression suddenly have increased to the point that governments no longer can ignore them. These include mercury content, emission of UV radiation, emission of radio frequency radiation, and generation of dirty electricity.
Until that day arrives and we can use bulbs without mercury, at the very least we should be safely disposing light bulbs that contain mercury! World Health Organization Workshop on Electricity Hypersensitivity, WHO, Prague, Czech Republic, 25-26 October, 2004. 1, April 2001, "Special Issue on Russian and Ukrainian Research", The Cellular Phone Taskforce.
These limits will be reviewed periodically with a view to lowering the limits or to removing the exemption on lamps should comparable alternatives become available.
It seemed bettera€”it captured the light of my mooda€”but somehow did not convey the importance of that few hours of Moon Dancing with my Shadows. Now and then something would move in the silence and take my attention away from the shapes and forms of the plants that lined the walkway.
Now absorbed in the beauty of the ocean, focused on the view in the camera, and not feeling my feet, my body tumbles down on the lower deck, my camera flies off into the grass about one foot from the lily pond. As more new-generation voters came to exercise their right to choose along with others that had been voting for a long time, it reminded me of how precious this right is to Americans. As he voted, we prepared to go outside to collect a€?Zacha€™sa€? vote from the truck, being careful to follow procedures that would allow his ballet to be cast privately.
What I have never written about is how difficult and how painful it was to be the Mother of a dying son, and what Life was like for me when I could no longer touch his physical presence. No longer do I pretend that losing a sona€™s physical presence is easy, no longer do I need to be that strongest person in the room, no longer do I hide that losing him changed my own life in ways I could not have imagined.
I smiled with the recognition that it is the Seer that I can trust and I let the Story of discontent go. The need for change calls to be embraced with wonder and welcoming; it is part of the personality that has formed my human experience for as long as I can remember. I try again; I want to catch the light and hold it, but the flame of the candle cannot be held, it must shine wherever it will or it disappears. Without judgment of how things should be, we can simply shine and bask in each othera€™s light. His physical body left us nine years ago, but for me his spirit is in the sound of the wind through the treetops and in the light of an early Easter morning sunrise. And as I chuckle at this thought that is now present, my perception of losing some short-term memory gives me ample time to remember the most important thing: what is the present moment offering me as an opportunity. My mother says, behind the flower the great sun, which I feel on my face, casts a dark surrounding edge that make the blossom even more vivid and creates a shadow of the stamens on the petal itself. The light shining in her sea foam green eyes reflects what she is seeing through my voice and her other senses.
As a physical manifestation of a living Universe with unique skills, hopes, dreams, and personalities, how much healing we contribute is up to each of us for we have free will to choose what we will create. In the words of Lamott, I am truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who I was born to be. The strength coming back into his body was coming too late for him to survive this incarnation, but he seemed to love his experiences on the bike. Because of their ages, that would be a very long time into the future, but it was the logic I used to hold on to this small symbol of my sona€™s longing for health and my own. I turned and sped away leaving him to his own period of learning since he had not ridden a bike for sometime. It was a beautiful river, a beautiful moment, a beautiful bike, another memory, and I loved and was honored to share it with this friend. Perhaps your belief is that you love to write, but that you are too old and unknown to get published; you go forward anyway and your book is published and it brings you great joy. Because they are almost 100 years old, their roots under the surrounding plants, rocks, and soil are entwined with and supportive of each other in ways that cannot be undone. Since I did not feel he was open to the idea that this assumption was in and of itself telling about his view of equality, I just said there are many kinds of strength and the subject was ended. As this thought was taking up residence in my brain, I noticed a man and a small boy up ahead. She said, a€?He still makes me laugh.a€? He, in character, chuckled with pleasure at that thought.
Ia€™ve dressed to go biking and yet I stayed in the drama unfolding at the French Open as if it had some significance in my own life. Time to make the smoothie that has become a part of my mornings of late: cantaloupe, pineapple, blueberries, yogurt, strawberries, apples, and raspberries.
It has been years since I fearfully resisted emotional pain and stiffened and numbed against it. For so long, I have worked to be conscious, to be authentic, to be present, and in that moment, the part of me that feels sorry for myself was active yet again.
Physical injury to the vertebral arteries or to the carotid arteries in the neck is physically disabling. Emotional pain and all manner of psychiatric upheaval and emotional disease stem from the toxic work space. Financial losses due to absenteeism and lost productivity caused by stress have become a drag on the economy. The contagion of the world-wide financial collapse engineered and perpetrated by Wall Street fraudsters is a crisis that is destined to continue well beyond 2009. Workers need to take serious offense with this mislabeling of their engineered medical predicament. Yes I said a€?shadows.a€? Now a week later I am at home and awake in the early hours of morning and I know it is time to write. Out of that stillness a rabbit hopped, two deer walked slowly behind me, and the early birds of morning began to chirp.
This week as I gazed at the two photos, the child and the woman, it dawned on me that the beauty of love has always been within me patiently waiting for me to rediscover it.
With the wisdom that I was changing my own life not his, I decided to offer him my support for sobriety one more time. The silence of deep meditation, the practice to live in this moment, and the awareness that we are a part of something bigger than our physical being have supported me to accept and heal from the things I can not change. As we close our eyes and state our intentions for the week, I feel his love and send him mine.
I am filled with love and gratitude for the ability to write my thoughts and feelings down in a way that enriches and expresses my experiences.
Each day the intention to live in fear of losing a physical existence that is inevitable carries us away from the love that is the essence of the Life we all share. When I took it to be restored with new tires, etc., the repairman remarked on how well it was made and how unworn it appeared.
Perhaps your belief is that your life experiences should have been different, but deep inside you know that it has been those experiences that have created you Life. This deep presence and seeing of their combined lives bring a growing appreciation of connectedness. By convention, equiluxes are the days where sunrise and sunset are closest to being exactly 12 hours apart. His physical pain during the discussion expressed itself in a visible expressed pain in his chest as he talked about the need to live a more solitary Life to insure his freedom to be himself. I have a deep knowing that no matter what my perception is in the moment, the Universe is a friendly supportive force within me that a€?does not take sides, but seeks only balance.a€? It is my intention to have compassion for what I hear and see and to learn the lesson of impermanence as I witness it in nature.
What mattered was the memory of love and support that flowed through the energy of the house into me and then to my daughtera€™s family. I began to think he was just bored as my friend and I turned to playing games on my IPad, so I asked if he would like to join us. Their smells mingle with the sounds of the rain and for a moment the blender whirl drowns out all other sounds. However, every psychological and psychiatric disorder potentially has tinnitus as one of its symptoms. This includes those who suffer from migraines, skin problems, epilepsy, and electrical sensitivity (1,2,3,4).
I had forgotten this feeling of freedom that has moved my spirit since I was a child, the love of nighttime, and the magic of moonlight. Since staying here on the deck doesna€™t seem to be an option, I pull myself up, retrieve my camera (bent but not broken), and shuffle back to my room and sit silently on the bed.
He lay in the back seat of the truck, and as I stood on my knees in the front seat to get his ID papers, Zach asked, Can I vote? It had been a few years since we had seen him because he just never showed up to family gatherings. This time was different than before; this time I knew I could accept whatever choice he made, but he was my son and for myself I needed to offer him assistance one last time! The deep wound of loss affected many of my relationships and still I clung to the strength of knowing that I had done the a€?righta€? thing. Without the wisdom and acceptance of or a€?surrendera€? to each moment as it is, I cannot choose an appropriate action with a conscious intent and honor my need to live authentically in this moment, and the next, and the next. Her voice falls upon my ears and her words become my thoughts, and I imagine with great specificity how the cherry blossom appears and admire its beauty. This cherry blossom is magnificent, and the glory of its connection to this growing child leaves me speechless and filled with awe for this blessed life. Perhaps your belief is that there is only one Path to God and that prevents you from appreciating all those who believe in a different God than yours.
Depending on where you stand, they are framed by the sky above, or the garden below, or by the giant stone arches of the porch. There is evidence that we are still there as surely as we are here through our choices to give of ourselves.
He said, a€?No, Ia€™ll just walk up to the edge of the golf course.a€? His demeanor seemed unusual, but I dismissed it and returned to the game my friend and I were sharing. I glide to the coffee maker and the smell of coffee is strong enough to feel like I taste it already. Fear and physical and emotional stresses have been the underlying themes and threads running throughout the human story.
The neck is dominant in all these conditions and the neck is the physical door to ringing in the ears. Just when I could hardly believe the vision my courage had co-created with the moon, a flock of wild geese cut the mist of the lake as they winged their way across in perfect formation.
My body is tired, my mood is gray like the clouds above the ocean, and self-doubt seems to have taken me over. He had stopped answering his phone and his friends called me to say they thought he was dying. Perhaps your thoughts are that your thoughts are true and you do not question further how best to live your Life with yourself or in relationship to others. The annoyance I felt in my body as I viewed his pain turned into compassion and acceptance for us both.
The back legs and rear of the frog were already in the snakea€™s mouth and the froga€™s body was badly bloated as its eyes bulged, its front legs kicked, and it sought freedom from the snake.
My choice to visit the past because I love my daughter created a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of time passing in the present, and my gratitude for my daughter and our choices to share our Life sang within my heart; a reminder and then a another memory of time passing in the present! I smile at the wonder of just being present without thinking something should be different than it is. This need to understand everything that happens has been a recurring theme for as long as I can remember.
The combination of bullying, fear, and ringing in the ears have roots that go back to the beginning of recorded history. More than ten percent of Canada's workforce of 14 million is on short-term or long-term disability leave because of depression. In that moment, under his white hair and beyond his aging body, there was the light of youth and his eyes held the same excitement I had witnessed in the young girl that morning. The last five years had been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me as he was better and then not better over and over again. I could do this and I began a long path of self-healing without the courage to ask for support directly. Perhaps you have doubts about your own goodness and forget to look at the generosity that has been a major thread of your Life. Earlier that day, a dog had stumbled upon a horneta€™s nest and had been stung badly, and a staff member went looking for the nest to eliminate it so humans could walk the path without being stung.
I felt the pain of the froga€™s struggle; I wanted to do something to make this stop, but what? I relived a day when my small son gave my baby daughter a drink from a cup as she rested in her crib; she almost drowned.
If I understand it then I can accept it, or more accurately change it; or so my Story goes.
Depending on the survey, between 40% and 52% of workers across the country are overwhelmed by workplace stress to the point of illness.
The Office of the Minister of Family Services and Housing rubber-stamped the process and the decision.
Then as if a powerful director had taken over the scene, a fish danced to the ice-like surface of the lake. Meditation had supported me in staying centered enough to love my daughter and her family, support my partnera€™s interests, hold a demanding job, and attempt to just enjoy and learn about my life. Perhaps your belief is that friends and family should be more open hearted and open minded and so you close your heart and mind to them. It is the most reoccurring event involving injury that comes to the attention of the Nature Foundation. They are delicious and colorful in contrast to the dark quiet of the room and the day outside my window. On any single day, 2 million to 2.8 million Canadians in the labour force suffer with mental illness.
I turned to find a circle of life rippling the water and the dancing fish no longer visible. Perhaps you have made what seems like a mistake and your belief is that you cannot be forgiven and that thought keeps you separate from someone you love. My thought was that the bees were there first and should be left alone to resettle into their lives.
I chose only to stand and watch with sadness and curiosity as this unusual sighting in nature played out. I gaze at my joy garden that is bright with purple, pink, and white against a blue-gray sky. Most patients suffering from depression and anxiety who go on stress leave are off work for two or three years. It had the slight chill of autumn, and I could imagine the burst of color that would soon fill the trees.
On this glorious October day, I felt that I had done everything I could and my body sagged from the weight of wanting him to be different.
Perhaps the belief is that if you dona€™t act in a certain way, you will not gain acceptance; but someone once said, a€?if you do not always bring with you who you truly a€?area€™ others will fall in love with who you are a€?nota€? and how limiting will that be?
It is hard to express all that I saw through the visual memory there in our first small house. Initially, they are left in limbo for an extended period because it takes an average wait time of one year to see a psychiatrist. Fear is a common emotion, but now fear on the work floor has become a widespread phenomenon and a new paradigm. It took him some time to physically fill out the ballot, and it was my honor to wait for him. For me, Zacha€™s light infused the darkness around the truck and as I looked from my fellow poll workera€™s eyes to Zacha€™s son-in-lawa€™s eyes, they seemed to glow with something unexplainable. I could no longer watch so we turned away and continued our walk through this civilized and yet still wildly natural, tourist attraction. In the pages, he quotes, William Stafford: What can anyone give you greater than now, starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?

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