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If you have any problems or concerns with your ear, nose or throat, contact ENT Clinic Sydney 1300 123 368. Whether your child's situation is routine or complicated, our team will provide the highest level of care to meet the unique needs of your child. Common ear nose throat problems in children include tonsillitis, snoring and hearing problems due to glue ear. Information about the nose. Your nose also contains the nerve cells that help your sense of smell.
A sinus infection, also called rhinosinusitis, is an inflammation of the soft tissues that line the sinuses.
Located along the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, alongside the tragus, has become a pretty popular place – especially for multiple piercings. Our specialty clinics offer compassionate support from the initial evaluation through surgical repair and recovery. When there is a problem with your nose, your whole body can suffer. Common causes of nasal obstruction include a deviated nasal septum, turbinate enlargement and nasal polyps.

Most sinus problems are due to allergy, infection, or a foreign substance inhaled up the nose. The cause is usually a viral infection, but other causes include allergies, infection with strep bacteria or acid reflux. This downward area of cartilage that moves toward the center of the ear, parallel to the outer rim of the ear canal, accents the perfect anatomy of your ear, in terms of places to sport some studs or hoops. Find out what causes a sinus infection (sinusitis), its symptoms and how it’s diagnosed. The actual procedure for rook piercings are pretty simple, compared to other forms of piercing. In fact, when properly done, it should not take longer than a few minutes from start to finish.Rook Piercing CareSince it is a cartilage piercing, you may find that caring for your new look may be a bit different than a simple ear or lip piercing. This will reduce or eliminate the risk of infection and reduce the swelling associated with rook piercings. For women, you will notice that any type of perfume, hairspray and certain makeup may irritate the area some.

It is also a good idea to change your pillowcase on a daily basis after cleansing your rook piercing. This will keep dirt and bacteria from building up around the piercing.While you are able to maintain a rook piercing with different gauges, depending on the jewelry you want to use, you should always let the professional decide what is best for your specific type of rook. It is recommended to handle the first rook separately to ensure you do not react to the process or jewelry before getting any others.
You will not have much room to turn the jewelry or may be uncomfortable using liquid solutions to cleanse your rook, since you will undoubtedly get some liquid in your ear. Give yourself about 3-6 months to get used to it and you will probably just forget that you even have a rook piercing in.Here are some amazing ways that both men and women choose to sport their rook piercings to express their own personality traits, individuality and of course, self-expression.

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