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Following is a collection of therapeutic ear massages that I have come across over the years.  Hope you find one or more that you can enjoy throughout your days.
Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years has recommended a daily self massage (abhyanga) for your whole body first thing in the morning, as it has a very calming, and deeply nourishing effect on your nervous system.
Improve attention and focus by gently unrolling the outer area of your ears, from the very top down to the bottom.  Repeat three times. This clever little brain gym exercise is usually taught to children first thing in the morning at school to help them learn more effectively.  Perhaps you might like to try it before you start your next task. Feel the warm energy relax and soothe the area in and around your ears.  This simple practice is deeply calming. If you notice some areas of your ears are sore or sensitive to touche you may wish to spend a few moments giving this spot a gentle circular massage. The pomodoro method recommends the following exercise to practice in between finishing one task and starting another.
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The biggest highlight for me was being reassured that our bodies natural healing mechanisms work magnificently when our bodies have internally triggered the relaxation response. Each month I craft a unique Global Full Moon Healing circle with specific healing and therapeutic qualities. The circles are active and streaming healing vibes your way from the start of the full moon and continue for up to 10 days. The human ear has overtime been looked upon as a sensory organ which main function is to connect us humans with different sounds in the world. Well, studies that have dated back to Chinese acupuncturists in the 500 BC point out the fact that the stimulation of the ear lobe can bring relief and healing to certain parts of the body.

Application of adequate pressure to correct acupoints will trigger off healing messages throughout the human body system is guaranteed.
Breathe out gently.  Repeat six times.  If you feel freshness in your eyes and your hearing has gotten clearer, great!
I have used the ear massage technique for years in calming ICU patients on ventilators as we wean then from sedation and awaken them.
It also has the function of helping you walk straight as it has an important task of balance control.
More recent studies done by the French and Chinese have also given a detail map showing how the ear in its entirety corresponds to certain specific parts of the body.
Endorphins released in the blood system often cause an immediate relief from chronic pains and discomfort especially headaches.
However with time, studies have emerged that that small organ can be used as an integral part in helping improve the general wellness of the body.
To get the needed relief, stimulation of the nerve endings that are connected to specific places in the human central nervous system that result to direct stimulation to specific body system the result to healing messages being communicated to the body system. On a larger scale, ear acupressure has been used to help an alleviate insomnia symptoms, lowering blood pressure, helping reduce cases of addiction of alcohol and drugs ,alleviate depression, helps balance digestive abnormalities, used as a means of strengthening memory and overall mind concentration, can be used in the shedding of unwanted pounds and boosting the overall immune system.
By using Auriculotherapy commonly known as ear acupressure, many people are reaping the benefits of using their ears for more than beauty. As it is basically a do it yourself system, discreetness can be guaranteed as it doesn’t require any kind of equipment to the specific acupoints except your fingers. A A Must sorta work like those Cross Country Goggles that so many members of my family seem to own; I can't see clearly at 2 inches without eyeglasses or contact lenes. I recently had an ICU doctor take notice that he has witnessed me do this on very unrulely and patients having a difficult time coming out of sedation.

Licensed acupuncturists use acupuncture needles and electrical devices that implement micro currents that basically have the same results as finger use.
A A Somehow you must have "heard" that Renee needs a housesitter for a month and wouldn't that be great if Judy has a renter? He noticed that is calms the patients and therefore, we do have less side effects and use less medications to bring the patient out of sedation. I decided to do a search and I found your website, I thought I would leave a comment as if my time and knowlege permitted, it would be great to complete an ear reflexology research study brought into the ICU environment.
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