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Between 250 and 300 million people around the globe are infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), while the virus claims an estimated 350,000–500,000 lives annually.Currently, there are no universally effective treatments for HCV, and existing treatments can come with all kinds of negative side effects. This article “Ancient Chinese Medicine Cure to Hepatitis C?” was originally published on DoctorsHealthPress, visit their site to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.Victor Marchione, MD received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1973 and his Medical Degree from the University of Messina in 1981.
A traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been found to be an effective cure for diabetes, according to a recent study. The researchers involved in the study asked 389 participants at 11 research sites in China to take either Tianqi - a capsule containing a mixture of ten Chinese herbal medicines or a placebo, thrice a day before meals, for an entire year.
Artificial Intelligence Latest News & Update: AI Technology To Become A Powerful Asset For Precision-Based Medicine? In the past, less than 20% of all HCV patients received treatment due to a lack of suitable methods. Canadian Teena€™s Discovery Of Forgotten Mayan City Using Ancient Astronomy Allegedly FAKE?

Use of this Alternative News web site constitutes acceptance of the ALT Headlines Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The researchers found that 36 participants who belonged to the Tianqi group developed diabetes when compared to 56 from the placebo group.
Left untreated, HCV can result in severe liver damage, liver cancer, and cirrhosis.HCV invades cells by attaching itself to specific cell receptors that allow it to enter.
Once inside, it takes over various cell functions and begins to spread by copying and transporting itself through proteins. He has been featured on ABC News and World Report, CBS Evening News and the NBC Today Show and is the editor of the popular The Food Doctor newsletter.
She said that in order to determine how Chinese herbal medicines can help prevent and control diabetes per se, more tests should be employed. It can quickly spread through the body using this process, tricking cells into believing it’s supposed to be there.When doctors treated patients with SBEL1, they noticed their cells accepted significantly lower levels of the HCV protein, essentially blocking HCV entry into the cell and severely restricting its ability to spread.

The pretreated SBEL1 patients showed significantly better defense against HCV than the control group.The results indicate that SBEL1 inhibits HCV production and proliferation in a number of processes, giving doctors a better understanding of the virus, how it spreads, and how it can be contained. The best part is that it seemed to block 90% of HCV activity while showing virtually no side effects.Although it affects hundreds of millions of people, HCV is only spread through direct blood contact.
There are not a lot of immediate symptoms, and only after being infected for a long time do symptoms become apparent.

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