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For example, the audiogram on the left depicts a symmetrical hearing loss and the audiogram on the right depicts an assymetrical hearing loss.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Whether hearing loss from ear infections remains permanently or temporarily depends on each child. Ear infections are commonly referred to as otitis media; they are a commonly occurring medical problem of the ear in children.
The American Speech-language-hearing Association says that the duration of hearing loss varies from according to the frequency of ear infections.
The best way in which you can prevent hearing loss occurring from ear infections is by seeking medical attention at the first sigh of an infection.
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Unilateral means hearing loss in one ear, with normal hearing sensitvity in the other ear.

The ugly truth is that ear infections can indeed cause long-term hearing problems in children. Ear infections are caused by a build-up of fluid, which further leads to inflammation of the middle ear. While it is fairly uncommon for children with ear infections to have temporary hearing loss, those kids who frequent absent themselves from school because of an ear infection tend to experience permanent deafness. If you begin an antibiotics course immediately, you will be closer to completely preventing hearing loss from developing in the child. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. The build-up of fluids prevents small bones present in the middle ear prevents the production of sound vibrations, which ultimately causes hearing loss. If the ear infections occur more frequently than normal, the doctor will recommend insertion of an ear tube. It is important to note that children who have ear infections tend to develop speech and language problems as well.

Therefore, only a doctor can really tell if your child will have a temporary or permanent loss of hearing. When you have lupus your body's defence mechanism - your immune system goes into overdrive and starts to attack certain body organs.
The wider community does not appreciate that people with this chronic illness have difficulty filling multiple and social roles.
When you have lupus your body's defence mechanism - your immune system goes into overdrive and starts to attack certain body organs.

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