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This brainwave entrainment study aid is designed to be used to enhance your concentration and focus during study, or other tasks which require mental focus, such as recreational reading. Dual isochronic tones are used to target both hemispheres individually, giving precedence to the left hemisphere which is more analytical in nature, excelling at logic, reasoning, language, numeracy etc. Between 5 and 10 minutes you brainwaves will begin to sync with the frequencies of the isochronic tones.
The frequencies sent to the left hemisphere range from 13 to 18hz (BETA) which are predominant in ordinary waking consciousness when you are focused and alert.
The result is a relaxed, yet alert state of consciousness, leading to long, productive study periods where you can work fast and retain what you’ve learnt. Because of the nature of this audio, headphones are recommended to take advantage of the dual-iso hemispheric stimulation, which is an advanced form of entrainment. The iso tones have been designed to have more of a subliminal effect and are therefore less intrusive than in previous audios. When these change throughout the duration of the audio, so too will your brainwaves, resulting in varying states of consciousness conductive to super learning and memory. The right hemisphere is stimulated with 8-10hz ALPHA waves, which are used to offset the dominant BETA frequencies of the opposite hemisphere.
Note that the left hemisphere is stimulated via the right ear and the right hemisphere via the left ear, so be sure your’re wearing your headphones the right way round.

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