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These are the completely in the canal hearing aids - depending on your ear these are just noticable or hidden from view. Description HearingPlanet provides hearing aids and hearing devices through a national network of hearing aid clinics with multiple brands and independent advice to ensure the right hearing aid for you. Watch how HearingPlanet has consistently helped provide real life solutions, for real people. Bellman & Symfon Personal Amplifiers are all-digital personal amplifiers bring out the sounds around you so you can hear them loud and clear, and delivers distinct speech.

If you use an independent audiologist you will get the opportunity to try various brands in Australia.
It is important to talk to us about which hearing aid brands get the best results at certain price points.
Our Process has served over 35,000 people in making their experience with buying a new hearing aid, whether the first time or a repeat purchase, simple and easy. Be one of the first to try this invisible hearing aid with exciting new Swiss technology from Phonak.

Now you can also get lifestyle type heaing aids like the one pictured to the left - the first waterproof hearing aid.

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