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On November 22, 1987 someone overpowered two different TV stations transmissions broadcasting a nearly unintelligible message using the guise of Max Headroom. On April 1 of 2014, Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, young women from the Netherlands took off on an easy day hike in Panama near the town of Boquete. Hey everyone, we promised we would update our back catalog once we had corrected the volume issue. When they missed an appointment on the 2nd with a local guide, he checked with their host family, who had not seen them since the day prior.

The girls were never found, save for some bones and a boot, however their backpack was found containing more questions than answers. Two mysterious crates found floating off the coast of Florida–one filled with balloons. We weren’t able to fix the first 26 episodes (what we refer to as the era of the buzz) but everything after that is corrected.
On Christmas Eve 1975, Peter Gibbs, a former RAF pilot, took off from Glenforsa Airfield on the Isle of Mull, and never returned.

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