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Ever since I made my first loaf of Pale-style bread from the Wheat Belly bookjust over a year ago,I have had the low, but constant, hum of curiosity about Paleo bread in the back of my mind.
Zainab Al-Baaj, left, Masoumah and Suzan Najib talk over desserts between English classes at the Good Neighbor Community Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Israa Almhna came to the United States on March 20, 2014, after her family was repeatedly harassed and threatened because of the assistance her husband was offering U.S. Jamileh Barakat, an Iranian woman who helps teach English at the Good Neighbor Community Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, laughs with the Iraqi women that she helps during a break from their English class. Masoumah watches as her son Hussein reaches for the M&Ms during the lunch break at the Good Neighbor Community Center. Though Almhna is currently attending classes at the Good Neighbor to learn English, many Iraqi women here in the U.S. Yousra Jassim, another Iraqi woman who also studies English at the Good Neighbor, experiences similar problems. Barakat says that it isn’t uncommon for women in Lincoln’s Middle Eastern community to be the only members of their families who never learn English.
Theresa Catalano, assistant professor of Second Language Education and Applied Lingustics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said that the difficulty of learning English depends on the language background of the learner. For Arabic speakers, like the women from Iraq, Catalano says that the written portion is the most difficult. It’s no surprise that Jassim, Ahmad and Almhna have had a difficult time learning the language. But the desire, as the Iraqi women in Good Neighbor clearly demonstrate, is not the biggest issue.
Though she doesn’t have parent-teacher conferences to attend like Almhna, Ahmad has her own motivation for wanting to learn the language. All of Ahmad’s family is trying to learn English, and even her mother has been able to take classes.

As Ahmad and Almhna testified though, it is not always easy to resist strong cultural expectations like the one that women should no longer attend school after marriage.
Graduating seniors from Lincoln high schools are encouraged to apply for the Nebraska Mosaic Scholarship, offered by the Nebraska Mosaic project of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. By Molly Chapple I have always been the kind of person who kicks my shoes off at the sight of green grass so I can run through it barefoot.
By Rhett Muller When Faris Pirali first started college at the University of Mosul in Iraq, he would have never guessed he would be starting completely over 13 years later in Lincoln, Nebraska. By Jeff Renken Father Vitalis Anyanike speaks quietly sitting behind the cluttered desk in the small office at the Holy Name Church’s rectory. The earth's hum is the natural 7.83 hz sound energy (not audible) found between earth and the ionosphere. Extremely low frequency (ELF) energy waves travel continuously in this envelope surrounding the earth.
Amount of solar radiation energy striking the earth's surface - averaging about 1000 watts per square meter. In Iraq, Almhna says, it was women’s responsibility to care for their children as well as their husbands and their husband’s parents. Jassim’s husband, Samir, has picked up on the language and speaks easily with those with whom he comes into contact. While the husbands go to work and the children go to school, both situations enveloping them in the language, many women stay at home where they have no opportunity to learn English. And that’s something she simply doesn’t get in her small apartment or surrounded by other women who default to speaking Arabic. Ahmad says this is because her father is a good man who supports his wife and attends English classes with her. She blames the other women for not continuing their education and learning English and says that their lives here would be much easier if they had kept going to school and had taken advantage of the free education.

After graduating high school, Pirali began his college career in January 2003, majoring in physics. I’ve tried making many of the different recipes for Paleo bread that are out there on the Internet, and in Paleo cookbooks. The basement of The Good Neighbor Community Center was lively enough as hands tore naan and reached for raw figs amid a constant hum of Arabic. Women weren’t supposed to leave the children with their in-laws, who often lived with them.
She feels as though she should know the language by now, yet she apologizes as she tries to speak in splintered English. They couldn’t communicate with anyone outside the Middle Eastern community or even attend parent-teacher conferences for their children’s schooling. As a result of early marriage and strict expectations, Almhna never continued her schooling or learned English.
She is currently working on obtaining her GED so she can enroll in Southeast Community College and work toward becoming a teacher. They constantly turn to ask her how to say something in English, and she almost always knows the right word. It’s a vicious cycle that many Iraqi women, including Almhna, get trapped in once they are in the U.S.

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