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Although the choices of men’s earrings are less various compared to women’s earrings, you can still search other inspiration. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that there are a lot of ideas of cool cartilage earrings such as studs, hops, barbells, cuffs and captive ball earrings. Both Teenage girls and Teenage boys are passionate about unique and funky fashion so check out these below pictures of these unique and funky earrings.
Depending on your personal style, you can choose the lengths, colors, and gauge sizes as you want. Whether you wear studs, hoops, or unique earrings, you should know when to wear it and when not to wear these sparkles.
However, too ornate barbells piercings are not really comfortable when you make a phone call.
They may elongate out the ear lobe over a series of piercings, incorporating objects like those made of metal or rubber that stretch the flesh.

Aside from the office where wearing men’s earrings can be unacceptable, there are some other places where it is better not to wear earrings.
In contemporary American culture, earrings for men can symbolize revolution, membership, or style. These earrings sometimes have a fang, hoops, studs, ornamenting the lobe and all around the ears. Unlike studs worn by men which are simple, studs for women often have tiny charms like rhinestone or diamond attached to the metal post. Small stud is the best idea while dangling earrings are not recommended since they can make your face even look longer. There are many cool earrings for men ideas which are very popular in which many men around the universe are fond of. On the other hands, women with a round face looks good in long, floppy or rectangular-shaped earrings as they provide length.

Chandelier style earrings work well for this particular face shape as they add width at the jaw lines.
These unusual earrings, you know, maybe not acceptable in some locations, especially formal places of work. The main characteristic of captive ball rings that makes them different from other earrings is the tiny metal ball that holds the earring in place.

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