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If you are hearing-impaired and contemplating buying a cordless phone there are a variety of models available to help bridge the disability gap. The Clarity C4220 comes with trademarked DCM Technology, which combines noise reduction, multi-band compression and echo cancellation to enhance voice comprehension.
The Clearsounds A600 cordless phone offers what it calls Clear Digital Power to deliver background-noise suppression and maximum clarity.
Among some of the features you should consider are hearing-aid compatibility, clarity and adjustability, and variable ring tones.

The phone features caller ID, a digital answering system and speed-controlled message playback, a feature allowing the user to slow down the message up to 50 percent. It features talking caller ID, tone-pitch control, and an amplified digital answering machine.
Other features include adjustable ringer volume and adjustable tone frequency, audible caller ID, and large well lit buttons. There is a one-touch tone feature that gives the user the ability to set the ringer to accommodate a specific level of hearing loss.

The 5.8 Ghz phone features four different ring tones, variable-speed message playback, Caller ID and a 40-channel name and number memory.
The phone is hearing-aid compatible and has a large comfort ear seal to reduce background noise.

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