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Many people are quite familiar with the common symptoms of TMJ, a jawbone disorder that can cause a person headache and ear pain. There is no consensus as to what causes this jaw based disorder, but many dentists believe that the problem is based in the temporal bone of the skull. Most people with this jaw bone disorder will report that they experience headache, either mild or moderate, many times each week. The problem that accompanies earache is that equilibrium can be affected which can lead to dizziness. The feeling as if one is taking off in a jet airliner can accompany this jaw bone disorder. Common symptoms of jaw disorder is crackling made during the day when one is speaking or eating. Bloodshot eyes are a common indicator that a person is suffering from a jaw disorder because the jaw disorder affects the eyes and causes eye pain. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help relieve the pain associated with this jaw disorder. It is important to visit the dentist in order to receive a proper diagnosis so that one can be sure that he suffers from this disorder and then take steps to limit the effects. Ralph Sampson spoke briefly at a press conference one day before being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. During Sampson’s first season for the University of Virginia 33 years ago, Sports Illustrated trumpeted his arrival with a cover story and screaming headline: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, INTRODUCING THE ONE AND ONLY RALPH SAMPSON! By the time Olajuwon won consecutive titles in Houston, Sampson was long gone — he played his last meaningful game long before he turned 30. All those quoted are introduced with the job titles they held or positions they played during the 1985-86 NBA season.
Herb Simon (co-owner, Pacers): I remember the coin rolled on the carpet, on the floor, and [Thomas] had his daughter with him. Rodney McCray (forward, Rockets): The Sunday before the draft, they brought Ralph, myself, and [Steve] Stipanovich to New York for radio interviews.
Hakeem Olajuwon (center, Rockets): Clyde [Drexler] was available and the city and everybody wanted him to stay in the city. Robert Reid (guard-forward, Rockets): After the Rockets got Ralph and Rodney, I got a phone call from Bill Fitch and [Rockets general manager] Ray Patterson.
Fran Blinebury (Rockets beat writer, Houston Chronicle): The first year, they got rid of everybody. Blinebury: Ralph was going to be this game-changing player, a 7-foot-4 guy who could put the ball between his legs, run the court on the break, and shoot 25-foot jumpers. Even with Sampson winning Rookie of the Year, the 1983-84 Rockets lost 53 games and were accused of tanking games down the stretch.
Blinebury: There was a meeting that took place over the All-Star break [in 1984] between Thomas, Patterson, and Fitch. Blinebury: Norm Sonju [then the GM of the Mavericks] was outraged that Houston could win back-to-back coin flips. Norm Sonju (general manager, Dallas Mavericks): The whole thing was basically people feeling that [the Rockets intentionally] lost games.
David Stern (commissioner, NBA): The lottery was created to eliminate the perceived incentive to lose games.
Jack McCallum (NBA writer, Sports Illustrated): The Twin Towers concept was really a big deal. Sampson: My mind-set and skill set at that point of time was to be the best basketball player I could be. Hank McDowell (forward, Rockets): There was a seat on the plane that no one wanted to sit in — next to Bill.
Sampson: My only goal was Elvin Hayes needed some minutes to get 50,000 and get a bonus in his contract. Despite losing to Utah in the first round of the ’85 playoffs, everyone considered the Rockets a legitimate sleeper the following season.
Petersen: I tried getting a shot off on Dream one time [in practice] and he smacked it against the backboard.
Reid: The late, great Dennis Johnson, one time he brought the ball up to half court and I opened up the gate. Lewis Lloyd (guard, Rockets): Playing on defense, I used to let a lot of guys go down there. Bob Ryan, (columnist, Boston Globe): John Lucas is a forgotten point guard who in the short term was extremely good.
Leavell: We talked and said he might be looking at something more than just a suspension from basketball. With 17 games remaining in the regular season, the 40-25 Rockets were trying to stave off Denver and Dallas for the Midwest Division title (and earn a 2-seed in the ’86 playoffs). Jerry West (general manager, Lakers): I thought we lost our mentality about our best way to play — be really aggressive, run the ball up and down the court. Rambis: [Pat] Riley made a point of agitating everybody to the point that we were so on edge — and I say agitating in a good way — he got the team hyped up, ready to play.
Jess Kersey (referee): I tried to get between Hakeem and Kupchak and had Hakeem around the waist. Magic Johnson sank a baseline 20-footer to give the Lakers a three-point lead, but Reid’s clutch 3-pointer tied it at 112-112 with 15 seconds remaining. Sampson: Every kid in the world wants the ball in the last three seconds and practices just throwing the ball at the basket. Tomjanovich: We were watching the play [in the locker room] and once Ralph shot the ball, Hakeem started moving and bouncing around.
Olajuwon: I remember when everybody was running toward the locker room, I ran out to meet everybody. Heisler: Bottom line, the Twin Towers thing scared the shit out of the Lakers and the rest of the NBA. Coming off a 67-win season and a blistering 11-1 record in the first three rounds — including a 25-0 run in Game 5 of the clinching conference finals game against Atlanta — the Celtics were heavy favorites heading into the Finals. Petersen: Being a [Bill] Russell fan and a fan of Dave Cowens, I grew up appreciating those teams. Olajuwon: I was a shot blocker jumping three or four times in the air and they are passing the ball three times before they shoot a basket. After their emotional Game 4 victory, everyone expected the Celtics to finish things off in Game 5 and cement their status as one of the NBA’s greatest teams ever.
Danny Ainge (guard, Celtics): We [would] run a play where we set back picks on the free throw shooters to try and advance the ball down the court.

Parish: You have two mild-mannered personalities and it escalates to the level it escalates to … I was shocked. For Game 6 of the Finals in Boston, my father and I were sitting right on the tunnel where the players walked on and off the court.
McCallum: We show up there and Boston Garden is like 900 degrees and they go out and somebody has hung up a noose with a message to Ralph Sampson.
The Celtics took the Finals in six games, defeating the Rockets in the Boston Garden behind a Bird triple-double to claim their 16th title. Lloyd: When it ended, we felt we were going to be here for the next five, six, seven years. Ehlo: Anywhere we went, people were trying to buy your dinner — and that was even for me being the 12th man on the bench. NBA commissioner David Stern began issuing career-crippling penalties for those who did not seek treatment before being found out. Reid: It was as if you broke the law the night before and you felt you got away with it, and here comes the man.
Stern: When we created the anti-drug program, we knew we needed discipline measures that would create a very strong deterrent from participating in those activities. Petersen: John Lucas failing two drug tests and being kicked off the team should have been a cautionary tale.
Leavell: It was sad because they were probably the best pair of two guards in the NBA at that time. The headaches come and go but will be triggered in some cases by cold air or excessive chewing or speaking. When the jawbone becomes oversensitive to stimulation, such as chewing or speaking, the ears will develop a fullness feeling.
This might not seem serious but it could indicate that the cartilage in the jaw is being dissolved. Eye drop use might help relieve the pain and keep eyes from drying out due to the sensitivity this disorder causes in the eyes. Moving the jaw around will actually change the frequency and the volume of the ringing in the ears which might seem strange, but most people with this jaw disorder are used to hearing different frequencies and pitches in sound relating to the ringing of their ears.
Ringing of the ears, earache, dizziness, neck pain, teeth grinding, eye pain, and headache.
Jaw flexing is another method that might help one experience relief from this frustrating disorder. The Celtics, a 61-win team in the previous season, featured a transcendent rookie forward named Larry Bird and owned the first overall pick.
Improbably, the team won the coin flip for the right to draft Olajuwon, even though they had only the league’s fourth-worst record. In 1984 at the Board of Governors meeting, Sonju throws out that he wants to get rid of the coin flip and go to the draft lottery. I thought I was part of the Marine Corps until I was 14, shining all those boots and everything.
You didn’t want to be the last one onto the plane because you knew what seat was there.
Their biggest concern was whether John Lucas — a talented but troubled point guard who had become the team’s elder statesman — could remain sober an entire season. I remember writing about him in terms of the substance abuse and how scary it was and how powerful it must be for a guy that bright with two degrees to succumb to the power of drugs. I caught enough heat for knocking him out, but I still think John would have been worse off if I hadn’t cut him when I did cut him from playing. I always thought I’d like to get a Magic-sized guy playing the point where he could see everything. With Magic, Kareem, Worthy, and coach Pat Riley, they won three NBA titles and four straight conference titles. He was just fearful of the wrath of Fitch coming in if they had lost the game with him sitting in the locker room.
The Lakers had a chance to close the game but Byron Scott missed a jumper with one second left — or maybe even less than that. Him and Magic were talking all that mess about how they were going to take it one game at a time and they were going to come back. When you watched Houston play, you thought the two big guys together was a tremendous combination. It was my first year, but the guys who had lost the year before really wanted to play the Lakers. In fact, I was tempted to go down to their bench every once in a while during a timeout and tell them they were messing up one of them.
How many times am I going to do that before it’s the fourth quarter and I’m tired? Something had to precede that in order for something like that to happen during the course of the game.
When they got into the series against Boston, they just seemed to lose their composure a little bit. Len Bias’s fatal overdose grabbed the headlines, but a handful of NBA stars had their careers derailed by substance abuse — and not just known offenders like Lucas, Micheal Ray Richardson, and Roy Tarpley. Every one of our key stakeholders — from owners to players to our fans — understood the importance of eliminating drug use from our game. If I was to tell the whole story and write a book, I’d have a lot of people mad at me. You would walk in that hotel and you had the hookers, you had the pimps, you had the drug dealers. I was more concerned for them at that time before I even looked at what was the consequences for the team.
Even though the sufferer tries to work his jaw to eliminate the pressure, the fullness feeling can last for hours. The dentist is quick to spot this problem which is why it is important to visit the dentist regularly so that the dentist can diagnose problems before the problems cause permanent damage. Tinnitus is the official medical term for this condition and can actually keep someone up at night unable to sleep. Imagine today’s Oklahoma City Thunder never fulfilling their potential, getting sidetracked by injuries and drugs, wiping their roster clean, then winning championships with an aged Kevin Durant nearly a decade later. Philly won the 1983 title and the Rockets stumbled to 14 wins (and the first and third overall picks).
Even if teams were not losing on purpose to better their position, the perception did exist.

He was the perfect leader for Olajuwon and Sampson because he distributed the ball pretty evenly between them.
We were all thinking that John had been the leader of the team and had proven himself every night. Lloyd and Wiggins had emerged as an effective platoon at the 2-guard, and McCray had become a legitimate defensive stopper. Earlier in San Antonio, someone stole the ball and I was on all fours watching them go down to score and someone landed on me when I was on the ground. As Worthy enjoyed his best all-around season, some wondered if the ’86 Lakers were their best team ever. Olajuwon created so many different problems in terms of his skill and his enormous desire to compete and excel. I grabbed Hakeem when he was on his heels and the little bit of body weight that I had, it kind of moved him back a little bit and both of us went down to the floor. It was the shot that everyone remembers, but it certainly wasn’t the shot that decided that playoff. Finally, I think he just got really frustrated and threw an elbow and the next thing you know, there’s a brawl going on.
As soon as we landed in Boston, we had a practice and the practice was incredibly intense and focused and very short. But when they’re attacking one guy and then when we land to go up to the gate, we had to go to the tarmac because of a bomb threat.
If you go look at that tape, you will see a man play as good of an all-around game that is seemingly possible to play. You saw the Rockets upsetting another dynasty in the Lakers right before us and then losing in six games to the ’86 Celtics. The lifetime ban, with the possibility of reinstatement after two years, was probably considered by many to be very harsh at that time.
If it was something you wanted to partake in, you wouldn’t have had a problem getting it. I wouldn’t ask [who the informant was] any more than I would have asked Jerry [Buss] for Magic Johnson. The Indiana Pacers finished with a 20-62 record, worst in the East, setting up a coin flip for the no. Having won a title in Boston just four years earlier, Fitch started wondering if it could happen again, sooner rather than later. He would need to rewind one play and would have his finger on the rewind button for one play, and it would rewind 10 plays. I wrote the story and saw Olajuwon a couple weeks later — he stops me and has the second half of the story with circles around all the stuff Fitch said.
NBA fans salivated at the prospect of a third straight Finals between the Lakers and Celtics. That would eliminate a lot of what he wanted to do and prevent him from getting his own offensive rebounds.
I went up to the Forum Club with five or six people after and bottles of champagne started being poured to us by people in the club. You’ve got to walk into the building from the street and you get off the elevator and it smells like stale beer.
He went on a whim and Walton came up with two offensive rebounds and a couple of great finishes to end the game. We came down on a break and [Sampson] actually put his forearm down and hit me in the back of the neck because I went over to try and block him out. We would go out to a club or a restaurant and with the two big fellows, with their celebrity status — and everybody was coming to see us play.
When you take two key guys off a potential championship team, I guess that got a lot of young people’s attention. I look on Facebook and Google and I see the all-substance-abuse team, I didn’t know that many guys went down for drugs until I saw that list. Teams drafted an astonishing eight centers with the first 17 picks in 1985; the following summer, four of the first seven lottery picks were centers.
And Dick [Vandervoort], our trainer, he’s down there trying to work with him and then 30 seconds go by, a minute goes, two minutes.
It was the first time I ever experienced it being tough for the Lakers to get out of the West. Then he went out of the game and Cooper came in the game and Cooper started doing the same thing.
But they were a team that looked like they were on the verge of being able to win for eight to 10 years. When we walked in the first time into the entrance of the bowl with all the banners and — I was a huge hockey fan, too, being from Minnesota — it took my breath away.
They all were respectful of what he did, but since we weren’t playing the Lakers, that added more motivation to win. They didn’t have anybody on that team that really had that experience, other than the coach himself.
We would go into a restaurant, if we went to a club, “Hey, man, that was a great game. When the precocious Rockets lost to Boston in the 1986 Finals, the sight of McHale, Parish, Bird, and Bill Walton battling Sampson and Olajuwon appeared to be the dawning of a new basketball era. You know the rest — Ralph played terribly, Bird played out of his mind and the Celts blew them out. The sport had never seen anyone with Sampson’s potent blend of height and athleticism. But Celtics fans never stopped holding a grudge after the Sichting fight — they booed Ralph every time he came to Boston. A franchise center who moved like Russell, passed like Wilt, and projected the same aloof immensity as Kareem?
During my junior year in college [1990], I spent Thanksgiving with my dad and we caught a Kings-Celtics game the next night. I told him no because I wouldn’t want to out nobody else in that position and destroy their life.
That part of that life off the court was scary because you basically did not know who this individual was, trying to set you up.

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