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We may be willing to suffer extreme heat and sweaty armpits while pounding the pavement in the parks. But that doesn’t mean we Disney Fans don’t like to style it up with some Awesome Disney Jewelry every now and then! We actually clean up quite nicely after we’ve left the turnstiles and have gone back to the resort for a cooldown. Here are some of our favorite pieces of Disney Bling that we’ve been loving over on Mickey Fix. And don’t forget your favorite friends and relatives who are just as cuckoo for The Mouse as you are. This sterling silver ring is covered in Diamonesk jewels and is certain to stop people in their tracks! If you’re like the folks at Mickey Fix, one could hear your childlike exuberance bounding down the halls whether you were wearing a charm bracelet or not.
Mickey Fixers showed this item a ton of love when we first showed it off, making it a safe bet for any Disney Fan on your list! We love both the gold and silver versions of these Walt Disney World Bracelets and want to stack them with as many other Disney ones as we can find!

These Mickey Mouse Birthstone Earrings are just the thing to add to your Disney Obsession Collection!
Ingersoll and Disney have collaborated to make this line of watches, called the 1930s Collection, to pay homage to the decade the Mickey Mouse Watch made its debut.
There’s no way we could include ALL of our gorgeous Disney jewelry finds here in this article, but we’re searching the treasure troves every day for more of the mouse! Check out our Disney Accessories and Great Disney Finds Under $50 picks over on Mickey Fix for more favorite finds!
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Online Discount Electronics Store Offers Wide Selection of New and Hot Products: Consumer Electronics, Electronic Accessories and Parts, Buy Electronic Gadgets and Accessory with Low Price from BrilliantStore. Show them you know they like a little Bling Bling with their Fab Five and pick up some of these as future gifts! Celebrate Mickey’s Birthday while Celebrating Your Own Fabulousness with this fantastic Mickey Mouse 110th Anniversary Charm Bracelet. The Minnie Mouse Gold and Diamond Necklace is a big fave of our readers because of that cute diamond flower stuck behind Minnie’s ear!

This Hidden Message Mickey Ring makes sure you never forget what Walt taught: Dream, Wish, and Believe. This happy little Mickey Mouse Charm Bracelet Watch will keep a smile on your face all the livelong day, while alerting the rest of the world with a little jingle-jingle when you’re attempting to sneak up on them.
This Mickey Mouse Watch for Women was created by the Ingersoll company, which has been crafting watches since 1892. We love how Mickey Past and Mickey Present are facing each other at the end, kind of like they’re giving each other the Wink Wink Nudge Nudge! Those little stones on that classic Mickey Icon were enough to lead us to the fainting couch (since that’s where our Doritos were). Oh, and did I mention I look like Mickey Mouse?” How can you deny such sweet earrings that speak to you so kindly?

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