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Create an elegant blast of shimmer in your ears as you parade our Simple Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Earrings in Solitaire Cut Design in any occasions or events. Designed to achieve classical beauty, this pair of jewelry earrings has 6 millimeters of Cubic Zirconia in solitaire cut design. Ziamond high quality man made diamond simulant cubic zirconia jewelery verified ratings and reviews by Yahoo. Sophisticated and elegant cubic zirconia bridal earrings with a dangling lustrous faux pearl.

This stunning yet very inexpensive jewelry earring is made of sparkling Cubic Zirconia in rhodium color plating. We have various Cubic Zirconia colors to choose from to fully match the splendor of your dresses. We have crystal, pink, topaz and black ? whatever color you choose rest assured that it will glow majestically on your lovely ears. The cushion cut center stone is available in various color options that include man made ruby red, sapphire blue or emerald green gemstones in addition to lab created canary diamond yellow, pink or white diamond look cubic zirconia.

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