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This ring is a designer exclusive high-maintenance jewelry piece and is not meant for everyday wear. This solitaire bypass ring ring features a sparkling centered cubic zirconia accented by twinkling channel setting cz stones on either side.The Bypass Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Channel Setting Gold is crafted of 18K gold plated brass.
There is a 35% return restocking fee for all returns reflecting labor and material retrieval costs, hence make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the jewelry style, it's price, you acknowledge reading the product's description, ordering and shipping terms and all questions are asked prior ordering this jewelry piece.
Stone settings in pave, prongs, bezel, channel or invisible may differ slightly from an image as the stones are set by a master hand.

All jewelry images are professional catalog renderings generated by production imaging computer in 3d and are not real photographs.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Shop our online store to find many unique and beautiful, one of a kind pieces from all around the world. Black gold (black rhodium alloy on 14k solid white gold) will wear off in about 6 month to a year of wearing making your ring look exquisite vintage by exposing solid white gold base on the edges and flat surfaces.

This service is available with select jewelry manufacturers in US, Canada, UK and Australia for a fee to maintain black rhodium alloy color for your exclusive jewelry piece for continuous long-term wearing.

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