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The Outer Ear is the part which is visible and sticks out of the side of your head (is some times highly decorated with bits of Jewellery and other decorative objects, which is not what the outer ear was intended for), are folds of skin and cartilage that is intended to collect sound and direct it into the ear (aural) canal.
The Inner Ear analyzes sound waves and maintains balance and, contains very delicate series of structures deep within the bones of the skull.
The anvil (incus) has a broad joint with the hammer and a very delicate joint to the stirrup (stapes).

The front (see: cochlea) is a tube resembling a snail's shell and is concerned with hearing. The phrase probably dates back to the 19th century when frontier lore and terminology of both Pioneers and Native Americans, was introduced into everyday speech by politician safely ensconced in Washington and by news papers and reporters.
It also harks back to the early days of films and cinemas when the cowboys or the Indians would put their ear to the ground and listen for the reverberation of hoof beats.

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