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This year the theme for Hearing Awareness Week is “How loud is too loud?” Many of us have experienced the situation where our ears are left “ringing” after a loud concert, or working in the shed with power tools.  We know that our hearing tends to deteriorate as we get older just because like everything else with our bodies, it starts to “wear out”.
To make it easy to understand, here is a chart outlining the safe noise exposure levels (including noise levels and time of duration). As per usual, the best way to manage a problem is to avoid it becoming one in the first place!
Use hearing protection – earmuffs, earplugs, custom noise plugs and musician earplugs are all now readily available from either hardware stores or your local audiologist and hearing clinic. If you already suffer with NIHL, it’s never too late to start putting into practice the points listed above. Treatment for NIHL (often called “industrial deafness”) includes the fitting hearing aids that are tuned to address the specific frequencies where the hearing loss occurs.

TestimonialsSince wearing the hearing aids I am able to hear sounds which I was previously unaware of. Conductive hearing loss and treatments – Conductive hearing loss is the second most common form of hearing loss. All smartphones these days can download a free sound level meter in order to give a basic indication and reading as to the level of sound in a particular environment.
There’s really no excuse to not be using hearing protection when it’s needed – it only takes a second to put it on, but the benefits last a lifetime! You are still just as much at risk of continuing to damage your hearing if you don’t use hearing protection when it’s needed.
At any given time, around 20% of the Australian population experience tinnitus (either continuously or intermittently).

Occupational Health and Safety standards have taken this into consideration when putting together their guidelines for what are considered “safe exposure times” and when hearing protection should be worn to prevent noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Essentially, anyone who is exposed to 85 dB(A) of noise for 8 hours or more is required by law to be using hearing protection. Click here for the National Standard for Occupational Noise developed by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC). Lou Cheek of Adobe Hearing Center discusses the benefits of hearing aids for people with high frequency hearing loss.Why Does The Sound Of Chewing Drive Us Nuts?Some people can't stand the sound of others chewing, but researchers believe this annoyance might be more than just a pet peeve. The audio has been equalized in conjunction with the displayed graph of high-frequency hearing loss.

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