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Tagged as Beaded, Beaded Links, Beading Pattern, Beading Tutorial, Bracelet, Chain, Collection, Dangle, DIY, Drop Earrings, Earring Patterns, Float, Float Necklace, German Wire, Handmade, Instructions, Lane Landry, Link, Metal, Necklace, Pattern, Pearl, Simple Bead Patterns, Station, Station Necklace, Tin Cup, Tutorial, Wire, Wire Bracelet, Wire Earrings, Wire Necklace, Wire Work, Wire Wrap, Wire Wrapping. Learn how to make this simple, but elegant wire circle pendant.  Watch the video episode below to get the basic pendant technique as seen in the photo and then read on to get a couple of ideas to customize it!
As I mentioned in the video, you can also make earrings with this same technique.  I made a pair in a bit smaller size. I used a lightweight aluminum 24 gauge wire, but any 22 gauge to 24 gauge wire would work just fine, too.

Wire (see above for gauge)  I didn’t measure how much – I just used it off the roll and  wrapped until I liked the look. Wrap the wire around one barrel of the round nose pliers and under in between the wrapping and the pliers. Click here to watch ECT TV Episode 7 to learn how to make a matching ring for your pendant! For the FREE mini eCourse (get a creativity booster, jewelry lessons and a jewelry project), click here to sign up.

This entry was posted in ECT TV, How to Make Pendants, Jewelry Tutorials and tagged ECT TV, Emerging Creativity Tutorials, How to Make a Pendant, how to make jewelry, Wire Circle Pedant, wire work, wire wrapping by Kimberlie. June 2016 Rediscover Your Creativity & Make JewelryLast chance in 2016 to take Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry.

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