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Of course, there are always instances in which an air purifier is not a practical solution, or will not get the job done as well as some common hay fever medications. In 1910, Sir Henry Dale, a British scientist identified histamine - a substance released by our body tissues during the bodys allergic response.
Since then, anti-histamines have been a critical weapon in the fight against all types of allergic reactions.
A large variety of antihistamines is now available to choose from, in both over the counter and prescription forms. They are also effective on a runny nose in helping to clear nasal passages and making breathing easy. Breathing becomes difficult for those who have a large amount of mucus in their respiratory system.

A common mistake is to wait to until after you start sneezing and sniffling take medications like antihistamines. Therefore, taking them in anticipation of allergy symptoms, or even before exposure will significantly improve their effectiveness. Product Use : Acts fast for relief of a blocked and runny nose associated with the common cold.
Otrivin Plus Decongestant Nasal Spray - Acts fast for relief of a blocked and running nose associated with the common cold. When histamine molecules get onto the surface of a cell, they cause irritation and inflammation.
Decongestants work by reducing swelling in the nasal passages that constrict and reduce airflow.

Antihistamines are most effective at blocking the occurrence of symptoms, not treating symptoms once you have them. Antihistamines displace the histamine molecules so the histamine can not interact with the cell to cause an allergic reaction.

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