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Botswana-based company Solar Ear has just released a low-cost hearing aid that comes with rechargeable batteries. Solar Ear employs deaf and hearing-impaired people almost exclusively, and has decided not to patent its products. As scientific advancements improve, treatments for hearing loss will become more effective and accessible.
1938 News has a team of news reporters across the world keeping an eye out for new and interesting information. Click here or on the picture to connect to local, national and international resources for more information on and assistance with hearing impairment. Classroom strategies Seating: Seat the student toward the front of the room and to one side with the better ear toward the teacher and class. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, people with untreated hearing loss are at twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as people with unimpaired hearing. The Solar Ear batteries cost about $1, and last between two and three years, as compared to traditional batteries, which usually have to be replaced weekly. The company is also developing apps for smartphones, in an attempt to reach its goal of assisting 100 million people by 2020.

By introducing a virus into the ear, Novartis scientists hope to stimulate the growth of cochlear hair cells, which vibrate and send signals of sound waves to the brain. With time, people’s lives will be improved and hearing loss will become a thing of the past.
The best set-up is the semicircle, which allows the student to see the faces of the teacher and the other students. Treating hearing loss can be expensive and inaccessible for many people, with hearing aids alone costing upwards of $500. For people in developing countries who may earn only $1 a day, the rechargeable batteries are expected to make a huge difference. The apps will allow the phone to function as a hearing aid, conduct hearing tests, and improve individuals’ hearing. When a human’s hair cells die, they are gone forever, but in other animals like birds and fish, they regenerate.
The charger, hearing aid, and batteries can be sold together at a profit for approximately $100. The virus introduced into the ear is harmless, but takes over certain cells to produce a protein which will change the cell into a hair cell.

A student's individual education plan will include specific recommendations, such as oral approaches (speech-reading, auditory training, amplification) and manual approaches (American Sign Language - ASL, cued speech and finger spelling).
The treatment is currently undergoing human trials, but, as it is easily washed out of the ear, finding a permanent application may take some time.
This will allow you to face the class and give students a chance to speech read during the lesson.
When they appear not to understand, try: repeating the same words rephrasing simplifying the language pre-teaching new vocabulary before a new unit, particularly in the content areas using full length sentences.
Single words or incomplete phrases may not convey full meaning to someone who is having diffculty hearing what is being said.Assignments Students who are deaf or hard of hearing may not know how to begin, how to proceed, and how to organize the process of completing an assignment, even though they are intelligent.
This lack of independence can result in time management problems, frustration, and discouragement. Be aware of colds and other illnesses which will have a detrimental effect on the hearing impaired student's performance.

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