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According to the British Tinnitus Asociation* there is a common belief that nothing can be done to help the tinnitus patient, but this is not true.
Another solution for tinnitus management is the Starkey Halo, made for iPhone hearing aid, which is compatible with all tinnitus apps. Superior sound compression technology helps differentiate soft speech from loud speech, for a more natural sounding experience and reduces the effort it takes to listen, be it a conversation with a spouse, ordering at a drive-thru or taking part in a meeting.
HEARING VISION provides Tinnitus Masker as a device which can give instant relief for Tinnitus sufferer, and it is a non-invasive alternative to minimize the symptoms of Tinnitus. Tinnitus Masker shape is similar to hearing aid, either hidden in the ear canal or placed behind the ear.
It will produce a similar sound to urban noise (also called WHITE NOISE) with loudness and noise types adjusted to the Tinnitus patient’s need.
While in use, the tinnitus sound will instantly be covered, thus becoming an instant reliever. If the Tinnitus symptom is also accompanied with hearing loss, we also provide a device to correct both at the same time.
Amplisound Hearing Care Centers, a hearing aid manufacturer and retailer based in Danielson, Conn, has announced its release of a new tinnitus device called Quell.
According to Amplisound’s announcement, its Quell device is small, comfortable, affordable, and easy to use. The company says that, while there are many devices available for tinnitus relief, including hearing aids, Quell is suitable for patients who respond specifically to sound therapy and do not want a hearing aid or need amplification. For more information about tinnitus and the Quell device, visit the Amplisound Hearing Center website.

In addition to these devices our office is now utilizing the SoundCure Serenade, which was developed in association with the University of California Irvine.
As many of you may know, I have a hearing loss and have worn hearing aids for the past 5 years.
After 3 months of wearing these hearing aids, I find I wear them for all waking hours, even when I am home alone. While I recognize that the impact may not be as immediate or significant for everyone, I am a firm believer that if there is a chance we can improve someone’s quality of life through better hearing, it is worth a try.
The point of tinnitus management is to remove the distress associated with tinnitus and this web site can help you with many different ways and methods of management. Halo seamlessly links your iPhone to your hearing aids wirelessly through the Trulink App, which gives you ultimate control, unparrelleled levels of personalisation and relief from tinnitus.
If the device is used for certain duration during the day as recommended by the audiologist, slowly the brain will be trained to neglect the tinnitus sound (called the technique Habituation ), and overtime the loudness of the Tinnitus Masker may be reduced until such time that the device is no longer needed. Amplisound says its new device, which has received FDA approval, was developed to bring relief to the tinnitus sufferer. Quell was designed to be used effectively with any tinnitus therapy.
Quell is a fully digital broadband sound device that allows the user to choose the preferred sound. Not only am I hearing great, but the ringing completely disappears every time I put them on.
After practicing audiology for more than 35 years, I have seen the profound impact that tinnitus can have on my patients. Its open canal design reportedly offers a smooth, very high frequency response, gradual VC taper, 0dB minimum volume, and programmability.

I have seen major leaps forward in natural sound quality, hearing in background noise, and lower listening effort. Once we had matched my tinnitus with a sound the hearing aid produced, the ringing was GONE. The Xino Tinnitus from Starkey, it’s a small and comfortable in-ear device designed to deliver all day relief from tinnitus. Other devices available for tinnitus retraining therapy include General Hearing Instruments Tranquil, ReSound Alera Live 9 and the Audifon Switch TRT. However, one of the most incredible advances I have seen in hearing technology came with the new AGXs3s Tinnitus device.
I believe getting to try technology first-hand has made me a better audiologist by giving me the opportunity to experience what my patients are experiencing.
It does this by masking and covering up your tinnitus, reducing the loudness of your tinnitus and taking your focus off your tinnitus. Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is a FDA-cleared, patented, and clinically-tested treatment that has been shown to help reduce long-term tinnitus disturbances.  Instead of just masking the tinnitus while the patient wears the device, it re-trains the brain to filter out the tinnitus sound, allowing for decreased tinnitus disturbance for the patient.
Even though hearing aids have made a significant difference in all aspects of my hearing, I have continued to be plagued with an annoying constant ringing (tinnitus) in both my ears.
For me, the elimination of my tinnitus while wearing the AGXs3s hearing aids has been huge.

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