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If you are going for a trendier look, Princess-Cut Diamond Studs or Bezel Set Round Diamond Earrings are the way to go. NoteThe purpose of this tool is to provide you an estimated diamond earring size on an ear.
The carat size charts below provide you a clear idea in regards to the actual diamond sizes for both princess cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds.
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We have multiple tools to help get her correct ring size, but if you get it wrong we'll resize it for you absolutely free! People often mistakenly assume that a diamond's size is synonymous with its weight, though that's not necessarily true. When buying a diamond ring you should choose a carat weight that suits the wearer's fingers.

The actual diamond images shown below illustrate the types of inclusions and how they will appear under 30X magnification in a diamond.
They can be small and refined, but the nature of the diamond will add gusto to any outfit, no matter the occasion. If you want a more classic vibe, Round Diamond Studs are available in 3-prong, 4-prong or 6-prong settings. We will therefore be happy to repair and maintain any jewellery bought from us for the entire lifetime. No last minute hidden charges means you can put your money into buying the best possible product. Like a human body the more the weight the more likely the size is bigger, but other factors also affect the size.
This range of diamond carat weight is most popular, however if required we can do carat weight even higher than 1.00ct.

These inclusions would not be visible to the naked eye.  These photos will help evaluate the Clarity grade of a diamond. The way in which the diamond is cut will greatly affect the diameter and brilliance of the diamond. Selecting a higher carat weight for thinner fingers will make the ring look very prominent.
Diamonds with a poorer cut, for example a change of depth or a thick girdle, will maintain their heavy weight but 'hidden' in the base of the diamond with less surface on top so they look smaller.

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