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A dog tag from back when I was in sec school and thought it was cool (it's unengraved), and a very nice keychain from a wedding at Orchard Hotel.
Giving away because I think either my mother or I sang in the CD or something, so we have a couple of copies lying around.
The only problem with this is that the 5-disc changer is temperamental - sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn't. Diamond Stud Earrings For White Men Hd Fashion Rings For Woman, download this wallpaper for free in HD resolution. Diamond Stud Earrings For White Men Hd Fashion Rings For Woman was posted in March 19, 2015 at 4:18 pm. Click it and download the Diamond Stud Earrings For White Men Hd Fashion Rings For Woman wallpaper. Download "Diamond Stud Earrings For White Men Hd Fashion Rings For Woman" in high resolution for free. They've got christmas stickers all over them (thanks to some kid's overenthusiasm during Christmas last year), but they are otherwise in perfect condition.

Giving away because nobody gives me flowers, and I don't buy them myself, so this is useless. I forgot to put a pencil in the picture for sizing: the rubber band fits neatly around my wrist without pinching (approx 14cm diameter unstretched). I rather like it as a piece, but I am not a decor-decor person, so this poor piece has languished in my house for about 8 years now.
There's something beautiful about a ship in a bottle - the time that it must have taken to put the thing in and stick it down with plastercine. Otherwise, the sound is truly, truly excellent - the speakers give lovely bass, and the radio and dual-cassette deck work. I just changed computers and for some reason, this scanner which has served me faithfully for 3 years, does NOT want to make friends with my laptop. I have no idea what brand he bought (the sticker has since passed on to the next world), and no idea of the condition.
It is sick of me, and wants a new home where it will be displayed, and cooed over, so that it can preen and shine.

Giving away because I don't have space for it in my room, plus I like my light white and harsh, like life itself. No matter how many times I reinstall the driver, it doesn't want to sync, and I have bought a much more friendly epson to replace it.
I cut my teeth as a web designer on this mouse, but I've moved on to a tablet, so this needs to find a new home. I used this to sync my nokia phone with my work computer, but my laptop has an integrated infrared port, so I no longer need this.
Comes with serious pristine condition - everything is there, original cables and power cord and installation disk. I will only use local postage, so if you have to pay extra, just think of it as delivery fee.

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