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Did you think my exploration of the Tanishq Inara diamond jewelry collection got over in the last post???
They also had nice collection of pendant sets with flower design, chakra designs suitable for various occasions. Recently I saw the ad of Tanishq’s new bridal collection and was just awwwed by the designs.
They have launched around 14-15 designs under this collection which include bridal sets with necklace and earring, pendant sets, rings, earrings, bangle. There are both light weight and heavy necklaces to fit into your requirement and also budget. There you can see some of the most handsome Men from bollywood dancing with a lady in Black, dancing and moving with Fan in her hand to the tune of a song. The dress of Flamenco dancers, the fan used by them, Spanish laces seem to be the main inspiration for the collection.

Gold and diamonds open up in a magnificent spread to recreate the graceful flair of a Spanish fan. Depicting the vibrancy of a dancer’s skirt, fiery rubies in black rhodium give way to tassels of brilliant white diamonds. Drawing inspiration from the hypnotic rhythm of the frills of a flamenco dancer’s skirt, these gold earrings are hemmed by a multitude of rounded diamonds. Stunning white diamonds encircle a bed of gold in this gleaming ring inspired by the graceful patterns of Spanish lace. An interplay of black and white diamonds framed by ruby encrusted hoops shines through in this resplendent pair of earrings.
Crafted to perfection, ribbons of gold and white diamonds blend seamlessly to create a pair of earrings designed to inspire.
So as you saw some lovely necklace sets from this collection in my last Tanishq Inara Collection post, here I would be sharing gorgeous rings, earrings and pendant sets from this collection.

In this post I would share the pictures of all the jewellery sets which I checked out in Inara collection. The necklaces have a delicate feminine look and beautiful designs, ready to go with Indian bridal attire and also party dresses.
Zoya jewelry by Tanishq have taken a step further and tried to potray the same spirit in their new Espana collection. So went to Tanishq store over this weekend and had a gala time there trying out all the dazzling diamond jewellery from Inara collection.

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